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NPC 2007: Dalian, China

Network and Parallel Computing, IFIP International Conference, NPC 2007, Dalian, China, September 18-21, 2007, Proceedings

Keqiu Li, Chris R. Jesshope, Hai Jin, Jean-Luc Gaudiot

Springer, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 4672, ISBN: 978-3-540-74783-3


Network Applications

Cluster and Grid Computing

On a High-Order Compact Scheme and Its Utilization in Parallel Solution of a Time-Dependent System on a Distributed Memory Processor.

Okon H. Akpan


Dynamic Multi-resource Advance Reservation in Grid Environment.

Zhiang Wu, Junzhou Luo


A Novel Adaptive Proxy Certificates Management Scheme in Military Grid Environment.

Ying Liu, Jingbo Xia, Jing Dai


A Scheduling Model for Maximizing Availability with Makespan Constraint Based on Residual Lifetime in Heterogeneous Clusters.

Xin Jiang, Chuang Lin, Hao Yin, Yada Hu


A VO-Based Two-Stage Replica Replacement Algorithm.

Tian Tian, Junzhou Luo


Grid Scheduling Optimization Under Conditions of Uncertainty.

Bin Zeng 0002, Zhaohui Luo, Jun Wei 0004


A Dynamic Adjustment Strategy for File Transformation in Data Grids.

Chao-Tung Yang, Shih-Yu Wang, Chun-Pin Fu


Internet Computing

Spatial Map Data Share and Parallel Dissemination System Based on Distributed Network Services and Digital Watermark.

Dong Zhang, Depei Qian, Weiguo Wu, Ailong Liu, Xuewei Yang, Pen Han


Managing Email Overload with an Automatic Nonparametric Clustering Approach.

Yang Xiang, Wanlei Zhou, Jinjun Chen


Optical Networks

On the Routing Algorithms for Optical Multi-log2 N Networks.

Yusuke Fukushima, Xiaohong Jiang, Susumu Horiguchi


Overall Blocking Behavior Analysis on Banyan-Based Optical Switching Networks Under Crosstalk Constraint.

Chen Yu, Yasushi Inoguchi, Susumu Horiguchi


Peer-to-Peer Computing

SW-Uinta: A Small-World P2P Overlay Network.

Jie Xu, Hai Jin


Ubiquitous Computing

Unmanned Navigation of the 1/10 Vehicle Using U-SAT.

Su Yong Kim, Soohong Park


Energy-Efficient Scheduling Fixed-Priority Tasks with Preemption Thresholds on Variable Voltage Processors.

XiaoChuan He, Yan Jia


Estimation of Absolute Positioning of Mobile Robot Using U-SAT.

Su Yong Kim, Soohong Park


A Collaborative Service Discovery and Service Sharing Framework for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.

Haïdar Safa, Hassan Artail, Hicham Hamze, Khaleel W. Mershad


Proteus: An Architecture for Adapting Web Page on Small-Screen Devices.

Marcos F. Caetano, A. L. F. Fialho, Jacir Luiz Bordim, C. D. Castanho, R. P. Jacobi, Koji Nakano


Wireless Computing

EEGFGR: An Energy-Efficient Greedy-Face Geographic Routing for Wireless Sensor Networks.

Zi-Jin Tao, Yi Wu, Zheng-Hu Gong


An Improved Bandwidth-Use Method on IEEE 802.11e Standard over Wireless LAN.

Fang-Yie Leu, Yu-Hsin Chen, Ching-Chien Kuan


Maximum Life-Time Localized Broadcast Routing in MANET.

Ruiqin Zhao, Aijun Wen, Zengji Liu, Peng Yue


Network Technologies

Communication Technology

Modulation Multiplexing Distributed Space-Time Block Coding for Two-User Cooperative Diversity in Wireless Network.

Rong Ran, Dong Ku Kim


Network Algorithms

Modified Widest Disjoint Paths Algorithm for Multipath Routing.

Shangming Zhu, Zhili Zhang, Xinhua Zhuang


Optimum Broadcasting Algorithms in (n, k)-Star Graphs Using Spanning Trees.

Jingli Li, Manli Chen, Yonghong Xiang, Shaowen Yao


Link Protocol Based on DS-CDMA with MUD for Decentralized All-Connected Wireless Network.

Zhe Hu, Jun Zhang, Huiyuan Zheng


A Small-World Optimization Algorithm Based and ABC Supported QoS Unicast Routing Scheme.

Xingwei Wang, Shuxiang Cai, Min Huang


Algorithms for the m-Coverage Problem and k-Connected m-Coverage Problem in Wireless Sensor Networks.

Deying Li, Jiannong Cao, Dongsheng Liu, Ying Yu, Hui Sun


A Novel Multiple Access Protocol with QoS Support for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.

