IFIP TC6 Open Digital Library

16. Networking 2017: Stockholm

16th International IFIP TC6 Networking Conference, Networking 2017, Stockholm, June 12-15, 2017

Gunnar Karlsson, Anna Brunstrom, Hongbo Jiang, Tilman Wolf, Viktoria Fodor

IFIP Open Digital Library, ISBN: 978-3-901882-94-4


Workshop on Future of Internet Transport (FIT 2017)

Probe or Wait: Handling tail losses using Multipath TCP

Kiran Yedugundla, Per Hurtig, Anna Brunstrom


Evaluating CAIA Delay Gradient as a Candidate for Deadline-Aware Less-than-Best-Effort Transport

Tor Tangenes, David Hayes, Andreas Petlund, David Ros


Fragility Risks of Low Latency Dynamic Queuing in Large-Scale Clouds: Complex System Perspective

Vladimir Marbukh


Post Sockets: Towards an Evolvable Network Transport Interface

Brian Trammell, Colin Perkins, Mirja Kuehlewind


Raising the Datagram API to Support Transport Protocol Evolution

Tom Jones, Gorry Fairhurst, Colin Perkins


Transparent Flow Mapping for NEAT

Felix Weinrank, Michael Tüxen


Implementation of PI2 Queuing Discipline for Classic TCP Traffic in ns-3

Rohit Tahiliani, Hitesh Tewari


Understanding Multistreaming for Web Traffic: An Experimental Study

Mohammad Rajiullah, A. C. Mohideen, Felix Weinrank, Raffaello Secchi, Gorry Fairhurst, Anna Brunstrom


Workshop on Information-Centric Fog Computing (ICFC)

Edge-ICN and its application to the Internet of Things

Nikos Fotiou, Vasilios Siris, George Xylomenos, George Polyzos, Konstantinos Katsaros, George Petropoulos


Observing Resources over ICN

H. Islam, Dmitrij Lagutin, Nikos Fotiou


Execution State Management in Named Function Networking

Christopher Scherb, Balázs Faludi, Christian Tschudin


In-Network Live Stream Processing with Named Functions

Christopher Scherb, Claudio Marxer, Urs Schnurrenberger, Christian Tschudin


A Content-based Centrality Metric for Collaborative Caching in Information-Centric Fogs

Junaid Khan, Cedric Westphal, Yacine Ghamri-Doudane


Benchmarking and Simulating the Fundamental Scaling Behaviors of a MapReduce Engine

Brenton Walker


Session Support for SCN

Mikael Gasparyan, Guillaume Corsini, Torsten Braun, Eryk Schiller, Jonnahtan Saltarin



A Template Approach for Group Key Distribution in Dynamic Ad-hoc Groups

Bruhadeshwar Bezawada, Alex Liu, Xiaojiang Liang, Rui Li


Early Detection of In-the-Wild Botnet Attacks by Exploiting Network Communication Uniformity: An Empirical Study

Zainab Abaid, Mohamed Ali Kaafar, Sanjay Jha


Software Defined Networks

Raptor: Scalable Rule Placement over Multiple Path in Software Defined Networks

Pravein Govindan Kannan, Mun Choon Chan, Richard Ma, Ee-Chien Chang


Can SDN Accelerate BGP Convergence? A Performance Analysis of Inter-domain Routing Centralization

Pavlos Sermpezis, Xenofontas Dimitropoulos


How fast can you reconfigure your partially deployed SDN network?

