IFIP TC6 Open Digital Library

31. FORTE / 13. FMOODS 2011: Reykjavik, Iceland

Formal Techniques for Distributed Systems - Joint 13th IFIP WG 6.1 International Conference, FMOODS 2011, and 31st IFIP WG 6.1 International Conference, FORTE 2011, Reykjavik, Iceland, June 6-9, 2011. Proceedings

Roberto Bruni, Jürgen Dingel

Springer, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 6722, ISBN: 978-3-642-21460-8


On Global Types and Multi-party Sessions.

Giuseppe Castagna, Mariangiola Dezani-Ciancaglini, Luca Padovani


Linear-Time and May-Testing in a Probabilistic Reactive Setting.

Lucia Acciai, Michele Boreale, Rocco De Nicola


A Model-Checking Tool for Families of Services.

Patrizia Asirelli, Maurice H. ter Beek, Alessandro Fantechi, Stefania Gnesi


Partial Order Methods for Statistical Model Checking and Simulation.

Jonathan Bogdoll, Luis María Ferrer Fioriti, Arnd Hartmanns, Holger Hermanns


Counterexample Generation for Markov Chains Using SMT-Based Bounded Model Checking.

Bettina Braitling, Ralf Wimmer, Bernd Becker, Nils Jansen, Erika Ábrahám


Adaptable Processes (Extended Abstract).

Mario Bravetti, Cinzia Di Giusto, Jorge A. Pérez, Gianluigi Zavattaro


A Framework for Verifying Data-Centric Protocols.

Yuxin Deng, Stéphane Grumbach, Jean-François Monin


Relational Concurrent Refinement: Timed Refinement.

John Derrick, Eerke A. Boiten


Galois Connections for Flow Algebras.

Piotr Filipiuk, Michal Terepeta, Hanne Riis Nielson, Flemming Nielson


An Accurate Type System for Information Flow in Presence of Arrays.

Séverine Fratani, Jean-Marc Talbot


Analysis of Deadlocks in Object Groups.

Elena Giachino, Cosimo Laneve


Monitoring Distributed Systems Using Knowledge.

Susanne Graf, Doron Peled, Sophie Quinton


Global State Estimates for Distributed Systems.

Gabriel Kalyon, Tristan Le Gall, Hervé Marchand, Thierry Massart


A Process Calculus for Dynamic Networks.

Dimitrios Kouzapas, Anna Philippou


On Asynchronous Session Semantics.

Dimitrios Kouzapas, Nobuko Yoshida, Kohei Honda


Towards Verification of the Pastry Protocol Using TLA + .

Tianxiang Lu, Stephan Merz, Christoph Weidenbach


Dynamic Soundness in Resource-Constrained Workflow Nets.

María Martos-Salgado, Fernando Rosa-Velardo


SimGrid MC: Verification Support for a Multi-API Simulation Platform.

Stephan Merz, Martin Quinson, Cristian Daniel Rosa


Ownership Types for the Join Calculus.

Marco Patrignani, Dave Clarke, Davide Sangiorgi


Contracts for Multi-instance UML Activities.

Vidar Slåtten, Peter Herrmann


Annotation Inference for Separation Logic Based Verifiers.

Frédéric Vogels, Bart Jacobs 0002, Frank Piessens, Jan Smans


Analyzing BGP Instances in Maude.

Anduo Wang, Carolyn L. Talcott, Limin Jia, Boon Thau Loo, Andre Scedrov