Dapeng Wang, Kai Liu, Lianzhen Cheng, Yan Zhang


Network Reliability, Security, and Dependability

Dual-Residue Montgomery Multiplication.

Anding Wang, Yier Jin, Shiju Li


Design and Performance Analysis of CZML-IPSec for Satellite IP Networks.

Zhan Huang, Xuemai Gu


A Novel Group Key Management Based on Jacobian Elliptic Chebyshev Rational Map.

Qin Ke, Zhou Mingtian, Liu Naiqi, Hao Yujie, Guo Jiandong


Scheme of Defending Against DDoS Attacks in Large-Scale ISP Networks.

Zhi-jun Wu, Dong Zhang


Security Analysis of the Authentication Modules of Chinese WLAN Standard and Its Implementation Plan.

Xinghua Li, Jianfeng Ma, Sang-Jae Moon


Restoration Design in IP over Reconfigurable All-Optical Networks.

Angela L. Chiu, Gagan L. Choudhury, Robert D. Doverspike, Guangzhi Li


SIPS: A Stateful and Flow-Based Intrusion Prevention System for Email Applications.

Bo-Chao Cheng, Ming-Jen Chen, Yuan-Sun Chu, Andrew Chen, Sujadi Yap, Kuo-Pao Fan


Design and Evaluation of Parallel String Matching Algorithms for Network Intrusion Detection Systems.

Tyrone Tai-On Kwok, Yu-Kwong Kwok


Network Storage

Object-Based Storage Model for Object-Oriented Database.

Zhongmin Li, Zhanwu Yu


HPRD: A High Performance RDF Database.

Baolin Liu, Bo Hu


A Direction to Avoid Re-encryption in Cryptographic File Sharing.

Lanxiang Chen, Dan Feng, Lingfang Zeng, Yu Zhang


Network and Parallel Architectures

Multicore Design Issues

Exploit Temporal Locality of Shared Data in SRC Enabled CMP.

Haixia Wang, Dongsheng Wang, Peng Li, Jinglei Wang, XianPing Fu


Architectural Implications of Cache Coherence Protocols with Network Applications on Chip MultiProcessors.

Kyueun Yi, Jean-Luc Gaudiot


Network and Interconnect Architecture

The SKB: A Semi-Completely-Connected Bus for On-Chip Systems.

Masaru Takesue


Nontraditional Processor Technologies

An Instruction Folding Solution to a Java Processor.

Yiyu Tan, Anthony S. Fong, Xiaojian Yang


Performance Modeling and Evaluation

HNDP: A Novel Network Distance Prediction Mechanism.

Chang-you Xing, Ming Chen 0003


Analytical Model of IEEE 802.15.4 Non-beacon Mode with Download Traffic by the Piggyback Method.

Tae Ok Kim, Jin Soo Park, Kyung Jae Kim, Bong Dae Choi


A Novel Algorithm for Estimating Flow Length Distributions-LSM.

Weijiang Liu


Performance Prediction for Mappings of Distributed Applications on PC Clusters.

Sylvain Jubertie, Emmanuel Melin


Communication-Prediction of Scouting Switching in Adaptively-Routed Torus Networks.

Farshad Safaei, Ahmad Khonsari, Mahmood Fathy, N. Talebanfard, Mohamed Ould-Khaoua


System Design Issues for Low Power and Energy Efficiency

The Implementation and Evaluation of a Low-Power Clock Distribution Network Based on EPIC.

Rong Ji, Xianjun Zeng, Liang Chen, Junfeng Zhang


Parallel and Distributed Software

Data Mining

Service Process Improvement Based on Exceptional Pattern Analysis.

Bing Li, Shuo Pan


An Improved Fuzzy Support Vector Machine for Credit Rating.

Yan-You Hao, Zhong-Xian Chi, Deqin Yan, Xun Yue


Parallel Programming Tools, Models, Languages and Compilers

A Cost-Aware Parallel Workload Allocation Approach Based on Machine Learning Techniques.

Shun Long, Grigori Fursin, Björn Franke


A Hierarchical Programming Model for Large Parallel Interactive Applications.

Jean-Denis Lesage, Bruno Raffin


Design of a Simulator for Mesh-Based Reconfigurable Architectures.

Kang Sun, Jun Zheng, Yuanyuan Li, Xuezeng Pan


Keynote Speeches

Personal Grid.

Zhiwei Xu, Lijuan Xiao, Xingwu Liu


On Parallel Models of Computation.

Guang R. Gao


Challenges in Dependability of Networked Systems for Information Society.

Takashi Nanya


Reference Architectural Styles for Service-Oriented Computing.

Tharam S. Dillon, Chen Wu, Elizabeth Chang