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12. Euro-Par 2006: Dresden, Germany

Euro-Par 2006, Parallel Processing, 12th International Euro-Par Conference, Dresden, Germany, August 28 - September 1, 2006, Proceedings

Wolfgang E. Nagel, Wolfgang V. Walter, Wolfgang Lehner

Springer, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 4128, ISBN: 3-540-37783-2


Support Tools and Environments

Topic 1: Support Tools and Environments.

Bronis R. de Supinski, Matthias Brehm, Luiz De Rose, Tomàs Margalef


IOAgent: A Parallel I/O Workload Generator.

Sergio Gómez-Villamor, Victor Muntés-Mulero, Marta Pérez-Casany, John Tran, Steve Rees, Josep-Lluis Larriba-Pey


TDP_SHELL: An Interoperability Framework for Resource Management Systems and Run-Time Monitoring Tools.

Vicente Ivars, Ana Cortés, Miquel A. Senar


Supporting Cache Locality Optimization with a Toolset.

Jie Tao, Wolfgang Karl


Model-Based Performance Diagnosis of Master-Worker Parallel Computations.

Li Li 0020, Allen D. Malony


Specification of Inefficiency Patterns for MPI-2 One-Sided Communication.

Andrej Kühnal, Marc-André Hermanns, Bernd Mohr, Felix Wolf


Performance Prediction and Evaluation

Topic 2: Performance Prediction and Evaluation.

Jesús Labarta, Bernd Mohr, Allan Snavely, Jeffrey S. Vetter


Hierarchical Model Validation of Symbolic Performance Models of Scientific Kernels.

Sadaf R. Alam, Jeffrey S. Vetter


Tuning Application in a Multi-cluster Environment.

Eduardo Argollo, Adriana Gaudiani, Dolores Rexachs, Emilio Luque


Analyzing the Interaction of OpenMP Programs Within Multiprogramming Environments on a Sun Fire E25K System with PARbench.

Rick Janda, Wolfgang E. Nagel, Bernd Trenkler


Early Experiences with KTAU on the IBM BG/L.

Aroon Nataraj, Allen D. Malony, Alan Morris, Sameer Shende


PAM-SoC: A Toolchain for Predicting MPSoC Performance.

Ana Lucia Varbanescu, Henk J. Sips, Arjan J. C. van Gemund


Analysis of the Memory Registration Process in the Mellanox InfiniBand Software Stack.

Frank Mietke, Robert Rex, Robert Baumgartl, Torsten Mehlan, Torsten Hoefler, Wolfgang Rehm


Optimization of Dense Matrix Multiplication on IBM Cyclops-64: Challenges and Experiences.

Ziang Hu, Juan del Cuvillo, Weirong Zhu, Guang R. Gao


Optimizing OpenMP Parallelized DGEMM Calls on SGI Altix 3700.

Daniel Hackenberg, Robert Schöne, Wolfgang E. Nagel, Stefan Pflüger


Scheduling and Load Balancing

Topic 3: Scheduling and Load Balancing.

Michael Bender, Dror G. Feitelson, Allan Gottlieb, Uwe Schwiegelshohn


The Price of Approximate Stability for Scheduling Selfish Tasks on Two Links.

Eric Angel, Evripidis Bampis, Fanny Pascual


Master-Slave Tasking on Asymmetric Networks.

Cyril Banino-Rokkones, Olivier Beaumont, Lasse Natvig


Using On-the-Fly Simulation for Estimating the Turnaround Time on Non-dedicated Clusters.

Mauricio Hanzich, Josep L. Lérida, Matías Torchinsky, Francesc Giné, Porfidio Hernández, Emilio Luque


An Adaptive Scheduling Method for Grid Computing.

Salah-Salim Boutammine, Daniel Millot, Christian Parrot


On the Placement of Reservations into Job Schedules.

Thomas Röblitz, Krzysztof Rzadca


A Practical Approach of Diffusion Load Balancing Algorithms.

Emmanuel Jeannot, Flavien Vernier


Fast Diffusion Load Balancing Algorithms on Torus Graphs.

Gregory Karagiorgos, Nikolaos M. Missirlis, Filippos Tzaferis


A Parallel Shape Optimizing Load Balancer.

Henning Meyerhenke, Stefan Schamberger


Improvement of the Efficiency of Genetic Algorithms for Scalable Parallel Graph Partitioning in a Multi-level Framework.

Cédric Chevalier, François Pellegrini


Probablistic Self-Scheduling.

Milind Girkar, Arun Kejariwal, Xinmin Tian, Hideki Saito, Alexandru Nicolau, Alexander V. Veidenbaum, Constantine D. Polychronopoulos


Data Sharing Conscious Scheduling for Multi-threaded Applications on SMP Machines.

Shlomit S. Pinter, Marcel Zalmanovici


Compilers for High Performance

Topic 4: Compilers for High Performance.

William Jalby, Oscar G. Plata, Barbara M. Chapman, Paul Kelly


Compiler Technology for Blue Gene Systems.

Stefan Kral, Markus Triska, Christoph W. Ueberhuber


SCAN: A Heuristic for Near-Optimal Software Pipelining.

Florent Blachot, Benoît Dupont de Dinechin, Guillaume Huard


Code Generation for STA Architecture.

Jie Guo, Torsten Limberg, Emil Matús, Björn Mennenga, Reimund Klemm, Gerhard Fettweis


Multi-dimensional Kernel Generation for Loop Nest Software Pipelining.

Alban Douillet, Hongbo Rong, Guang R. Gao


Towards a Versatile Pointer Analysis Framework.

Rosa Castillo, Adrian Tineo, Francisco Corbera, Angeles G. Navarro, Rafael Asenjo, Emilio L. Zapata


Parallel and Distributed Databases, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

Topic 5: Parallel and Distributed Databases, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery.

