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16. WIOPT 2018: Shanghai, China

16th International Symposium on Modeling and Optimization in Mobile, Ad Hoc, and Wireless Networks, WIOPT 2018, Shanghai, China, 7-11 May, 2018

Tamer Başar, Xinbing Wang, Yung Yi, Lin Gao

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The 2018 International Workshop on Content Caching and Delivery in Wireless Networks

SVC-based Caching and Transmission Strategy in Wireless Device-to-Device Networks

Cheng Zhan, Guo Yao


Optimum Caching versus LRU/LFU Methods: Comparison and Combined Limited Look-Ahead Strategies

Gerhard Hasslinger, Juho Heikkinen, Konstantinos Ntougias, Frank Hasslinger, Oliver Hohlfeld


Multicast Mode Selection for Multi-antenna Coded Caching

Antti Tölli, Seyed Pooya Shariatpanahi, Jarkko Kaleva, Babak Hossein Khalaj


On the Efficiency of Lightweight Content Placement Heuristics for Cache-Enabled Networks

Vaggelis Douros, Janne Riihijärvi, Petri Mähönen


Centralized Caching and Delivery of Correlated Contents over a Gaussian Broadcast Channel

Qianqian Yang, Parisa Hassanzadeh, Deniz Gündüz, Elza Erkip


Stability properties of delay tolerant networks with buffered relay nodes

Vineeth Bala Sukumaran, Chandramani Singh


Workshop on Spatial Stochastic Models for Wireless Networks

Percolation for D2D Networks on Street Systems

Elie Cali, Nila Novita Gafur, Christian Hirsch, Benedikt Jahnel, Taoufik En-Najjary, Robert Patterson


Temporal Correlation of Interference Under Spatially Correlated Shadowing

Tatsuaki Kimura, Hiroshi Saito


Investigation of Area Spectral Efficiency in Indoor Wireless Communications by Blockage Models

Martin Müller, Stefan Schwarz, Markus Rupp


Infrastructure-Based Wireless Networks: Coverage and Percolation Properties

Sumanth Timmadasari, Naveen Kolar Purushothama, Srikrishna Bhashyam


Robustness of Interdependent Geometric Networks Under Inhomogeneous Failures

Khashayar Kamran, Jianan Zhang, Edmund Yeh, Eytan Modiano


Disruptive events in high-density cellular networks

H. Keeler, Oliver Maye, Daniel Aschenbach, Marcin Brzozowski, Benedikt Jahnel


Multi-Cell Coordination in K-tier Heterogeneous Downlink Cellular Networks: Dynamic Clustering and Feedback Allocation

Jeonghun Park, Namyoon Lee, Robert Heath


SIR Distribution and Scheduling Gain of Normalized SNR Scheduling in Poisson Networks

Koji Yamamoto


On the Conditional Entropy of Wireless Networks

Justin Coon, Mihai-Alin Badiu, Deniz Gündüz


QoS Provisioning in Large Wireless Networks

Marios Kountouris, Nikolaos Pappas, Apostolos Avranas


S1: Cross-layer design and optimization / control

Efficient and Low-Overhead Uplink Scheduling for Large-Scale Wireless Internet-of-Things

Bin Li, Bo Ji, Jia Liu


Network Utility Maximization with Heterogeneous Traffic Flows

Abhishek Sinha, Eytan Modiano


Qos-Aware Predictive Rate Allocation over Heterogeneous Wireless Interfaces

Sherif ElAzzouni, Eylem Ekici, Ness Shroff


S2: Scaling laws and fundamental limits; Access control

Quick Discovery of Mobile Devices in the Many-User Regime - Carrier Sensing or Simultaneous Detection?

Altug Karakurt, Atilla Eryilmaz, Can Koksal


A Model-Free Framework for Coverage Evaluation in Device-to-Device Heterogeneous Networks

Chun-Hung Liu


S3: Performance Measurements in wireless networks

UAV Placement Games for Optimal Wireless Service Provision

Xinping Xu, Lingjie Duan, Minming Li


Waze-Inspired Spectrum Discovery via Smartphone Sensing Data Fusion

Sen Lin, Junshan Zhang, Lei Ying


Delay Performance of MISO Wireless Communications

Jesús Arnau, Marios Kountouris


Hierarchical Scheduling Algorithms with Throughput Guarantees and Low Delay

Peruru Swamy, Aravind Srinivasan, Radha Krishna Ganti, Krishna Jagannathan


S4: Data collection and storage

Asymmetric Regenerating Codes for Heterogeneous Distributed Storage Systems

Shan Qu, Jinbei Zhang, Xinbing Wang


Effects of Storage Heterogeneity in Distributed Cache Systems

Srinivas Reddy Kota, Sharayu Moharir, Nikhil Karamchandani


Uncoded Placement Optimization for Coded Delivery

Sian Jin, Ying Cui, Hui Liu, Giuseppe Caire


Cluster-based Wireless Energy Transfer for Low Complex Energy Receivers

Samith Abeywickrama, Tharaka Samarasinghe, Chau Yuen, Rui Zhang


S5: Network Economics

Pricing Competition of Rollover Data Plan

Zhiyuan Wang, Lin Gao, Jianwei Huang


A Hybrid Pricing Mechanism for Data Sharing in P2P-based Mobile Crowdsensing

Xiao Zeng, Lin Gao, Changkun Jiang, Tong Wang, Juan Liu, Baitao Zou


A double-auction mechanism for mobile data-offloading markets with strategic agents

Naveen Kolar Purushothama, Rajesh Sundaresan


Optimal Dynamic Contract for Spectrum Reservation in Mission-Critical UNB-IoT Systems

