IFIP TC6 Open Digital Library

17. CNSM 2021: Izmir, Turkey (Virtual)

17th International Conference on Network and Service Management, CNSM 2021, Izmir, Turkey (Virtual), October 25-29, 2021

Prosper Chemouil, Mehmet Ulema, Stuart Clayman, Müge Sayıt, Cihat Çetinkaya, Stefano Secci

IFIP Open Digital Library, IEEE Xplore, ISBN: 978-3-903176-36-2


NetPA-TS1: Zero-touch Network and Service Management

HolistIX: a zero-touch approach for IXPs

Christoff Visser, Seiichi Yamamoto, Takashi Tomine, Yuji Sekiya, Marc Bruyere


Delay-Sensitive Wireless Content Delivery: An Interpretable Artificial Intelligence Approach

Estefania Coronado, Blas Gómez, José Villalón, Antonio Garrido, Muhammad Shuaib Siddiqui, Roberto Riggio


Network Assurance in Intent-Based Networking Data Centers with Machine Learning Techniques

Xiaoang Zheng, Aris Leivadeas


MC1: Network Design and Analytics

Traffic Engineering with Segment Routing Considering Probabilistic Failures

Ying Tian, Zhiliang Wang, Xia Yin, Xingang Shi, Jiahai Yang, Han Zhang, Yingya Guo, Haijun Geng


A Hierarchical Tree-Based Syslog Clustering Scheme for Network Diagnosis

Sizhe Rao, Minghui Wang, Cuixia Tian, Xin'an Yang, Xiangqiao Ao


Survivable Virtual Network Mapping against Double-Link Failures Based on Virtual Network Capacity Sharing

Emanuele Viadana, Omran Ayoub, Francesco Musumeci, Massimo Tornatore


Auction-based federated learning using software-defined networking for resource efficiency

Eunil Seo, Dusit Niyato, Erik Elmroth


How are your Apps Doing? QoE Inference and Analysis in Mobile Devices

Nikolas Wehner, Michael Seufert, Joshua Schüler, Pedro Casas, Tobias Hoßfeld


MC2: Wireless Networks

3D Deployment and User Association of CoMP-assisted multiple Aerial Base Stations for Wireless Network Capacity Enhancement

Yikun Zhao, Fanqin Zhou, Li Wenjing, Yuan Gao, Lei Feng, Peng Yu


Joint Virtual Machine Embedding and Wireless Data Center Topology Management

Beyza Butun, Ertan Onur


Intelligent and Energy-efficient Distributed Resource Allocation for 5G Cloud Radio Access Networks

Zhengyuan Liu, Peng Yu, Fanqin Zhou, Lei Feng, Li Wenjing


Max-Min Fair Bandwidth Allocation in Millimeter-Wave Radio Cluster

İdil Alemdar, Ertan Onur


Evaluation of Cluster Effect in Mobile Opportunistic Networks

Zeynep Vatandas, Koojana Kuladinithi, Ulrich Killat, Andreas Timm-Giel


NetPA-TS2: Network Programmability with P4

Charon: Load-Aware Load-Balancing in P4

Carmine Rizzi, Zhiyuan Yao, Yoann Desmouceaux, Mark Townsley, Thomas Clausen


P4 language extensions for stateful packet processing

Angelo Tulumello


Dynamic Service Programming with Path Preprocessing

Julian Klaiber, Severin Dellsperger, Laurent Metzger, Ahmed Abdelsalam, Francois Clad


MC3: 5G

Optimal Network Design: Edge Server Placement and Link Capacity Assignment for Delay-Constrained Services

Devyani Gupta, Joy Kuri


Network Slicing in 5G Edge Networks with Controlled Slice Redistributions

Samaresh Bera, Neelesh Mehta


Self Optimizing Network Slicing in 5G for Slice Isolation and High Availability

Shwetha Vittal, Antony Franklin A


On Auto-scaling and Load Balancing for User-plane Gateways in a Softwarized 5G Network

Giang Nguyen, Karl-Johan Grinnemo, Javid Taheri, Johan Forsman, Thang Le Duc, Anna Brunstrom


