IFIP Digital Library

IFIP Technical Committees and Working Groups

The following TCs and WGs sponsored conferences.

IFIP1  -  IFIP TC1: Foundations of Computer Science

IFIP1-3  -  IFIP WG1.3: Foundations of System Specification

IFIP1-7  -  IFIP WG1.7: Theoretical Foundations of Security Analysis and Design

IFIP10  -  IFIP TC10: Computer Systems Technology

IFIP10-2  -  IFIP WG 10.2: Embedded Systems

IFIP10-3  -  IFIP WG 10.3: Concurrent Systems

IFIP10-5  -  IFIP WG 10.5: Design and Engineering of Electronic Systems

IFIP11  -  IFIP TC11: Security and Privacy Protection in Information Processing Systems

IFIP11-2  -  IFIP WG 11.2: Pervasive Systems Security

IFIP11-3  -  IFIP WG 11.3: Data and Application Security and Privacy

IFIP11-4  -  IFIP WG 11.4: Network & Distributed Systems Security

IFIP11-6  -  IFIP WG 11.6: Identity Management

IFIP11-8  -  IFIP WG 11.8: Information Security Education

IFIP11-9  -  IFIP WG 11.9: Digital Forensics

IFIP11-10  -  IFIP WG 11.10: Critical Infrastructure Protection

IFIP11-11  -  IFIP WG 11.11: Trust Management

IFIP12  -  IFIP TC12: Artificial Intelligence

IFIP13  -  IFIP TC13: Human-Computer Interaction

IFIP13-2  -  IFIP WG 13.2: Methodology for User-Centered System Design

IFIP2  -  IFIP TC2: Software:Theory and Practice

IFIP2-2  -  IFIP WG 2.2: Formal Description of Programming Concepts

IFIP2-5  -  IFIP WG 2.5: Numerical Software

IFIP2-11  -  IFIP WG 2.11: Program Generation

IFIP2-13  -  IFIP WG 2.13: Open Source Software

IFIP3  -  IFIP TC3: Education

IFIP3-2  -  IFIP WG 3.2: Informatics and ICT in Higher Education

IFIP3-4  -  IFIP WG 3.4: Professional and Vocational Education for the Information and Communication Technologies ICT Sector

IFIP3-7  -  IFIP WG 3.7: Information Technology in Educational Management

IFIP5  -  IFIP TC5: Information Technology Applications

IFIP5-1  -  IFIP WG 5.1: Information Technology in the Product Realization Process

IFIP5-3  -  IFIP WG 5.3: Computer Aided Manufacturing (inactive)

IFIP5-4  -  IFIP WG 5.4: Computer Aided Innovation

IFIP5-5  -  IFIP WG 5.5: Cooperation infrastructure for Virtual Enterprises and electronic business (COVE)

IFIP5-7  -  IFIP WG 5.7: Advances in Production Management Systems

IFIP5-8  -  IFIP WG 5.8: Enterprise Interoperability

IFIP5-11  -  IFIP WG 5.11: Computers and Environment

IFIP5-12  -  IFIP WG 5.12: Architectures for Enterprise Integration

IFIP6  -  IFIP TC6: Communication Systems

IFIP6-1  -  IFIP WG 6.1: Architectures and Protocols for Distributed Systems

IFIP6-2  -  IFIP WG 6.2: Network and Internetwork Architectures

IFIP6-3  -  IFIP WG 6.3: Performance of Communication Systems

IFIP6-6  -  IFIP WG 6.6: Management of Networks and Distributed Systems

IFIP6-8  -  IFIP WG 6.8: Mobile and Wireless Communications

IFIP6-10  -  IFIP WG 6.10: Photonic Networking

IFIP6-11  -  IFIP WG 6.11: Communication aspects of the e-World

IFIP7  -  IFIP TC7: System Modeling and Optimization

IFIP8  -  IFIP TC8: Information Systems

IFIP8-1  -  IFIP WG 8.1: Design and Evaluation of Information Systems

IFIP8-2  -  IFIP WG 8.2: The Interaction of Information Systems and the Organization

IFIP8-4  -  IFIP WG 8.4: E-Business: Multi-disciplinary research and practice

IFIP8-5  -  IFIP WG 8.5: Information Systems in Public Administration

IFIP8-6  -  IFIP WG 8.6: Transfer and Diffusion of Information Technology

IFIP9  -  IFIP TC9: ICT and Society

IFIP9-2  -  IFIP WG 9.2: Social Accountability and Computing

IFIP9-3  -  IFIP WG 9.3: Home Oriented Informatics and Telematics

IFIP9-6  -  IFIP WG 9.6: Information Technology: Misuse and The Law (joint with WG 11.7)

IFIP9-7  -  IFIP WG 9.7: History of Computing