IFIP TC6 Open Digital Library

18. CNSM 2022: Thessaloniki, Greece

18th International Conference on Network and Service Management, CNSM 2022, Thessaloniki, Greece, October, 31 - November, 4

Walter Cerroni, Salil Kanhere, Lefteris Mamatas, Marinos Charalambides, Panagiotis Papadimitriou, Carlos Raniery Paula dos Santos, Vinicius Fulber Garcia

IFIP Open Digital Library, IEEE Xplore


MC1: Edge and Fog Computing

Distributed Resource Autoscaling in Kubernetes Edge Clusters

Dimitrios Spatharakis, Ioannis Dimolitsas, Eleftherios Vlahakis, Dimitrios Dechouniotis, Nikolaos Athanasopoulos, Symeon Papavassiliou


A Geometric Approach to Real-time Quality of Experience Prediction in Volatile Edge Networks

Tom Goethals, Bruno Volckaert, Filip De Turck


Multi-access Edge Computing as a Service

Pedro Escaleira, Miguel Mota, Diogo Gomes, João Paulo Barraca, Rui Aguiar


Intent-based decentralized orchestration for green energy-aware provisioning of fog-native workflows

Mays AL-Naday, Tom Goethals, Bruno Volckaert


A Novel Network Delay Prediction Model with Mixed Multi-layer Perceptron Architecture for Edge Computing

Honglin Fang, Peng Yu, Ying Wang, Li Wenjing, Fanqin Zhou, Run Ma


MC2: Next-Generation Services and Service Enablers

CADLAD: Device-aware Bitrate Ladder Construction for HTTP Adaptive Streaming

Minh Nguyen, Babak Taraghi, Abdelhak Bentaleb, Roger Zimmermann, Christian Timmerer


Remote Robotic Surgery: Joint Placement and Scheduling of VNF-FGs

Amina Hentati, Amin Ebrahimzadeh, Roch Glitho, Fatna Belqasmi, Rabeb Mizouni


Function Placement and Acceleration for In-Network Federated Learning Services

Nour El Houda Yellas, Bernardetta Addis, Roberto Riggio, Stefano Secci


Dynamically meeting performance objectives for multiple services on a service mesh

Forough Shahab Samani, Rolf Stadler


Integrated Network and End-host Policy Management for Network Slicing

Alexander Rabitsch, Themistoklis Anagnostopoulos, Karl-Johan Grinnemo, Joseph McNamara, Anne-Marie Bosneag, Michail Alexandros Kourtis, George Xilouris, Ozgu Alay, Anna Brunstrom


MC3: Internet Traffic, Modeling and Monitoring

∆Q Generative Models: Modeling Time-Variation in Network Quality

Bjørn Ivar Teigen, Neil Davies, Peter Thompson, Kai Olav Ellefsen, Tor Skeie, Jim Tørresen


PerfTrace: A New Multi-metric Network Performance Monitoring Tool

Yaozhong Liu, Long Pan, Chenglong Li, Lin He, Yirui Luo, Guanglei Song, Jiahai Yang, Zhiliang Wang


Monitoring Metrics for Load Balancing over Video Content Distribution Servers

Edenilson Jônatas dos Passos, Adriano Fiorese


Scope-based Flow Monitoring to Improve Traffic Analysis in Programmable Networks

Christoph Hardegen


The effect of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict from the perspective of Internet eXchanges

Cristian Trusin, Leandro Bertholdo, José Jair Santanna


MC4: IoT, Aerial and Vehicular Networks

FeD-UP: Federated Deep Reinforcement Learning-based UAV Path Planning against Hostile Defense System

Alvi Ataur Khalil, Mohammad Ashiqur Rahman


ReLI: Real-Time Lightweight Byzantine Consensus in Low-Power IoT-Systems

Himanshu Goyal, Manish Kausik H, Sudipta Saha


AI-Based mechanism for the Predictive Resource Allocation of V2X related Network Services

Asterios Mpatziakas, Anastasios Sinanis, Iosif Hamlatzis, Anastasios Drosou, Dimitrios Tzovaras


Wake-up Receiver based routing protocol for indoor Wireless Sensor Networks

Maximilian Weber, Ghofrane Fersi, Faouzi Derbel


Maximizing Information Usefulness in Vehicular CP Networks Using Actor-Critic Reinforcement Learning