Christian Sieber, Raphael Durner, Wolfgang Kellerer


Load Balancing Memcached Traffic Using Software Defined Networking

Anat Bremler-Barr, David Hay, Idan Moyal, Liron Schiff


Resource Allocation

Packing Strictly-Shortest Paths in a Tree for QoS-Aware Routing

Jose Yallouz, János Tapolcai, Attila Kőrösi, Kristof Berczi, László Gyimóthi, Ariel Orda


A Mood Value for Fair Resource Allocations

Francesca Fossati, Stefano Moretti, Stefano Secci


Resilient Placement of Virtual Process Control Functions in Mobile Edge Clouds

Peiyue Zhao, György Dán


Model-based Design and Analysis of Cache Hierarchies

Amr Rizk, Michael Zink, Ramesh Sitaraman


Mobile Networks

Design and performance evaluation of bearer aggregation method in mobile core network with C/U plane separation

Shuya Abe, Go Hasegawa, Masayuki Murata


DTN-RPC: Remote Procedure Calls for Disruption-Tolerant Networking

Artur Sterz, Lars Baumgärtner, Ragnar Mogk, Mira Mezini, Bernd Freisleben


A Deployable Identifier-Locator Split Architecture

Spencer Sevilla, JJ Garcia-Luna-Aceves


A Crowdsourcing and Simulation based Approach for Fast and Accurate Wi-Fi Radio Map Construction in Urban Environment

Tatsuya Amano, Shugo Kajita, Hirozumi Yamaguchi, Teruo Higashino, Mineo Takai


Data Centers

Multi-Channel Scatter (MCS): Traffic Balancing Based on Edge-switching in Datacenter Networks

Zhaogeng Li, Jun Bi, Yangyang Wang


DISCO: Distributed Traffic Flow Consolidation for Power Efficient Data Center Network

Kuangyu Zheng, Xiaorui Wang, Jia Liu


Packer: Minimizing Multi-Resource Fragmentation and Performance Interference in Datacenters

Daniel Marcon, Marinho Barcellos


Congestion Control

Alternative Backoff: Achieving Low Latency and High Throughput with ECN and AQM

Naeem Khademi, Grenville Armitage, Michael Welzl, Sebastian Zander, Gorry Fairhurst, David Ros


A Framework for Less than Best Effort Congestion Control with Soft Deadlines

David Hayes, David Ros, Andreas Petlund, Iffat Ahmed



Remote Measurement of Interrupt-Coalescence Latency of Internet Hosts

Khondaker Salehin, Vinitmadhukar Sahasrabudhe, Roberto Rojas-Cessa


How HTTP/2 Pushes the Web: An Empirical Study of HTTP/2 Server Push

Torsten Zimmermann, Jan Rüth, Benedikt Wolters, Oliver Hohlfeld


Ads versus Regular Contents: Dissecting the Web Hosting Ecosystem

Pradeep Bangera, Sergey Gorinsky


FlowScope: Efficient Packet Capture and Storage in 100 Gbit/s Networks

Paul Emmerich, Maximilian Pudelko, Sebastian Gallenmüller, Georg Carle


Software Defined Networks

SoDA: Enabling CDN-ISP Collaboration with Software Defined Anycast

Matthias Wichtlhuber, Jan Kessler, Sebastian Bücker, Ingmar Poese, Jeremias Blendin, Christian Koch, David Hausheer


Towards an Adaptive Selection of Loss Estimation Techniques in Software-defined Networks

Rhaban Hark, Nils Richerzhagen, Björn Richerzhagen, Amr Rizk, Ralf Steinmetz


DRENCH: A Semi-Distributed Resource Management Framework for NFV based Service Function Chaining

Argyrios Tasiopoulos, Sameer Kulkarni, Mayutan Arumaithurai, Ioannis Psaras, K. Ramakrishnan, Xiaoming Fu, George Pavlou


Securing Virtual Network Function Placement with High Availability Guarantees

Marco Casazza, Pierre Fouilhoux, Stefano Secci, Mathieu Bouet


Posters and Demos Session

A Green Small Cells Deployment in 5G - Switch ON/OFF via IoT Networks and Energy Efficient Mesh Backhauling

Imed Allal, Bruno Mongazon-Cazavet, Khaldoun Al Agha, Sidi-Mohammed Senouci, Yvon Gourhant


Binary Contention Resolution for M2M Random Access Prioritization in LTE-A and 5G

Mikhail Vilgelm, Wolfgang Kellerer


Predicting SLA Conformance for Cluster-based Services

Rafael Pasquini, Farnaz Moradi, Jawwad Ahmed, Andreas Johnsson, Christofer Flinta, Rolf Stadler


