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IPAS 2006: Bad Hofgastein, Austria

Precision Assembly Technologies for Mini and Micro Products - Proceedings of the IFIP TC5 WG5.5 Third International Precision Assembly Seminar (IPAS '2006), 19-21 February 2006, Bad Hofgastein, Austria

Svetan M. Ratchev

Springer, IFIP 198, ISBN: 978-0-387-31276-7


Design of a Capillary Gripper for a Submillimetric Application.

Pierre Lambert, Frank Seigneur, Sandra Koelemeijer, Jacques Jacot


Multi-Axes Micro Gripper for the Handling and Alignment of Flexible Micro Parts - Development of compact and shock resistant gripper components.

Christian Brecher, Christian Peschke, Martin Freundt, Sven Lange


Design, Fabrication and Characterization of a Flexible System Based on Thermal Glue for in Air and in SEM Microassembly.

Cédric Clévy, Arnaud Hubert, Stephan Fahlbusch, Nicolas Chaillet, Johann Michler


Design and Experimental Evaluation of an Electrostatic Micro-Gripping System.

Defeng Lang, Marcel Tichem


A Generic Approach for a Micro Parts Feeding System.

Mickael Paris, C. Perrard, Philippe Lutz


Pneumatic Contactless Feeder for Microassembly.

Michele Turitto, Yves-André Chapius, Svetan M. Ratchev


"Parvus" a Micro-Parallel-Scara Robot for Desktop Assembly Lines.

Arne Burisch, Jan Wrege, Sven Soetebier, Annika Raatz, Jürgen Hesselbach, Rolf Slatter


Methods for Comparing Servo Grippers for Mini and Micro Assembly Applications.

Ilpo Karjalainen, Reijo Tuokko


Compliant Parallel Robots - Development and Performance.

Annika Raatz, Jan Wrege, Arne Burisch, Jürgen Hesselbach


Test Environment for High-Performance Precision Assembly - Development and Preliminary Tests.

Timo Prusi, Riku Heikkilä, Jani Uusitalo, Reijo Tuokko


Sensor Guided Micro Assembly by Using Laser-Scanning Technology.

Sven Rathmann, Jan Wrege, Kerstin Schöttler, Annika Raatz, Jürgen Hesselbach


High Speed and Low Weight Micro Actuators for High Precision Assembly Applications - Micro Actuators with the Micro Harmonic Drive®.

Reinhard Degen, Rolf Slatter


Automated Assembly Planning Based on Skeleton Modelling Strategy.

H. Bley, M. Bossmann


Morphological Classification of Hybrid Microsystems Assembly.

Iwan Kurniawan, Marcel Tichem, Marian Bartek


First Steps in Integrating Micro-Assembly Features into Industrially used DFA Software.

Timo Salmi, Juhani Lempiäinen


Tolerance Budgeting in a Novel Coarse-Fine Strategy for Micro-Assembly.

Vincent Henneken, Marcel Tichem


The Importance of Concept and Design Visualisation in the Production of an Automated Assembly and Test Machine.

Daniel Smale


Development of Passive Alignment Techniques for the Assembly of Hybrid Microsystems.

Christian Brecher, Martin Weinzierl, Sven Lange


Miniature Reconfigurable Assembly Line for Small Products.

Alain Codourey, Sébastien Perroud, Yves Mussard


Conception of a Scalable Production for Micro-Mechatronical Products - Systematics for planning and platform with process modules for the production of micro-mechatronical products.

Jürgen Fleischer, Luben Krahtov, Torsten Volkmann


Towards an Integrated Assembly Process Decomposition and Modular Equipment Configuration - A Knowledge Enhanced Iterative Approach.

Niels Lohse, Christian Schäfer, Svetan M. Ratchev


Evolvable Skills for Assembly Systems - Evolvability by automatic configuration and standardization of control interfaces and state models.

Gerd Hoppe


Toward the Vision Based Supervision of Microfactories Through Images Mosaicing.

Julien Bert, Sounkalo Dembélé, Nadine Lefort-Piat


Precision Multi-Degrees-of-Freedom Positioning Systems - Modular Design For Assembly Applications.

Gheorghe Olea, Kiyoshi Takamasu, Benoît Raucent


What is the Best Way to Increase Efficiency in Precision Assembly?

Sandra Koelemeijer, Fabien Bourgeois, Jacques Jacot


Life Cycle and Cost Analysis for Modular Re-Configurable Final Assembly Systems.

Juhani Heilala, Kaj Helin, Jari Montonen, Otso Väätäinen


Impact of Bad Components on Costs and Productivity in Automatic Assembly.

Mathieu Oulevey, Sandra Koelemeijer, Jacques Jacot


The Reliable Application of Average and Highly Viscous Media - Assembly Net.

Thomas A. Lenz, Nabih M. Othman


Laser Sealed Packaging for Microsystems.

Frank Seigneur, Jacques Jacot


Modelling and Characterisation of an Ortho-Planar Micro-Valve.

Olivier Smal, Bruno Dehez, Benoît Raucent, Michaël De Volder, Jan Peirs, Dominiek Reynaerts, Frederik Ceyssens, Johan Coosemans, Robert Puers


Microhandling and Assembly: The Project Assemic.

Ana Almansa, Silvia Bou, Domnita Fratila