IFIP TC6 Digital Library

IFIP-TC6 Open Digital Library

The IFIP-TC6 Open Digital Library (DL) was created in 2014 by IFIP-TC6 to promote open access and to speed up the development of the "official" IFIP DL. Creation of that "official" DL is controlled by the IFIP publication committee. The "official" IFIP DL will be hosted and maintained by INRIA-HAL. An early version of that DL can be found at: https://hal.inria.fr/IFIP.

This IFIP-TC6 includes papers of TC6 conferences of which copyright is with IFIP, but also papers of conferences sponsored by other IFIP TCs. Two kind of papers can be distinguished: papers previously published by Springer (as part of the LNCS or AICT series) and papers from IFIP conferences that publish directly via this DL.

To include papers from TC6 conferences into this DL, please submit all individual papers as well as the associated meta data.
The papers should be send as PDFs preferably via shared via dropbox (or similar) link; email may not work dus to size constraints.
Meta data should be submitted preferably in DBLP XML format; an example file used for IFIP Networking 2017 can be retrieved from here. Note, however, that we can sometimes also parse meta data exported by conference management systems.
  1. For EDAS, an example of how to export meta data into a format that can be parsed by us is provided in this screencast video and this EDAS screenshot.
  2. For EasyChair a set of python scripts to create a DBLP-XML file can be downloaded from here (thanks and credits to Michele Segata).
  3. JEMS has built-in support to create DBLP-XML files.

Note: this site is hosted by the DACS group within the University of Twente, the Netherlands.
For questions and submission of new conferences, please contact Aiko Pras (a.pras@utwente.nl)