Efficient Orchestration of Service Chains in Fog Computing for Immersive Media

José Santos, Jeroen van der Hooft, Maria Torres Vega, Tim Wauters, Bruno Volckaert, Filip De Turck


NetPA-TS3: Beyond Network Programmability

An In-Kernel Solution Based on XDP for 5G UPF: Design, Prototype and Performance Evaluation

Thiago Amaral, Raphael Vicente Rosa, David Moura, Christian Esteve Rothenberg


Token Cell Routing: A New Sub-IP Layer Protocol

Stewart Bryant, Alexander Clemm


Programmable Data Planes as the Next Frontier for Networked Robotics Security: A ROS Use Case

Diego Mafioletti, Ricardo Mello, Marco Ruffini, Valerio Frascolla, Magnos Martinello, Moises Ribeiro


MC4: Security and Privacy

Anomaly Detection of ICS Communication Using Statistical Models

Ivana Burgetová, Petr Matoušek, Ondrej Rysavy


Assessing the limits of privacy and data usage for web browsing analytics

Daniel Perdices, Jorge López de Vergara, Ivan Gonzalez


An Ensemble Learning-Based Architecture for Security Detection in IoT Infrastructures

Adrien Hemmer, Mohamed Abderrahim, Remi Badonnel, Isabelle Chrisment


Link Latency Attack in Software-Defined Networks

Sanaz Soltani, Mohammad Shojafar, Habib Mostafaei, Zahra Pooranian, Rahim Tafazolli


On Detection of Manipulative Cognitive Functions in Cognitive Autonomous Networks

Anubhab Banerjee, Stephen Mwanje, Georg Carle


Figure of Merit for a Multi-Generation Network

Darren Ramsook, Daniel Mahatoo, Patrick Hosein


TS1: Machine Learning

Network Traffic Characteristics of Machine Learning Frameworks Under the Microscope

Johannes Zerwas, Kaan Aykurt, Stefan Schmid, Andreas Blenk


Reinforcement Learning for Automated Energy Efficient Mobile Network Performance Tuning

Diarmuid Corcoran, Per Kreuger, Magnus Boman


DRL-based Slice Placement Under Non-Stationary Conditions

José Alves Esteves, Amina Boubendir, Fabrice Guillemin, Pierre Sens


PS1: Applications

ChaosTwin: A Chaos Engineering and Digital Twin Approach for the Design of Resilient IT Services

Filippo Poltronieri, Mauro Tortonesi, Cesare Stefanelli


ASRE - Towards Application-specific Resource Ensembles across Edges and Clouds

Hong-Linh Truong


Improving Quality of HTTP Adaptive Streaming with Server and Network-Assisted DASH

Reza Shokri Kalan


Caching Video on Demand in Radio Cluster

Furkan Murat, Ertan Onur


PS2: Traffic

Known Performance Issues Are Prevalent in Consumer WiFi Routers

Bjørn Ivar Teigen, Kai Olav Ellefsen, Tor Skeie, Jim Tørresen


Network Tomography and Partial Least Squares for Traffic Matrix Estimation

Francisco J. Cuberos, Irene Herrera, Katarzyna Wasielewska, José Camacho


Towards Evaluating Quality of Datasets for Network Traffic Domain

Dominik Soukup, Peter Tisovcik, Karel Hynek, Tomas Cejka


Energy-aware Coflow Scheduling for Sustainable Workload Management

Sadiya Ahmad, Flavio Esposito, Estefania Coronado


TS2: 5G/Slicing

Placement of 5G RAN slices in Multi-tier O-RAN 5G networks with Flexible Functional Splits

Egemen Sarikaya, Ertan Onur


Using 5G QoS Mechanisms to Achieve QoE-Aware Resource Allocation

Marcin Bosk, Marija Gajić, Susanna Schwarzmann, Stanislav Lange, Riccardo Trivisonno, Clarissa Marquezan, Thomas Zinner


Reoptimizing Network Slice Embedding on EON-enabled Transport Networks

Sepehr Taeb, Nashid Shahriar, Shihabur Chowdhury, Massimo Tornatore, Raouf Boutaba, Jeebak Mitra, Mahdi Hemmati