Imed Ghnaya, Toufik Ahmed, Mohamed Mosbah, Hasnaa Aniss


TS1: Intelligent Network and Service Management

HSFL: An Efficient Split Federated Learning Framework via Hierarchical Organization

Tengxi Xia, Yongheng Deng, Sheng Yue, Junyi He, Ju Ren, Yaoxue Zhang


Accelerating Causal Inference Based RCA Using Prior Knowledge From Functional Connectivity Inference

Giles Winchester, George Parisis, Robert Harper, Luc Berthouze


Deep Reinforcement Learning with Graph Neural Networks for Capacitated Shortest Path Tour based Service Chaining

Takanori Hara, Masahiro Sasabe


TS2: Data Plane Programmability

eBPF Programming Made Easy with eCLAT

Andrea Mayer, Lorenzo Bracciale, Paolo Lungaroni, Pierpaolo Loreti, Stefano Salsano, Giuseppe Bianchi


Preventing Control Plane Overload in SDN Networks with Programmable Data Planes

Cristian Bermudez Serna, Carmen Mas-Machuca


Howdah: Load Profiling via In-Band Flow Classification and P4

Antonino Angi, Alessio Sacco, Flavio Esposito, Guido Marchetto, Alexander Clemm


SPS1: Network Traffic and Delay Optimization

Fast Traffic Engineering by Gradient Descent with Learned Differentiable Routing

Krzysztof Rusek, Paul Almasan, Jose Suarez-Varela, Piotr Cholda, Pere Barlet-Ros, Albert Cabellos-Aparicio


Find Out: How Do Your Data Packets Travel?

Thomas Dreibholz, Somnath Mazumdar


Flow-level Tail Latency Estimation and Verification based on Extreme Value Theory

Max Helm, Florian Wiedner, Georg Carle


Network traffic classification based on periodic behavior detection

Josef Koumar, Tomas Cejka


Neural collaborative filtering for network delay matrix completion

Sanaa Ghandi, Alexandre Reiffers-Masson, Sandrine Vaton, Thierry Chonavel


TS3: Wide Area Networks

A Realistic Open-Data-based Cost Model for Wireless Backhaul Networks in Rural Areas

Gabriele Gemmi, Llorenç Cerdà-Alabern, Leonardo Maccari


Comparing Traditional and GAN-based Approaches for the Synthesis of Wide Area Network Topologies

Katharina Dietz, Michael Seufert, Tobias Hoßfeld


On the Asymmetry of Internet eXchange Points - Why Should IXPs and CDNs Care?

Leandro Bertholdo, Sandro Ferreira, João Ceron, Lisandro Granville, Ralph Holz, Roland van Rijswijk-Deij


TS4: Wireless Networks and IoT

Time-sensitive Multi-Flow Routing in Highly Utilized MANETs

Klement Hagenhoff, Eike Viehmann, Gabi Dreo Rodosek


Forecasting-based Cloud-assisted Dynamic Channel Assignment Mechanism for Mesh WiFi Networks

Mehmet Sukru Kuran, Oguz Koksal, Melih Kılıç, Ahmet Uğur İlter, Gökçe Ekin Nehas, Sadık Öztürk


FlexiCast: A Structure-Adaptive Protocol for Efficient Data-Sharing in IoT

Madhav Tummala, Manish Kausik H, Sudipta Saha


SPS2: Next-Generation Networks and Security

QoS-aware SFC Migration Scheduling based on Encoder-Decoder RNN for Cloud-Native Platform

Takahiro Hirayama, Masahiro Jibiki, Takaya Miyazawa, Ved Kafle


An Open Platform for Simulating the Physical Layer of 6G Communication Systems with Multiple Intelligent Surfaces

Alexandros Papadopoulos, Antonios Lalas, Konstantinos Votis, Dimitrios Tyrovolas, George Karagiannidis, Sotiris Ioannidis, Christos Liaskos


A Novel Cost-Aware Load Balancing Algorithm for Road Side Units in Internet of Vehicles

Shivank Thapa, Swagat Sahoo, Moumita Patra, Arobinda Gupta


Tunneling through DNS over TLS providers

Lukas Melcher, Karel Hynek, Tomas Cejka


An Online Framework for Adapting Security Policies in Dynamic IT Environments

Kim Hammar, Rolf Stadler


Decentralized Intent-driven Coordination of Multi-Domain IP-Optical Networks

Filippos Christou


TS5: Protocol Performance and Security

PTP Security Measures and their Impact on Synchronization Accuracy

Filip Rezabek, Max Helm, Tizian Leonhardt, Georg Carle


Assessing e-Government DNS Resilience

Raffaele Sommese, Mattijs Jonker, Jeroen van der Ham, Giovane C. M. Moura


On the Performance of TCP in Reconfigurable Data Center Networks

Kaan Aykurt, Johannes Zerwas, Andreas Blenk, Wolfgang Kellerer


DS: Demo Session

RITUAL: A Platform Quantifying the Trustworthiness of Supervised Machine Learning

