IFIP TC6 Open Digital Library

18. WiOpt 2020: Virtual Conference

2020 18th International Symposium on Modeling and Optimization in Mobile, Ad Hoc, and Wireless Networks (WiOpt), WiOpt 2020, Virtual Conference, June 15-19, 2020

Longbo Huang, Iordanis Koutsopoulos, Vijay Subramanian

IFIP, ISBN: 978-3-903176-29-4


S1: Caching

RetroRenting: An Online Policy for Service Caching at the Edge

Lakshmi Narayana V S Ch, Sharayu Moharir, Nikhil Karamchandani.


Augmenting Multiple-Transmitter Coded Caching using Popularity Knowledge at the Transmitters

Berksan Serbetci, Eleftherios Lampiris, Thrasyvoulos Spyropoulos, Petros Elia.


Achieving Freshness in Single/Multi-User Caching of Dynamic Content over the Wireless Edge

Bahman Abolhassani, John Tadrous, Atilla Eryilmaz.


Optimal Uncoded Placement and File Grouping Structure for Improved Coded Caching under Nonuniform Popularity

Yong Deng, Min Dong.


S2: Learning and Decision making

Incentive Mechanism Design for Federated Learning with Multi-Dimensional Private Information

Ningning Ding, Zhixuan Fang, Jianwei Huang.


Online Crowd Learning with Heterogeneous Workers via Majority Voting

Chao Huang, Haoran Yu, Jianwei Huang, Randall Berry.


Optimal Decisions of a Rational Agent in the Presence of Biased Information Providers

Himaja Kesavareddigari, Atilla Eryilmaz.


Socially Optimal Correlated Equilibrium in Class-Anonymous Offloading Game with Computing Access Points

Eric Jiang, Ben Liang.


S3: Scheduling, graphs, and stochastic geometry

Local Construction of Connected and Plane Spanning Subgraphs under Acyclic Redundancy

Steffen Böhmer, Lucas Böltz, Hannes Frey.


Wireless queues in Poisson interference fields: the continuum between zero and infinite mobility

Nithin Ramesan, François Baccelli.


Non-clairvoyant Scheduling of Coflows

Akhil Bhimaraju, Debanuj Nayak, Rahul Vaze.


A new strategy for the selection of communication technologies in VANETs with fully controllable vehicles.

Dorine Tabary, Sébastien Bindel, Frédéric Drouhin, Benoît Hilt.


S4: Network Slicing and 5G

Constrained Network Slicing Games: Achieving Service Guarantees and Network Efficiency

Jiaxiao Zheng, Gustavo de Veciana, Albert Banchs.


Joint Scheduling of Low-Latency and Best-Effort Flows in 5G Wireless Networks

Tom Pijnappel, Sem Borst, Philip Whiting.


Servicing Inelasticity, Leasing Resources and Pricing in 5G Networks

Apostolos Apostolaras, Kostas Chounos, Leandros Tassiulas, Thanasis Korakis.


A Mechanism for Price Differentiation and Slicing in Wireless Networks

Mandar Datar, Eitan Altman, Francesco De Pellegrini, Rachid Elazouzi, Corinne Touati.


S5: Age of Information

Age-of-Information Bandits

Kavya Bhandari, Santosh Fatale, Urvidh Narula, Sharayu Moharir, Manjesh Kumar Hanawal.


Optimizing Timely Coverage in Communication Constrained Collaborative Sensing Systems

Jean Abou Rahal, Gustavo de Veciana, Takayuki Shimizu, Hongsheng Lu.


Age of Information Aware UAV Network Selection

Man Hon Cheung.


Status Updates with Priorities: Lexicographic Optimality

Ali Maatouk, Yin Sun, Anthony Ephremides, Mohamad Assaad.


Average Age of Information for a Multi-Source M/M/1 Queueing Model with Packet Management and Self-Preemption in Service

Mohammad Moltafet, Markus Leinonen, Marian Codreanu.


S6: Network economics and Markets

Entry and Investment in CBRS Shared Spectrum

Arnob Ghosh, Randall Berry.


How Much to Share in Resource Pooling

Nithin Ramesan, Sachin Nayak, Rahul Vaze.


