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DoCEIS 2010: Costa de Caparica, Portugal

Emerging Trends in Technological Innovation, First IFIP WG 5.5/SOCOLNET Doctoral Conference on Computing, Electrical and Industrial Systems, DoCEIS 2010, Costa de Caparica, Portugal, February 22-24, 2010. Proceedings

Luis M. Camarinha-Matos, Pedro Pereira, Luis Ribeiro

Springer, IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology 314, ISBN: 978-3-642-11627-8


Enterprise Networks and Strategic Alignment

Applying Causal Reasoning to Analyze Value Systems.

Patrícia Macedo, Luis M. Camarinha-Matos


Assessment of the Willingness to Collaborate in Enterprise Networks.

João Rosas, Luis M. Camarinha-Matos


Business and IS/IT Strategic Alignment Framework.

Llanos Cuenca Gonzalez, Ángel Ortiz Bas, Andrés Boza


Issues in Information Systems

Introduction of Empirical Topology in Construction of Relationship Networks of Informative Objects.

Hesam T. Dashti, Mary E. Kloc, Tiago Simas, Rita Almeida Ribeiro, Amir H. Assadi


The TSTS Method in Cultural Heritage Search.

Miroslaw Stawniak, Wojciech Cellary


Representing User Privileges in Object-Oriented Virtual Reality Systems.

Adam Wójtowicz, Wojciech Cellary


Survey of Media Forms and Information Flow Models in Microsystems Companies.

Christopher Durugbo, Ashutosh Tiwari, Jeffrey R. Alcock


Collaborative Networks Support

The Virtual Enterprise from a Governance Perspective.

David Romero, Ana-Inês Oliveira, Luis M. Camarinha-Matos, Arturo Molina


Negotiation and Contracting in Collaborative Networks.

Ana-Inês Oliveira, Luis M. Camarinha-Matos


Pro-Active Asset Entities in Collaborative Networks.

Tiago Cardoso, Luis M. Camarinha-Matos


Assessment and Decision Support

Qualitative Model for Risk Assessment in Construction Industry: A Fuzzy Logic Approach.

Abel Pinto, Isabel L. Nunes, Rita Almeida Ribeiro


Decision Support for Life-Cycle Optimization Using Risk Assessment.

Maria Marques, Rui Da Neves Silva


A Clinical Decision Support System for Breast Cancer Patients.

Ana S. Fernandes, Pedro Alves, Ian H. Jarman, Terence A. Etchells, José Manuel Fonseca, Paulo J. G. Lisboa


Evolvable Factory Automation

Evolvable Production Systems: Mechatronic Production Equipment with Evolutionary Control.

Antonio Maffei, Mauro Onori, Pedro Neves 0002, José Barata


The Meaningfulness of Consensus and Context in Diagnosing Evolvable Production Systems.

Luis Ribeiro, José Barata, João Ferreira


Applications of Dynamic Deployment of Services in Industrial Automation.

Gonçalo Cândido, José Barata, François Jammes, Armando W. Colombo


Improving Energy Efficiency in the Production Floor Using SoA-Based Monitoring Techniques.

Daniel Cachapa, Robert Harrison, Armando W. Colombo


Cooperative Robotics

Dual-Arm Robot Motion Planning Based on Cooperative Coevolution.

Petar Curkovic, Bojan Jerbic


Comparative Study of Self-organizing Robotic Systems Regarding Basic Architecture.

Irina-Gabriela Lolu, Aurelian Mihai Stanescu


Laban Movement Analysis towards Behavior Patterns.

Luís Santos, Jorge Dias


Self-adaptive Vision System.

Tomislav Stipancic, Bojan Jerbic


Robots and Manipulation

Right-Arm Robotic-Aided-Therapy with the Light-Exoskeleton: A General Overview.

Luis Ivan Lugo-Villeda, Antonio Frisoli, Edoardo Sotgiu, Giovanni Greco, Massimo Bergamasco


Grasp Exploration for 3D Object Shape Representation Using Probabilistic Map.

Diego R. Faria, Ricardo Martins, Jorge Dias


Movement Speed Models of Natural Grasp and Release Used for an Industrial Robot Equipped with a Gripper.

Mihai Stoica, Gabriela Andreea Calangiu, Francisc Sisak


Petri Nets Based Modeling

Petri Net Based Engineering and Software Methodology for Service-Oriented Industrial Automation.

J. Marco Mendes, Francisco Restivo, Paulo Leitão, Armando W. Colombo


Properties Preservation in Distributed Execution of Petri Nets Models.

Anikó Costa, Paulo E. S. Barbosa, Luís Gomes, Franklin Ramalho, Jorge C. A. de Figueiredo, Antonio D. dos S. Junior


Semantic Equations for Formal Models in the Model-Driven Architecture.

Paulo E. S. Barbosa, Franklin Ramalho, Jorge Figueiredo, Anikó Costa, Luís Gomes, Antonio D. dos S. Junior


Advances in Telecommunications

Delay Analysis for TDMA Schemes with Packet Recombining.

Miguel P. Pereira, Luis Bernardo, Rui Dinis, Rodolfo Oliveira, Paulo Carvalho, Paulo Pinto


Optoelectronic Oscillators for Communication Systems.

Bruno Romeira, José Figueiredo


Simulation Model for OBS Contention Avoidance Routing Strategies.

Alvaro L. Barradas, Maria do Carmo R. Medeiros


Transmission Performance of mm-Waves on Radio over Fiber Systems: Dispersion and Intermodulation Issues.