Isolated In-Band Communication for Distributed SDN Controllers

Rhaban Hark, Amr Rizk, Nils Richerzhagen, Björn Richerzhagen, Ralf Steinmetz


A lightweight measurement platform for home Internet monitoring

Ian Marsh


A NEAT framework for application-awareness in SDN environments

Ricardo Santos, Zdravko Bozakov, Simone Mangiante, Anna Brunstrom, Andreas J. Kassler


Measuring PHY layer interactions between LoRa and 802.15.4g networks

Charalampos Orfanidis, Laura Marie Feeney, Martin Jacobsson


Distributing Dynamic Divisible Loads

Ming Zeng, Viktoria Fodor


On the Impact of Sybil Attacks in Cooperative Driving Scenarios

Felipe Boeira, Marinho Barcellos, Edison Pignaton de Freitas, Mikael Asplund, Alexey Vinel


Remote Controlled Performance Analysis of Embedded Wireless Sensor Networks

Albert Pötsch, Stefan Hujber, Andreas Springer


Secure Chain Replication

Berkin Güler, Oznur Ozkasap


Guard: Secure Routing in Skip Graph

Sanaz Taheri Boshrooyeh, Oznur Ozkasap


Access Control Management and Orchestration in NFV Environment

Thanh Tran


Traffic Engineering

Network Recovery from Massive Failures under Uncertain Knowledge of Damages

Diman Zad Tootaghaj, Hana Khamfroush, Novella Bartolini, Stefano Ciavarella, Seamus Hayes, Tom La Porta


Efficient Multipath Flow Monitoring

Samuel Micka, Sean Yaw, Brittany Terese Fasy, Brendan Mumey, Mike Wittie


Traffic Engineering using Segment Routing and Considering Requirements of a Carrier IP Network

Timmy Schüller, Nils Aschenbruck, Markus Chimani, Martin Horneffer, Stefan Schnitter


Joint Backup Capacity Allocation and Embedding for Survivable Virtual Networks

Nashid Shahriar, Shihabur Rahman Chowdhury, Reaz Ahmed, Aimal Khan, Raouf Boutaba, Jeebak Mitra, Liu Liu


Modeling and Analysis

A Graph Theoretic Approach to Fast and Accurate Malware Detection

M. Zubair Shafiq, Alex Liu


On Per-Flow Delay Bounds in Tandem Queues under (In)Dependent Arrivals

Paul Nikolaus, Jens Schmitt


Available Bandwidth Estimation from Passive TCP Measurements using the Probe Gap Model

Sukhpreet Khangura, Markus Fidler


Cascade Size Prediction in Online Social Networks

M. Zubair Shafiq, Alex Liu



SEMUD: Secure Multi-hop Device-to-Device Communication for 5G Public Safety Networks

Milan Schmittner, Arash Asadi, Matthias Hollick


Decentralized network protection games in adversarial environments

Siddharth Pal, Ertugrul Ciftcioglu, Prithwish Basu, Kevin Chan, Ananthram Swami


PRIVO: A PRIvacy-preserVing Opportunistic routing protocol for Delay Tolerant Networks

Naercio Magaia, Carlos Borrego, Paulo Pereira, Miguel Correia


Protecting the Long Tail: Transparent Packet Security in Content-Centric Networks

Christopher Wood


Content-Centric Networks

BFR: a Bloom Filter-based Routing Approach for Information-Centric Networks

Ali Marandi, Torsten Braun, Kavé Salamatian, Nikolaos Thomos


Mobile Sessions in Content-Centric Networks

Christopher Wood, Ersin Uzun, Marc Mosko


On Broadcast-based Self-Learning in Named Data Networking

Junxiao Shi, Eric Newberry, Beichuan Zhang


Greedy Caching: A Latency-aware Caching Strategy for Information-centric Networks

Bitan Banerjee, Anand Seetharam, Chintha Tellambura