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INTERACT 2011: Lisbon, Portugal

Human-Computer Interaction - INTERACT 2011 - 13th IFIP TC 13 International Conference, Lisbon, Portugal, September 5-9, 2011, Proceedings, Part III

Pedro Campos, T. C. Nicholas Graham, Joaquim A. Jorge, Nuno Jardim Nunes, Philippe A. Palanque, Marco Winckler

Springer, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 6948, ISBN: 978-3-642-23764-5


Long and Short Papers

A Framework to Develop VR Interaction Techniques Based on OpenInterface and AFreeCA.

Diego Martínez, Jean-Yves Lionel Lawson, José Pascual Molina, Arturo S. García, Pascual González, Jean Vanderdonckt, Benoit M. Macq


Exploring Interaction Strategies in the Context of Sleep.

Dzmitry Aliakseyeu, Jia Du, Elly Zwartkruis-Pelgrim, Sriram Subramanian


FeetUp: A Playful Accessory to Practice Social Skills through Free-Play Experiences.

Andrea Rosales, Ernesto Arroyo, Josep Blat


Designing Snakey: A Tangible User Interface Supporting Well Path Planning.

John Harris, James Everett Young, Nicole Sultanum, Paul Lapides, Ehud Sharlin, Mario Costa Sousa


OP: A Novel Programming Model for Integrated Design and Prototyping of Mixed Objects.

Céline Coutrix, Laurence Nigay


A Personal Approach: The Persona Technique in a Companion's Design Lifecycle.

Joana Campos, Ana Paiva


Emotive Expression through the Movement of Interactive Robotic Vehicles.

Eric Kryski, Ehud Sharlin


Evaluation of an Integrated Paper and Digital Document Management System.

Matthew Jervis, Masood Masoodian


BendFlip: Examining Input Techniques for Electronic Book Readers with Flexible Form Factors.

Doug Wightman, Tim Ginn, Roel Vertegaal


Who's That Girl? Handheld Augmented Reality for Printed Photo Books.

Niels Henze, Susanne Boll


Looking for "Good" Recommendations: A Comparative Evaluation of Recommender Systems.

Paolo Cremonesi, Franca Garzotto, Sara Negro, Alessandro Vittorio Papadopoulos, Roberto Turrin


All the News That's Fit to Read: Finding and Recommending News Online.

Juha Leino, Kari-Jouko Räihä, Sanna Finnberg


Helping Users Sort Faster with Adaptive Machine Learning Recommendations.

Steven M. Drucker, Danyel Fisher, Sumit Basu


Sharing Ephemeral Information in Online Social Networks: Privacy Perceptions and Behaviours.

Bernardo Reynolds, Jayant Venkatanathan, Jorge Gonçalves, Vassilis Kostakos


An Investigation into Facebook Friend Grouping.

Patrick Gage Kelley, Robin Brewer, Yael Mayer, Lorrie Faith Cranor, Norman M. Sadeh


Privacy Concern and Trust in Using Social Network Sites: A Comparison between French and Chinese Users.

Li Chen, Ho Keung Tsoi


Privacy Concerns in Enterprise Social Travel: Attitudes and Actions.

Neta Aizenbud-Reshef, Artem Barger, Yael Dubinsky, Ido Guy, Shiri Kremer-Davidson


Online Games and Family Ties: Influences of Social Networking Game on Family Relationship.

Jing Wen, Yong Ming Kow, Yunan Chen


The Influence of Customer Familiarity and Personal Innovativeness toward Information Technologies on the Sense of Virtual Community and Participation.

Manuel J. Sánchez-Franco, José Antonio Carballar-Falcón, Francisco J. Martínez-López, Juan Carlos Gázquez-Abad


Characterizing Interactions among Members of Deaf Communities in Orkut.

Glívia Angélica Rodrigues Barbosa, Ismael Santana Silva, Glauber Gonçalves, Raquel O. Prates, Fabrício Benevenuto, Virgílio A. F. Almeida


The Role of Music in the Design Process with Children.

Ruut Tikkanen, Netta Iivari


ToCoPlay: Graphical Multi-touch Interaction for Composing and Playing Music.

