IFIP TC6 Open Digital Library

21. ondm 2017: Budapest, Hungary

21th International Conference on Optical Network Design and Modeling, ondm 2017, Budapest, Hungary, May 15-18, 2017

Tibor Cinkler, Jacek Rak, Marco Ruffini, Hiroaki Harai, Ákos Ladányi

IFIP Open Digital Library, IEEE Xplore, ISBN: 978-3-901882-93-7


RS1: Elastic Optical Networks

Multi-Sourced Data Retrieval in Groomed Elastic Optical Networks

Juzi Zhao, Vinod M. Vokkarane


Load-Aware Nonlinearity Estimation for Efficient Resource Allocation in Elastic Optical Networks

Rui Wang, Sarvesh Sanjay Bidkar, Reza Nejabati, Dimitra Simeonidou


Simultaneous Connections Routing in W-S-W Elastic Optical Switches with Limited Number of Connection Rates

Wojciech Kabaciński, Remigiusz Rajewski, Atyaf Al-tameemi


Incremental Planning of Multi-layer Elastic Optical Networks

Panos Papanikolaou, Kostas Christodoulopoulos, Emmanouel Varvarigos


RS2: 5G Mobile and Optical Convergence

Technologies and Architectures to Enable SDN in Converged 5G/Optical Access Networks

Giuseppe Talli, Stefano Porto, Daniel Carey, Nicola Brandonisio, Peter Ossieur, Paul Townsend, Rene Bonk, Thomas Pfeiffer, Frank Slyne, Séamas McGettrick, Christian Bluemm, Marco Ruffini, Alan Hill, David B. Payne, Nick Parsons


5G C-RAN Architecture: A Comparison of Multiple Optical Fronthaul Networks

Chathurika Ranaweera, Elaine Wong, Christina Lim, Ampalavanapillai Nirmalathas, Chamil Jayasundara


Performance of Interoperator Fixed-Mobile Network Sharing

Ireneusz Szcześniak, Andrzej R. Pach, Bożena Woźna-Szcześniak


Analog vs. Next-Generation Digital Fronthaul: How to Minimize Optical Bandwidth Utilization

Malte Hinrichs, Luz Fernández del Rosal, Christoph Kottke, Volker Jungnickel


RS3: Optical Access

Application of Probabilistic Modeling and Machine Learning to the Diagnosis of FTTH GPON Networks

Stéphane Gosselin, Jean-Luc Courant, Serge Romaric Tembo, Sandrine Vaton


Planning Tool of Optical Access Networks

Carmen Mas Machuca


Photonic Systems and Technologies for 5G Mobile Networks

Roberto Sabella, Alberto Bianchi


Frame Level Sharing for DBA Virtualization in Multi-Tenant PONs

Amr Elrasad, Marco Ruffini


WS1: FiWiN5G Workshop

Harmonic Components and Dispersion of Mobile Network Signals Due to Fiber-Optical Transmission

Attila Gábor Hilt, Eszter Udvary, Gábor Járó, Tibor Berceli


Opto-Electronic Oscillator in the mm-W Range for 5G Wireless and Mobile Networks: Design Challenges and Possible Solutions

Mehmet Alp Ilgaz, Bostjan Batagelj


Dynamic Optical Fiber Delivery of Ka-Band Packet Transmissions for Wireless Access Networks

Juan Sebastián Páez, Peter Madsen, Idelfonso Tafur Monroy, Juan Jose Vegas Olmos


Synchronization and Channel Estimation in Experimental M-QAM OFDM Radio over Fiber Systems Using CAZAC Based Training Preamble

Hum Nath Parajuli, Haymen Shams, Eszter Udvary


Ultrafast InGaAs Photoswitch for RF Signal Processing

Robert Horvath, Jean-Francois Roux, Jean-Louis Coutaz, Julien Poette, Béatrice Cabon, Chris Graham


Modeling and Design of Soliton Propagation in WDM Optical Systems

Nada Badraoui, Tibor Berceli


RS4: Network Control and Orchestration

Cross-layer and Dynamic Network Orchestration Based on Optical Performance Monitoring

Kostas Christodoulopoulos, Ippokratis Sartzetakis, Polyzois Soumplis, Emmanouel Varvarigos


Transport Northbound Interface: The Need for Specification and Standards Coordination

Daniel King, Charalampos Rotsos, Italo Busi, Fatai Zhang, Nektarios Georgalas


Open Source Netphony Suite: Enabling Multi-layer Network Programmability

Victor Lopez, Rodrigo Jimenez, Oscar González de Dios, Luis M. Contreras, Juan Pedro Fernández-Palacios


