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Reflections on the History of Computing 2012

Reflections on the History of Computing - Preserving Memories and Sharing Stories

Arthur Tatnall

Springer, IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology 387, ISBN: 978-3-642-33898-4


Australia's WREDAC - ItWas Rocket Science.

John Deane


Remembering LEO.

Frank Land


A Possible First Use of CAM/CAD.

Norman Sanders


Roberto Busa (1913-2011), Pioneer of Computers for the Humanities.

Corrado Bonfanti


Micro Programming.

Herman Spanjersberg


Experiences and Reflections.

Harold W. Lawson


Information Systems Degrees in Australia: The Genesis.

Audra Lukaitis, Stasys Lukaitis, Bill Davey


Looking Back.

Martha E. Crosby


The Impact of the Y2K Event on the Popularity of the Pick Database Environment.

Stasys Lukaitis


Evolution of Computer Science Education in the Purview of Free Education.

S. T. Nandasara


Evolution of Computer Education in Spain: From Early Times to the Implementation of the Bologna Agreement.

Ramón Puigjaner


The History of Computer Language Selection.

Kevin R. Parker, Bill Davey


History of Data Centre Development.

Rihards Balodis, Inara Opmane


Early Italian Computing Machines and Their Inventors.

Silvio Henin


Computing for the Masses? Constructing a British Culture of Computing in the Home.

Tilly Blyth


Reflections on the History of Computer Education in Schools in Victoria.

Arthur Tatnall, Bill Davey


From the History of Russian Computer Science.

Yakov I. Fet


Hungarian Scientists in Information Technology.

Gyozo Kovács


Information Technology in Italy: The Origins and the Early Years (1954 - 1965).

Corrado Bonfanti


Institutional Nostalgia - Museum Victoria's Cabinet of Computing Curiosities.

David Demant, Arthur Tatnall


The Changing Face of the History of Computing: The Role of Emulation in Protecting Our Digital Heritage.

David Anderson, Janet Delve, Vaughan Powell


My Fascination with Computing History.

John Impagliazzo