Muhammad Junaid Farooq, Quanyan Zhu


S6: Energy efficiency, harvesting, power control and management

Wireless Power Provision as a Public Good

Meng Zhang, Jianwei Huang, Rui Zhang


Wireless Energy Transfer to a Pair of Energy Receivers using Signal Strength Feedback

Chanaka Singhabahu, Tharaka Samarasinghe, Samith Abeywickrama, Chau Yuen


S7: Resource allocation and management

Dynamic resource allocation in Radio-over-Fiber enabled dense cellular networks

Bart Post, Sem Borst, Ton Koonen


Distributed Optimization in Fog Radio Access Networks — Channel Estimation and Multi-user Detection

Qi He, Qi Zhang, Tony Q. S. Quek, Zhi Chen, Shaoqian Li


Control of Multi-Resource Infrastructures: Application to NFV and Computation Offloading

Yeongjin Kim, Hyang-Won Lee, Song Chong


S8: Contents and crowdsourcing

Dynamic Cache Rental and Content Caching in Elastic Wireless CDNs

Jeongho Kwak, Georgios Paschos, George Iosifidis


Crowsourcing: A Novel Approach to Organizing WiFi Community Networks

Juan Liu, Lin Gao, Tong Wang, Xiao Zeng, Weipeng Lu, Yixuan Zhong


Analysis of QoE for Adaptive Video Streaming over Wireless Networks

Sudheer Poojary, Rachid El-Azouzi, Eitan Altman, Albert Sunny, Imen Triki, Majed Haddad, Tania Jimenez, Stefan Valentin, Dimitrios Tsilimantos


S9: Modeling, model validation, and performance analysis

Mean-field limit of the fixed-reward incentive mechanism in Delay Tolerant Networks

Thi Thu Hang Nguyen, Olivier Brun, Balakrishna Prabhu


Downlink Multi-User MIMO Scheduling with Performance Guarantees

Narayan Prasad, Xiao Qi


Speed Scaling under QoS constraints with Finite Buffer

Parikshit Hegde, Akshit Kumar, Rahul Vaze


Efficient Scheduling for Synchronized Demands in Stochastic Networks

Bin Li, Zai Shi, Atilla Eryilmaz


S10: Data analytics learning in wireless networks Apostolos Galanopoulos George Iosifidis Theodoros Salonidis Optimizing Data Analytics in Energy Constrained IoT Networks http://opendl.ifip-tc6.org/db/conf/wiopt/wiopt2018/1570420586.pdf Rohit Kumar Ankit Yadav Sumit Darak Manjesh Hanawal Trekking Based Distributed Algorithm for Opportunistic Spectrum Access in Infrastructure-less Network http://opendl.ifip-tc6.org/db/conf/wiopt/wiopt2018/1570423317.pdf S11: Security, trust and privacy Yuanyuan He Jianbing Ni Ben Niu Fenghua Li Sherman Shen Privacy-preserving Ride Clustering for Customized-bus Sharing: A Fog-assisted Approach http://opendl.ifip-tc6.org/db/conf/wiopt/wiopt2018/1570420534.pdf Suneet Sawant Manjesh Hanawal Sumit Darak Rohit Kumar Distributed Learning Algorithms for Coordination in a Cognitive Network in Presence of Jammers http://opendl.ifip-tc6.org/db/conf/wiopt/wiopt2018/1570420568.pdf Pengwenlong Gu Cunqing Hua Rida Khatoun Yue Wu Ahmed Serhrouchni Cooperative Relay Beamforming for Control Channel Jamming in Vehicular Networks http://opendl.ifip-tc6.org/db/conf/wiopt/wiopt2018/1570423523.pdf Manjesh Hanawal Fehmina Malik Yezekael Hayel Differential Pricing of Traffic in the Internet http://opendl.ifip-tc6.org/db/conf/wiopt/wiopt2018/1570420570.pdf S12: Packet scheduling/Quality of service Rajat Talak Sertac Karaman Eytan Modiano Optimizing Age of Information in Wireless Networks with Perfect Channel State Information http://opendl.ifip-tc6.org/db/conf/wiopt/wiopt2018/1570419476.pdf Apostolos Destounis Georgios Paschos David Gesbert Selective Fair Scheduling over Fading Channels http://opendl.ifip-tc6.org/db/conf/wiopt/wiopt2018/1570420056.pdf Apostolos Destounis Georgios Paschos Jes Marios Kountouris Pierre-Louis Poirion Scheduling URLLC Users with Reliable Latency Guarantees http://opendl.ifip-tc6.org/db/conf/wiopt/wiopt2018/1570420490.pdf The 2018 International Workshop on Resource Allocation, Cooperation and Competition in Wireless Networks Guopeng Zhang Jiansheng Qian Shuo Xiao Jie Gu Hierarchical Resource Allocation Scheme for M2M Communications Enabled by Cellular Networks http://opendl.ifip-tc6.org/db/conf/wiopt/wiopt2018/1570417153.pdf Prashant Narayanan Lakshmi Narasimhan Theagarajan The Invariant Nash Equilibrium for Stochastic Games in Multiple Access Channel http://opendl.ifip-tc6.org/db/conf/wiopt/wiopt2018/1570443727.pdf Cristian Tatino Ilaria Malanchini Nikolaos Pappas Di Yuan Maximum Throughput Scheduling for Multi-connectivity in Millimeter-Wave Networks http://opendl.ifip-tc6.org/db/conf/wiopt/wiopt2018/1570443728.pdf Haritha K Chandramani Singh Lightweight Max Weight Scheduling Algorithms for Wireless Networks http://opendl.ifip-tc6.org/db/conf/wiopt/wiopt2018/1570443729.pdf