IFIP TC6 Open Digital Library

15. WONS 2019: Wengen, Switzerland

15th IEEE/IFIP Wireless On-demand Network systems and Services Conference (WONS), WONS 2019, Wengen, Switzerland, January 22-24, 2019

Torsten Braun, Leszek Lilien, Zhongliang Zhao

IFIP Open Digital Library, ISBN: 978-3-903176-13-3


Internet of Things

No way back? An SDN protocol for directed IoT networks

Renan Cerqueira Afonso Alves, Cintia Borges Margi, Fernando A. Kuipers


On the Properties of Infective Flooding in Low-Duty-Cycle Networks

Luca Baldesi, Leonardo Maccari, Renato Lo Cigno


A Smart Self-Organizing Node Deployment Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks

Mahsa Sadeghi Ghahroudi, Alireza Shahrabi, Tuleen Boutaleb


Least Squares Optimization for Forest Propagation Augmented by Rainfall/Snowfall, Frequency, and Polarization Effects

Mohammed Saleh. Al Salameh


Vehicular Networks

Adaptive Safety Context Information for Vulnerable Road Users with MEC Support

Quang-Huy Nguyen, Michel Morold, Klaus David, Falko Dressler


Deeply Integrating Visible Light and Radio Communication for Ultra-High Reliable Platooning

Max Schettler, Agon Memedi, Falko Dressler


Contextual Dishonest Behaviour Detection for Cognitive Adaptive Charging in Dynamic Smart Micro-Grids

Milena Radenkovic, Adam David. Walker


C-ITS PKI protocol: performance evaluation in a real environment

Farah HAIDAR, Arnaud KAISER, Brigitte LONC, Pascal URIEN


Mobile Networks

Investigation of Congestion Control for LTE-V2X Mode 4

Vincent Martinez, Adel Mansouri, Jérome Härri


Analyzing the Performance of Dual Connectivity in Control/User-plane Split Heterogeneous networks

Shankar Kumar Ghosh, Sasthi Charan Ghosh


A Decentralize Algorithm for Perturbation Minimization in 5G D2D Communication

Subhankar Ghosal, Sasthi Charan Ghosh


5G Traffic Forecasting: If Verticals and Mobile Operators Cooperate

Francesco Malandrino, Carla-Fabiana Chiasserini


Energy and Performance

Grant-Free Access with Multipacket Reception: Analysis and Reinforcement Learning Optimization

Augustin Jacquelin, Mikhail Vilgelm, Wolfgang Kellerer


DVFS-Power Management and Performance Engineering of Data Center Server Clusters

Paul J. Kuehn, Maggie Mashaly


Game-Theoretic Power Control for Energy Constrained Machine Type Communications

Kashif Mehmood, Muhammad Tabish Niaz, Hyung Seok Kim


Dynamic Content Updates in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks

Mehdi Salehi Heydar Abad, Mehmet Emre Ozfatura, Ozgur Ercetin, Deniz Gunduz


M2M + D2D

SEmulate: Seamless Network Protocol Simulation and Radio Channel Emulation for Wireless Sensor Networks

Sebastian Boehm, Hartmut Koenig


Uplink Power Control for D2D-enabled HetNet with Partial CSI via Fractional Programming

Engy Aly Maher, Ahmed El-Mahdy


Integration and Co-existence of Heterogeneous Technologies in the End to End 5G Communication

Hamzeh Khalili, Pouria Sayyad Khodashenas, Konstantinos Liolis, Gint Atkinson, Robert King, Mark Kavanagh, Joe Cahill, Christos Politis, Carolina Fernandez, Boris Tiomela Jou, Daniel Guija, Oriol Vidal


Positioning and miscellaneous

Experimental Evaluation of Precision of a Proximity-based Indoor Positioning System

Sylvia T. Kouyoumdjieva, Gunnar Karlsson


MEC-based UWB Indoor Tracking System

Jose L Carrera V, Zhongliang Zhao, Mischa Wenger, Torsten Braun


A Hybrid Energy-Aware Video Bitrate Adaptation Algorithm for Mobile Networks

Fábio Araújo, Denis Rosario, Eduardo Cerqueira, Leandro Villas


Demonstration of 40 Gbit/s conducting media data capacity on international rolling stock

Felix Ngobigha, Stuart Walker, Geza Koczian, Greg Howell, John Prentice