Sean Lynch, Miguel A. Nacenta, M. Sheelagh T. Carpendale


Presentation Technique of Scents Using Mobile Olfactory Display for Digital Signage.

Sayumi Sugimoto, Ryo Segawa, Daisuke Noguchi, Yuichi Bannai, Ken-ichi Okada


"Oh Snap" - Helping Users Align Digital Objects on Touch Interfaces.

Jennifer Fernquist, Garth Shoemaker, Kellogg S. Booth


The Link-Offset-Scale Mechanism for Improving the Usability of Touch Screen Displays on the Web.

Willian Massami Watanabe, Renata Pontin de Mattos Fortes, Maria da Graça Campos Pimentel


The Effects of Personal Displays and Transfer Techniques on Collaboration Strategies in Multi-touch Based Multi-Display Environments.

Stefan Bachl, Martin Tomitsch, Karin Kappel, Thomas Grechenig


Evaluating Physical/Virtual Occlusion Management Techniques for Horizontal Displays.

Waqas Javed, KyungTae Kim, Sohaib Ghani, Niklas Elmqvist


Usage and Recognition of Finger Orientation for Multi-Touch Tabletop Interaction.

Chi Tai Dang, Elisabeth André


Tangoscope: A Tangible Audio Device for Tabletop Interaction.

Jörg Edelmann, Yvonne Kammerer, Birgit Imhof, Peter Gerjets, Wolfgang Straßer


Supporting Social Protocols in Tabletop Interaction through Visual Cues.

Mirko Fetter, Tom Gross, Maxi Hucke


Effects of a Tabletop Interface on the Co-construction of Concept Maps.

Stefan Oppl, Chris Stary


The Continuous Interaction Space: Interaction Techniques Unifying Touch and Gesture on and above a Digital Surface.

Nicolai Marquardt, Ricardo Jota, Saul Greenberg, Joaquim A. Jorge


AffinityTable - A Hybrid Surface for Supporting Affinity Diagramming.

Florian Geyer, Ulrike Pfeil, Jochen Budzinski, Anita Höchtl, Harald Reiterer


Design as Intercultural Dialogue: Coupling Human-Centered Design with Requirement Engineering Methods.

Chiara Leonardi, Luca Sabatucci, Angelo Susi, Massimo Zancanaro


Predicting Selective Availability for Instant Messaging.

Mirko Fetter, Julian Seifert, Tom Gross


Testing the Usability of a Platform for Rapid Development of Mobile Context-Aware Applications.

Valentim Realinho, A. Eduardo Dias, Teresa Romão


Hammering Models: Designing Usable Modeling Tools.

Ko-Hsun Huang, Nuno Jardim Nunes, Leonel Nóbrega, Larry L. Constantine, Mon-Chu Chen


Task Descriptions Using Academic Oriented Modelling Languages: A Survey of Actual Practices across the SIGCHI Community.

Stanislas Couix, Jean-Marie Burkhardt


Selective Modeling to Support Task Migratability of Interactive Artifacts.

Anke Dittmar, Peter Forbrig


Structuring and Composition Mechanisms to Address Scalability Issues in Task Models.

Célia Martinie, Philippe A. Palanque, Marco Winckler


User Driven Evolution of User Interface Models - The FLEPR Approach.

Stefan Hennig, Jan Van den Bergh, Kris Luyten, Annerose Braune


Adapting Desktop Web Pages for Vocal Browsing.

Fabio Paternò, Christian Sisti


Using the Journalistic Metaphor to Design User Interfaces That Explain Sensor Data.

Martín Molina, Enrique Parodi, Amanda Stent


Domain Experts Tailoring Interaction to Users - An Evaluation Study.

Helena Lindgren, Patrik J. Winnberg, Peter Winnberg


Identifying Relationships between Physiological Measures and Evaluation Metrics for 3D Interaction Techniques.

Rafael Rieder, Christian Haag Kristensen, Márcio Sarroglia Pinho


Comparing User Experience and Performance in SecondLife and Blackboard.

Alistair G. Sutcliffe, Amal Alrayes