Optimal Partitioning of Spectrum Bands in Tiered Spectrum Access under Stochastic Market Models

Gourav Saha, Alhussein Abouzeid.


Optimal Pricing in Finite Server Systems

Ashok Krishnan K S, Chandramani Singh, Siva Theja Maguluri, Parimal Parag.


S7: Wireless Resource allocation

Distributed Alpha-Fair Throughput Aggregation in Multi-RAT Wireless Networks

Ehsan Aryafar, Alireza Keshavarz-Haddad.


Joint Optimization of Relaying Rate and Energy Consumption for Cooperative Mobile Edge Computing

Nilanjan Biswas, Seyed Hamed Mirghasemi, Luc Vandendorpe.


On the Optimal ARQ Distribution for Low-Latency Communication over Line-of-Sight Dominated Multi-Hop Networks

Jaya Goel, J Harshan.


Ergodic Capacity Performance of NOMA-SWIPT Aided IoT Relay Systems with Direct Link

Ashish Rauniyar, Paal Engelstad, Olav N. Østerbø.


Cross-layer communication over fading channels with adaptive decision feedback

Borna Sayedana, Aditya Mahajan, Edmund Yeh.



Private Cache-aided Interference Alignment for Multiuser Private Information Retrieval

Xiang Zhang, Kai Wan, Hua Sun, Mingyue Ji, Giuseppe Caire


Caching Policies over Unreliable Channels

Paulo Sena , Igor Carvalho, Antonio Abelem, György Dán, Daniel Menasche, Don Towsley


Content Preference-aware User Association and Caching in Cellular Networks

George Darzanos, Livia Elena Chatzieleftheriou, Merkourios Karaliopoulos, Iordanis Koutsopoulos


Partial Service Caching at the Edge

Rudrabhotla Sri Prakash, Nikhil Karamchandani, Veeraruna Kavitha, Sharayu Moharir


In-network packet-level caching for error recovery in ICN

Yannis Thomas, George Xylomenos, George C. Polyzos


Impact of Popular Content Relational Structure on Joint Caching and Recommendation Policies

Marina Costantini, Thrasyvoulos Spyropoulos


Stochastic D2D Caching with Energy Harvesting Nodes

Homa Nikbakht, Sarah Kamel, Michèle Wigger, Aylin Yener


Age of Information Aware Cache Updating with File- and Age-Dependent Update Durations

Haoyue Tang, Philippe Ciblat, Jintao Wang, Michèle Wigger, Roy Yates



Invariant Nash Equilibrium for Large Player Games in Multiple Access Channels

Prashant Narayanan, Lakshmi Narasimhan Theagarajan


You Snooze, You Lose: Minimizing Channel-Aware Age of Information

Bhishma Dedhia, Sharayu Moharir


Joint downlink power control and channel allocation based on a partial view of future channel conditions

T. T. Nga Nguyen, Olivier Brun, Balakrishna J. Prabhu


Mobile Data Offloading with Flexible Pricing

M. Sushma, K. P. Naveen


Optimal Blind and Adaptive Fog Orchestration under Local Processor Sharing

Francesco De Pellegrini, Francescomaria Faticanti, Mandar Datar, Eitan Altman, Domenico Siracusa


Distributed Hypothesis Testing with Variable-Length Coding

Sadaf Salehkalaibar, Michèle Wigger



Coverage probability in wireless networks with determinantal scheduling

B. Błaszczyszyn, A. Brochard, H.P. Keeler


Malware propagation in urban D2D networks

A. Hinsen, B. Jahnel, E. Cali, J.-P. Wary



Meta-Scheduling for the Wireless Downlink through Learning with Bandit Feedback

Jianhan Song, Gustavo de Veciana, Sanjay Shakkottai


Designing an ML-Friendly Wireless Physical Layer for Low-Power IoT

Akshay Gadre, Swarun Kumar


Reinforcement Learning for Multi-Hop Scheduling and Routing of Real-Time Flows

Aria HasanzadeZonuzy, Dileep Kalathil, Srinivas Shakkottai


Thompson-Sampling-Based Wireless Transmission for Panoramic Video Streaming

Jiangong Chen, Bin Li,, R. Srikant