TS3: Edge

EdgeDQN: Multiple SFC Placement in Edge Computing Environment

Suman Pandey, Tu Nguyen, Jae-Hyoung Yoo, James Hong


Cost-Efficient Dynamic Service Function Chain Embedding in Edge Clouds

Weihan Chen, Zhiliang Wang, Han Zhang, Xia Yin, Xingang Shi


SDN/NFV based Secure SCMA design in SDR

Muge Erel-Ozcevik, Ferdi Tekçe


PS3: ML and AI

Impact of Retransmission on VoWiFi Cell Capacity Estimation using IEEE 802.11ax WiFi Standard

Ayes Chinmay, Hemanta Kumar Pati


On-demand network bandwidth reservation combining machine learning and linear programming

Kouichi Genda


Proactive Live Migration for Virtual Network Functions using Machine Learning

Seyeon Jeong, Tu Nguyen, Jae-Hyoung Yoo, James Hong


Artificial intelligence and big data driven IS security management solution with applications in higher education organizations

Vladislavs Minkevics, Janis Kampars


Novel HTTPS classifier driven by packet bursts, flows, and machine learning

Zdena Tropkova, Karel Hynek, Tomas Cejka


IoT-based Access Management Supported by AI and Blockchains

Eryk Schiller, Elfat Esati, Burkhard Stiller


PS4: Network Management

countBF: A General-purpose High Accuracy and Space Efficient Counting Bloom Filter

Sabuzima Nayak, Ripon Patgiri


Session-persistent Load Balancing for Clustered Web Servers without Acting as a Reverse-proxy

S. Mohammad Hosseini, Amir Hossein Jahangir, Sina Daraby


NUFTCP: Towards Smooth Network Updates in Software-Defined Datacenter Networks

Abdul Basit Dogar, Yiran Zhang


Investigating Inter-NF Dependencies in Cloud-Native 5G Core Networks

Endri Goshi, Michael Jarschel, Rastin Pries, Mu He, Wolfgang Kellerer


Automation of modular and programmable control and data plane SDN networks

Eder Ollora Zaballa, David Franco, Eduardo Jacob, Marivi Higuero, Michael Berger


An Intent-Driven Orchestration of Cognitive Autonomous Networks for RAN management

Anubhab Banerjee, Stephen Mwanje, Georg Carle


DS1: IoT Networking, Network Telemetry and Analytics

LoRaPlan: A Software to Evaluate Gateway Placement in LoRaWAN

Frank Loh, Noah Mehling, Florian Metzger, Tobias Hoßfeld, David Hock


IEEE 802.11ah (HaLow) Dongle for Simplified IoT Wireless Networking

Min-Cheol Kim, Young-Tak Kim


An experimentation environment for SDN-based autonomous vehicles in smart cities

Athanasios Papadakis, Tryfon Theodorou, Lefteris Mamatas, Sophia Petridou


Cloud Native Data Platform for Network Telemetry and Analytics

Daniel Tovarňák, Matúš Raček, Petr Velan


PS5: Resilience

Optimizing primary and backup SDN controllers' placement resilient to node-targeted attacks

Mariusz Mycek, Michal Pióro, Artur Tomaszewski, Amaro de Sousa


Proactive Detection for Countermeasures on Port Scanning based Attacks

Evgeny Sagatov, Samara Mayhoub, Andrei Sukhov, Flavio Esposito, Prasad Calyam


A novel unified handover Algorithm for LTE-A

Sunil Hebbur Srikantamurthy, Andreas Baumgartner


EdgeEcho: An Architecture for Echocardiology at the Edge

Aman Khalid, Flavio Esposito, Alessio Sacco, Steven Smart


PS6: Algorithms

Evaluating Urban Network Activity Hotspots through Granular Cluster Analysis of Spatio-Temporal Data

Jane Frances Pajo, George Kousiouris, Dimosthenis Kyriazis, Roberto Bruschi, Franco Davoli


A Greedy Algorithm for Minimum Cut into Bounded Sets Problem

Onur Ugurlu, Vahid Akram, Deniz Eliiyi


Fault-Tolerant 1-bit Representation for DistributedInference Tasks in Wireless IoT