On Resource Negotiation in Application-aware Networks

Elio Salvadori


Dynamic Topology Discovery in SDN-enabled Transparent Optical Networks

Rafael Montero, Fernando Agraz, Albert Pagès, Jordi Perelló, Salvatore Spadaro


RS5: Space Division Multiplexed Networking

Hybrid Optical Packet and Circuit Switching in Spatial Division Multiplexing Fiber Networks

Ruben S. Luís, Hideaki Furukawa, Georg Rademacher, Benjamin J. Puttnam, Naoya Wada


Selection of Spectral-Spatial Channels in SDM Flexgrid Optical Networks

Piotr Lechowicz, Krzysztof Walkowiak, Mirosław Klinkowski


Assessment of Flex-Grid/MCF Optical Networks with ROADM Limited Core Switching Capability

Rubén Rumipamba-Zambrano, Francisco-Javier Moreno-Muro, Pablo Pavon-Marino, Jordi Perelló, Salvatore Spadaro, Josep Solé-Pareta


RS6: Data Center and Edge/Fog/Cloud

Combining Hardware and Simulation for Datacenter Scaling Studies

Sarah Ruepp, Artur Pilimon, Jakob Thrane, Michael Galili, Michael S. Berger, Lars Dittmann


Orchestrating Data-Intensive vNF Service Chains in Inter-DC Elastic Optical Networks

Wei Lu, Lipei Liang, Zuqing Zhu


Application-Aware Resource Provisioning in a Heterogeneous Internet of Things

Eric Sturzinger, Massimo Tornatore, Biswanath Mukherjee


WS2: Optical networks for data centres in the 5G era

High Performance Optical Data Center Networks Based on WDM Optical Cross-Connect Switches

Nicola Calabretta


Optical Networking Interconnecting Disaggregated Compute Resources: An enabler of the 5G Vision

Anna Tzanakaki, Markos Anastasopoulos, Dimitra Simeonidou


Enabling 5G network slicing over heterogeneous optical networks

Ramon Casellas


Applications of machine learning and intelligent algorithms to the use of SDN/NFV

Daniel King


Large scale optical circuit switches for future data center applications

Yojiro Mori


Enabling Low Latency at Large-Scale Intra-DC Networks Using Fine-Grained All-Optical Switching Technology

Nan Hua, Zhizhen Zhong, Xiaoping Zheng


RS7: Optical Packet Switching

Potential of WDM Packets

Dominique Chiaroni, Bogdan Uscumlic


Long-term CAPEX Evolution for Slotted Optical Packet Switching in a Metropolitan Network

Ahmed Triki, Annie Gravey, Philippe Gravey, Michel Morvan


"VERNE": New Packet-Optical Network for Optically Transparent and Lossless Data Centers

Bogdan Uscumlic, Dominique Chiaroni


Priority-Aware Scheduling for Packet-Switched Optical Networks in Datacenter

Lin Wang, Xinbo Wang, Massimo Tornatore, Kwangjoon Kim, Sunme Kim, Dae-ub Kim, Kyeong-Eun Han, Biswanath Mukherjee


RS8: Multicasting

Bit Index Explicit Replication (BIER) Multicasting in Transport Networks

Alessio Giorgetti, Andrea Sgambelluri, Francesco Paolucci, Nicola Sambo, Piero Castoldi, Filippo Cugini


Research Challenges for Multicast in Carrier Networks

David Larrabeiti


Agile Filterless Optical Networking

Christine Tremblay, Paul Littlewood, Michel Bélanger, Lena Wosinska, Jiajia Chen


rMBOS: Reconfigurable Multiwavelength Bus with Optical Sharing

Moises R. N. Ribeiro


RS9: Trustworthy Networks

Content Accessibility in Optical Cloud Networks Under Targeted Link Cuts

Carlos Natalino, Aysegul Yayimli, Lena Wosinska, Marija Furdek


Robustness Against Large-Scale Failures in Communications Networks: a Simulation Approach

Jose Luis Marzo, Eusebi Calle


GMPLS Network Control Plane Enabling Quantum Encryption in End-to-End Services

Alejandro Aguado Martin, Victor Lopez, Jesus Martinez-Mateo, Momtchil Peev, Diego Lopez, Vicente Martin


A Probabilistic Approach for Failure Localization

Tania Panayiotou, Sotirios Chatzis, Georgios Ellinas


Multilayer Planning for Facebook Scale Worldwide Network

Srivatsan Balasubramanian, Satyajeet Ahuja, Gaya Nagarajan, Andrea Celletti, Frantisek Foston