Ricardo Avó, Paula Laurêncio, Maria C. R. Medeiros


Sensorial Perception - I

Advances in Image Processing Techniques for Drusens Detection and Quantification in Fundus Images.

Andre Damas Mora, Pedro M. Vieira, José Manuel Fonseca


A Novel Framework for Data Registration and Data Fusion in Presence of Multi-modal Sensors.

Hadi Aliakbarpour, João Filipe Ferreira, Kamrad Khoshhal, Jorge Dias


Vector Sensor Arrays in Underwater Acoustic Applications.

Paulo Santos, Paulo Felisberto, Sérgio M. Jesus


An Approach to Modification of Water Flow Algorithm for Segmentation and Text Parameters Extraction.

Darko Brodic, Zoran Milivojevic


Sensorial Perception - II

A Face Attention Technique for a Robot Able to Interpret Facial Expressions.

Carlos Simplício, José Augusto Prado, Jorge Dias


Using Eye Blinking for EOG-Based Robot Control.

Mihai Duguleana, Gheorghe Mogan


Bio-inspired Binocular Disparity with Position-Shift Receptive Field.

Fernanda da C. e C. Faria, Jorge Batista, Helder Araújo


Signal Processing - I

Fractional Filters: An Optimization Approach.

Carlos Matos, Manuel Duarte Ortigueira


MicroECG: An Integrated Platform for the Cardiac Arrythmia Detection and Characterization.

Bruno Nascimento, Arnaldo Batista, Luis Brandão Alves, Manuel Duarte Ortigueira, Raul Rato


A Contribution for the Automatic Sleep Classification Based on the Itakura-Saito Spectral Distance.

Eduardo Cardoso, Arnaldo Batista, Rui Rodrigues, Manuel Duarte Ortigueira, Cristina Bárbara, Cristina Martinho, Raul Rato


Signal Processing - II

Controlled Invariant Polyhedral Sets for Constrained Discrete-Time Descriptor Systems.

José Mario Araújo, Carlos Eduardo Trabuco Dórea


Using Human Dynamics to Improve Operator Performance.

Rui Antunes, Fernando V. Coito, Hermínio Duarte-Ramos


Railscan: A Tool for the Detection and Quantification of Rail Corrugation.

Rui Gomes, Arnaldo Batista, Manuel Duarte Ortigueira, Raul Rato, Marco Baldeiras


Active System for Electromagnetic Perturbation Monitoring in Vehicles.

Adrian Marian Matoi, Elena Helerea


Advances in Energy Systems

Energy Consumption Monitoring System for Large Complexes.

André Jorge, João Guerreiro, Pedro Pereira, João André Martins, Luís Gomes


High Temperature Superconducting Fault Current Limiters as Enabling Technology in Electrical Grids with Increased Distributed Generation Penetration.

João Murta Pina, Mário Ventim Neves, Alfredo Álvarez, Amadeu Leão Rodrigues


On the Mineral and Vegetal Oils Used as Electroinsulation in Transformers.

Mariana Serban, Livia Sângeorzan, Elena Helerea


Interconnections between Reliability, Maintenance and Availability.

Catalin Mihai, Sorin Abagiu, Larisa Zoitanu, Elena Helerea


Dedicated Energy Systems

Evaluation of Supercapacitors Effects on Hybrid Energy Systems for Automotive.

Carmen Lungoci, Elena Helerea


Characteristics of the PTC Heater Used in Automotive HVAC Systems.

Radu Musat, Elena Helerea


Fuel Cell Systems for Telecommunications.

Eunice Ribeiro, António J. Marques Cardoso, Chiara Boccaletti


Hybrid Photovoltaic-Thermal Collectors: A Review.

Figueiredo Ramos, António J. Marques Cardoso, Adérito Neto Alcaso


Advances in Electrical Machinery

Study of AC Losses in Superconducting Electrical Components for Electrical System Design.

José-María Ceballos, Alfredo Alvarez, Pilar Suarez


Robust Position Control of a DC Motor by Sliding Mode.

Gabriela Mamani, Jonathan Becedas, Vicente Feliú Batlle


Disc Motor: Conventional and Superconductor Simulated Results Analysis.

David Inácio, João F. Martins, Mário Ventim Neves, Alfredo Álvarez, Amadeu Leão Rodrigues


Electronic Circuits Layout and Optimization

GADISI - Genetic Algorithms Applied to the Automatic Design of Integrated Spiral Inductors.

Pedro Pereira, M. Helena Fino, Fernando V. Coito, Mário Ventim-Neves


Test Based on Built-In Current Sensors for Mixed-Signal Circuits.

Román Mozuelos, Yolanda Lechuga, Mar Martínez, Salvador Bracho


Structural DfT Strategy for High-Speed ADCs.

Yolanda Lechuga, Román Mozuelos, Mar Martínez, Salvador Bracho


Microelectronic Circuits Design

A CMOS Inverter-Based Self-biased Fully Differential Amplifier.

José Rui Custódio, Michael Figueiredo, Edinei Santin, João Goes


Reconfigurable Circuits Using Magnetic Tunneling Junction Memories.

Victor Silva, Jorge R. Fernandes, Horácio C. Neto


A New Automated Trigger Circuit for a Pulsed Nd: YAG Laser.

Fatah Almabouada, Djelloul Louhibi, Abderrahmane Haddouche, Abdelkader Noukaz, Ramdan Beggar