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BICC 2008: Milano, Italy

Biologically-Inspired Collaborative Computing - IFIP 20th World Computer Congress, Second IFIP TC 10 International Conference on Biologically-Inspired Collaborative Computing, September 8-9, 2008, Milano, Italy

Mike Hinchey, Anastasia Pagnoni, Franz J. Rammig, Hartmut Schmeck

Springer, IFIP 268, ISBN: 978-0-387-09654-4


Swarm Robotics: The Coordination of Robots via Swarm Intelligence Principles.

Marco Dorigo



Jon Timmis, Emma Hart, Andy Hone, Mark James Neal, Adrian Robins, Susan Stepney, Andy M. Tyrrell


Heuristics for Uninformed Search Algorithms in Unstructured P2P Networks Inspired by Self-Organizing Social Insect Models.

Prithviraj Dasgupta, Erik Antonson


Congestion Control in Ant Like Moving Agent Systems.

Alexander Scheidler, Daniel Merkle, Martin Middendorf


Resource-Aware Clustering of Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Division of Labor in Social Insects.

Tales Heimfarth, Dalimir Orfanus, Flávio Rech Wagner


Self-stabilizing Automata.

Torben Weis, Arno Wacker


Experiments with Biologically-Inspired Methods for Service Assignment in Wireless Sensor Networks.

Tales Heimfarth, Peter Janacik


Evolving Collision Avoidance on Autonomous Robots.

Lukas König, Hartmut Schmeck


Local Strategies for Connecting Stations by Small Robotic Networks.

Friedhelm Meyer auf der Heide, Barbara Schneider


Measurement of Robot Similarity to Determine the Best Demonstrator for Imitation in a Group of Heterogeneous Robots.

Raphael Golombek, Willi Richert, Bernd Kleinjohann, Philipp Adelt


Distributed Fault-Tolerant Robot Control Architecture Based on Organic Computing Principles.

Adam El Sayed Auf, Marek Litza, Erik Maehle


Intrusion Detection via Artificial Immune System: a Performance-based Approach.

Andrea Visconti, Nicoló Fusi, Hooman Tahayori


Immuno-repairing of FPGA designs.

Norma Montealegre, Franz J. Rammig


An Organic Computing Approach to Sustained Real-time Monitoring.

Rainer Buchty, David Kramer, Wolfgang Karl


A Case Study in Model-driven Synthetic Biology.

David Gilbert, Monika Heiner, Susan Rosser, Rachael Fulton, Xu Gu, Maciej Trybilo


Image Segmentation by a Network of Cortical Macrocolumns with Learned Connection Weights.

Markus Lessmann, Rolf P. Würtz


Integrating Emotional Competence into Man-Machine Collaboration.

Natascha Esau, Lisa Kleinjohann, Bernd Kleinjohann


Self-optimized Routing in a Network on-a-Chip.

Wolfgang Trumler, Sebastian Schlingmann, Theo Ungerer, Jun Ho Bahn, Nader Bagherzadeh


On Robust Evolution of Digital Hardware.

Tobias Knieper, Bertrand Defo, Paul Kaufmann, Marco Platzner


A Model of Self-Organizing Collaboration.

Rumen Andreev


Guiding Exploration by Combining Individual Learning and Imitation in Societies of Autonomous Robots.

Willi Richert, Oliver Niehörster, Florian Klompmaker