IFIP TC6 Open Digital Library

Digital Forensics 2008: Kyoto, Japan

Advances in Digital Forensics IV, Fourth Annual IFIP WG 11.9 Conference on Digital Forensics, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan, January 28-30, 2008

Indrajit Ray, Sujeet Shenoi

Springer, IFIP 285, ISBN: 978-0-387-84926-3


Themes and Issues

When is Digital Evidence Forensically Sound?

Rodney McKemmish


Applying Traditional Forensic Taxonomy to Digital Forensics.

Mark Pollitt


Evidence Recovery

Recovering Data from Failing Floppy Disks.

Frederick Cohen, Charles Preston


Extracting Evidence Using Google Desktop Search.

Timothy Pavlic, Jill Slay, Benjamin Turnbull


Evaluation of Registry Data Removal by Shredder Programs.

Harry Velupillai, Pontjho Mokhonoana


Evidence Integrity

Using Boot Control to Preserve the Integrity of Evidence.

Keisuke Fujita, Yuki Ashino, Tetsutaro Uehara, Ryoichi Sasaki


Hypothesis-Based Investigation of Digital Timestamps.

Svein Yngvar Willassen


Improving Disk Sector Integrity Using K-Dimension Hashing.

Zoe L. Jiang, Lucas Chi Kwong Hui, Siu-Ming Yiu


Evidence Management

Class-Aware Similarity Hashing for Data Classification.

Vassil Roussev, Golden G. Richard III, Lodovico Marziale


Applying Topic Modeling to Forensic Data.

Alta de Waal, Jacobus Venter, Etienne Barnard


Forensic Techniques

Forensic Analysis of Volatile Instant Messaging.

Matthew Kiley, Shira Dankner, Marcus Rogers


Timely Rootkit Detection During Live Response.

Daniel Molina, Matthew Zimmerman, Gregory Roberts, Marnita Eaddie, Gilbert L. Peterson


Network Forensics

Identifying and Analyzing Web Server Attacks.

Christian Seifert, Barbara Endicott-Popovsky, Deborah A. Frincke, Peter Komisarczuk, Radu Muschevici, Ian Welch


Forensic Web Services.

Murat Gunestas, Duminda Wijesekera, Anoop Singhal


Detecting Remote Exploits Using Data Mining.

Mohammad M. Masud, Latifur Khan, Bhavani M. Thuraisingham, Xinran Wang, Peng Liu 0005, Sencun Zhu


Portable Electronic Device Forensics

Using Sensor Dirt for Toolmark Analysis of Digital Photographs.

Martin S. Olivier


A New Feature-Based Method for Source Camera Identification.

Fanjie Meng, Xiangwei Kong, Xingang You


Data Recovery from Windows CE Based Handheld Devices.

Antonio Savoldi, Paolo Gubian


Legal Issues Pertaining to the Use of Cell Phone Data.

Charles Adams, Anthony Whitledge, Sujeet Shenoi


Event Data Recorder Forensics

Protection and Recovery of Railroad Event Recorder Data.

Mark Hartong, Rajni Goel, Duminda Wijesekera


Automobile Event Data Recorder Forensics.

Nathan Singleton, Jeremy S. Daily, Gavin Manes


Novel Investigative Techniques

Reasoning About Evidence Using Bayesian Networks.

Michael Y. K. Kwan, Kam-Pui Chow, Frank Y. W. Law, Pierre K. Y. Lai


Inferring Sources of Leaks in Document Management Systems.

Madhusudhanan Chandrasekaran, Vidyaraman Sankaranarayanan, Shambhu J. Upadhyaya


Image Background Matching for Identifying Suspects.

Paul Fogg, Gilbert L. Peterson, Michael Veth


Forensic Tools

An Evidence Acquisition Tool for Live Systems.

Renico Koen, Martin S. Olivier


Time Analysis of Hard Drive Imaging Tools.

Jack Wesley Riley, David A. Dampier, Rayford B. Vaughn


Fusion of Steganalysis Systems Using Bayesian Model Averaging.

Benjamin M. Rodriguez, Gilbert L. Peterson, Kenneth W. Bauer Jr.


A Virtual Digital Forensics Laboratory.

Philip Craiger, Paul Burke, Christopher Marberry, Mark Pollitt