Alberto Huertas Celdrán, Jan Bauer, Melike Demirci, Joel Leupp, Muriel Franco, Pedro Miguel Sánchez Sánchez, Gérôme Bovet, Gregorio Martinez Perez, Burkhard Stiller


Open-Source Service Management for a Fully Disaggregated Optical Network Simulation

Sai Kireet Patri, Shabnam Sultana, Michael Dürre, Saquib Amjad, Aijana Schumann, Achim Autenrieth, Jörg-Peter Elbers, Thomas Bauschert, Carmen Mas-Machuca


Function-as-a-Service Orchestration in Fog Computing Environments

Gaetano Francesco Pittalà, Gianluca Davoli, Davide Borsatti, Walter Cerroni, Carla Raffaelli


Demo: Blockchain-based Inter-Provider Agreements for 6G Networks

Farhana Javed, Josep Mangues-Bafalluy


Graph Based Liability Analysis for the Microservice Architecture

Onur Kalinagac, Wissem Soussi, Gürkan Gür


Private Cellular Network Deployment: Comparison of OpenAirInterface with Magma Core

Nischal Aryal, Fariba Ghaffari, Saeid Rezaei, Emmanuel Bertin, Noel Crespi


TS6: Multimedia and QoS

iRED: Improving the DASH QoS by dropping packets in programmable data planes

Leandro Almeida, Guilherme Matos, Rafael Pasquini, Chrysa Papagianni, Fábio Verdi


Performability Assessment of containerized multi-tenant IMS through Multidimensional UGF

Luigi De Simone, Mario Di Mauro, Maurizio Longo, Fabio Postiglione, Roberto Natella


Learning to Caching Under the Partial-feedback Regime

Qingsong Liu, Yaoyu Zhang


S1: High-precision communications for networking services

Assessing Unsupervised Machine Learning solutions for Anomaly Detection in Cloud Gaming Sessions

Joël Ky, Bertrand Mathieu, Abdelkader Lahmadi, Raouf Boutaba


LOCOMOTIVE 5G Core for 6G ready Resilient and Highly Available Network Slices and SFCs

Sourav Sarkar, Shwetha Vittal, Antony Franklin A


S2: High-precision communications for latency

Scalable Damper-based Deterministic Networking

Mohamed Yassine Naghmouchi, Shoushou Ren, Jeremie Leguay, Paolo Medagliani, Sebastien Martin


Real Time Local Re-Routing to limit Queuing Delay exploiting SRv6 and Extensible In-Band Processing

Marco Polverini, Davide Aureli, Antonio Cianfrani, Francesco Giacinto Lavacca, Marco Listanti


MC5: Security, Privacy and Resiliency

Towards a Behavioral and Privacy Analysis of ECS for IPv6 DNS Resolvers

Leyao Nie, Lin He, Guanglei Song, Hao Gao, Chenglong Li, Zhiliang Wang, Jiahai Yang


Black-box Attacks to Log-based Anomaly Detection

Shaohan Huang, Yi Liu, Carol Fung, Hailong Yang, Zhongzhi Luan


Zero-touch security automation mechanisms for edge NFV: the π-Edge approach

Alexandros Valantasis, Nikos Psaromanolakis, Vasileios Theodorou


To Embed or Not to Embed SHA in Programmable Network Interface Cards

Diego Mafioletti, Magnos Martinello, Moises Ribeiro, Marco Ruffini, Frank Slyne


VM Failure Prediction with Log Analysis using BERT-CNN Model

Sukhyun Nam, Jae-Hyoung Yoo, James Hong


MC6: Intelligent Radio and Network Programmability

A Sample Efficient Multi-Agent Approach to Continuous Reinforcement Learning

Diarmuid Corcoran, Per Kreuger, Magnus Boman


Scalable Data Plane Caching for Kubernetes

Stefanos Sagkriotis, Dimitrios Pezaros


Intent-Driven Path State Monitoring to Enable Centralized State-Aware Flow Steering

Christoph Hardegen