Mostafa Hussien, Kim Khoa Nguyen, Mohamed Cheriet


Optimized Transfer Learning: Application for Wireless Channel Selection

Mohammad Askarizadeh, Mostafa Hussien, Masoumeh Zare, Kim Khoa Nguyen


TS4: Orchestration

Inferring Software Composition and Credentials of Embedded Devices from Partial Knowledge

Pierre-Marie Junges, Jérôme François, Olivier Festor


Obstacle-Aware and Energy-Efficient Multi-Drone Coordination and Networking for Disaster Response

Chengyi Qu, Rounak Singh, Alicia Esquivel Morel, Francesco Betti Sorbelli, Prasad Calyam, Sajal Das


Automating Reliable and Fault-Tolerant Design of LoRa-based IoT Networks

Xiaofan Yu, Weihong Xu, Ludmila Cherkasova, Tajana Simunic Rosing


TS5: Network Monitoring

Performance Analysis of Anomaly Detection Methods for Application System on Kubernetes with Auto-scaling and Self-healing

Yoichi Matsuo, Daisuke Ikegami


IntStream: An Intent-driven Streaming Network Telemetry Framework

Xin Cheng, Zhiliang Wang, Shize Zhang, Xin He, Jiahai Yang


Network Problem Diagnostics using Typographic Error Correction

Martin Holkovic, Michal Bohus, Ondrej Rysavy


TS6: Security

Analyzing and Assessing Pollution Attacks on Bloom Filters: Some Filters are More Vulnerable than Others

Pedro Reviriego, Ori Rottenstreich, Shanshan Liu, Fabrizio Lombardi


ANYway: Measuring the Amplification DDoS Potential of Domains

Olivier van der Toorn, Johannes Krupp, Mattijs Jonker, Roland van Rijswijk-Deij, Christian Rossow, Anna Sperotto


Learning Intrusion Prevention Policies through Optimal Stopping

Kim Hammar, Rolf Stadler


DS2: 5G Networking and AI/ML for Networking

A compact 5G Non-Public Network

Daniel Ficzere, Gabor Soos, Pál Varga


A Zero Touch Emulation Framework for Network Slicing Management in a 5G Core Testbed

Shwetha Vittal, Sourav Sarkar, Prashanth S, Antony Franklin A


DRL-based Slice Placement under Realistic Network Load Conditions

José Alves Esteves, Amina Boubendir, Fabrice Guillemin, Pierre Sens


Online Feature Selection for Low-overhead Learning in Networked Systems

Xiaoxuan Wang, Forough Shahab Samani, Andreas Johnsson, Rolf Stadler


HiPNet-TS1: Testing and Measuring

EnGINE: Developing a Flexible Research Infrastructure for Reliable and Scalable Intra-Vehicular TSN Networks

Filip Rezabek, Marcin Bosk, Thomas Paul, Kilian Holzinger, Sebastian Gallenmüller, Angela Gonzalez, Abdoul Kane, Francesc Fons, Haigang Zhang, Georg Carle, Jörg Ott


Ducked Tails: Trimming the Tail Latency of(f) Packet Processing Systems

Sebastian Gallenmüller, Florian Wiedner, Johannes Naab, Georg Carle


Assessing the Threats Targeting Low Latency Traffic: the Case of L4S

Marius Letourneau, Boris N'Djore, Guillaume Doyen, Bertrand Mathieu, Rémi Cogranne, Huu Nghia Nguyen


HiPNet-TS2: Applications Behavior

An Analysis of Cloud Gaming Platforms Behavior under Different Network Constraints

Philippe Graff, Xavier Marchal, Thibault Cholez, Stephane Tuffin, Bertrand Mathieu, Olivier Festor


Machine-Learning Based Prediction of Next HTTP Request Arrival Time in Adaptive Video Streaming

Andrea Pimpinella, Alessandro Redondi, Frank Loh, Michael Seufert


HiPNet-TS3: Latency and Scheduling Algorithms

Asynchronous Time-Aware Shaper for Time-Sensitive Networking

Miklós Máté, Csaba Simon, Markosz Maliosz


Network Slicing for Deterministic Latency

Sébastien Martin, Paolo Medagliani, Jeremie Leguay


gLBF: Per-Flow Stateless Packet Forwarding with Guaranteed Latency and Near-Synchronous Jitter

Toerless Eckert, Alexander Clemm, Stewart Bryant