Patrick Valduriez, Wolfgang Lehner, Domenico Talia, Paul Watson


Dynamic and Distributed Reconciliation in P2P-DHT Networks.

Vidal Martins, Esther Pacitti


HyParSVM - A New Hybrid Parallel Software for Support Vector Machine Learning on SMP Clusters.

Tatjana Eitrich, Wolfgang Frings, Bruno Lang


Supporting a Real-Time Distributed Intrusion Detection Application on GATES.

Qian Zhu, Liang Chen, Gagan Agrawal


On the Use of Semantic Annotations for Supporting Provenance in Grids.

Liming Chen, Zhuoan Jiao, Simon J. Cox


Grid and Cluster Computing: Models, Middleware and Architectures

Topic 6: Grid and Cluster Computing: Models, Middleware and Architectures.

Domenico Laforenza, Alexander Reinefeld, Dieter Kranzlmüller, Luc Moreau


Supporting Efficient Execution of MPI Applications Across Multiple Sites.

Enol Fernández, Elisa Heymann, Miquel A. Senar


Private Virtual Cluster: Infrastructure and Protocol for Instant Grids.

Ala Rezmerita, Tangui Morlier, Vincent Néri, Franck Cappello


Reducing Communication Overhead and Page Faults in SDSM Platforms.

Artemis A. Christopoulou, Eleftherios D. Polychronopoulos


Flexible I/O Support for Reconfigurable Grid Environments.

Marc-André Hermanns, Rudolf Berrendorf, Marcel Birkner, Jan Seidel


Storage Exchange: A Global Trading Platform for Storage Services.

Martin Placek, Rajkumar Buyya


Vigne: Towards a Self-healing Grid Operating System.

Louis Rilling


Problems for Resource Brokering in Large and Dynamic Grid Environments.

Catalin Dumitrescu


Parallel Computer Architecture and Instruction Level Parallelism

Topic 7: Parallel Computer Architecture and Instruction Level Parallelism.

Eduard Ayguadé, Wolfgang Karl, Koen De Bosschere, Jean-Francois Collard


Optimal Integrated VLIW Code Generation with Integer Linear Programming.

Andrzej Bednarski, Christoph W. Kessler


Speeding-Up Synchronizations in DSM Multiprocessors.

Agustín De Dios Hernández, Benjamín Sahelices Fernández, Pablo Ibáñez, Víctor Viñals, José M. Llabería


Design and Effectiveness of Small-Sized Decoupled Dispatch Queues.

Won Woo Ro, Jean-Luc Gaudiot


Sim-async: An Architectural Simulator for Asynchronous Processor Modeling Using Distribution Functions.

José Manuel Colmenar, Oscar Garnica, Juan Lanchares, José Ignacio Hidalgo, Guadalupe Miñana, Sonia López


A Hybrid Hardware/Software Generated Prefetching Thread Mechanism on Chip Multiprocessors.

Hou Rui, Longbing Zhang, Weiwu Hu


Distributed Systems and Algorithms

Topic 8: Distributed Systems and Algorithms.

Andrzej Goscinski, Gudula Rünger, Edgar Gabriel, Christine Morin


Distributed Approximation Allocation Resources Algorithm for Connecting Groups.

Fabien Baille, Lélia Blin, Christian Laforest


Rollback-Recovery Protocol Guarantying MR Session Guarantee in Distributed Systems with Mobile Clients.

Jerzy Brzezinski, Anna Kobusinska, Michal Szychowiak


A Practical Single-Register Wait-Free Mutual Exclusion Algorithm on Asynchronous Networks.

Hyungsoo Jung, Heon Young Yeom


Optimal and Practical WAB-Based Consensus Algorithms.

Lásaro J. Camargos, Edmundo R. M. Madeira, Fernando Pedone


Self-stabilizing Deadlock Detection Under the OR Requirement Model.

Christian F. Orellana, Cristian Ruz, Yadran Eterovic


Incremental Distributed Garbage Collection Using Reverse Reference Tracking.

Michael Schöttner, Ralph Göckelmann, Stefan Frenz, Markus Fakler, Peter Schulthess


Run-Time Switching Between Total Order Algorithms.

José Mocito, Luís Rodrigues


On Greedy Graph Coloring in the Distributed Model.

Adrian Kosowski, Lukasz Kuszner


Parallel Programming: Models, Methods and Languages

Topic 9: Parallel Programming: Models, Methods and Languages.

José C. Cunha, Sergei Gorlatch, Daniel J. Quinlan, Peter H. Welch


Surrounding Theorem: Developing Parallel Programs for Matrix-Convolutions.

Kento Emoto, Kiminori Matsuzaki, Zhenjiang Hu, Masato Takeichi


Dynamic Task Generation and Transformation Within a Nestable Workpool Skeleton.

Steffen Priebe


Data Parallel Iterators for Hierarchical Grid and Tree Algorithms.

Gerhard W. Zumbusch


Implementing Irregular Parallel Algorithms with OpenMP.

Michael Süß, Claudia Leopold


Toward Enhancing OpenMP's Work-Sharing Directives.

Barbara M. Chapman, Lei Huang, Haoqiang Jin, Gabriele Jost, Bronis R. de Supinski


Toward a Definition of and Linguistic Support for Partial Quiescence.

Billy Yan-Kit Man, Hiu Ning (Angela) Chan, Andrew J. Gallagher, Appu S. Goundan, Aaron W. Keen, Ronald A. Olsson


Tying Memory Management to Parallel Programming Models.

Ioannis E. Venetis, Theodore S. Papatheodorou


Parallel Numerical Algorithms

Topic 10: Parallel Numerical Algorithms.

Michel Cosnard, Hans-Joachim Bungartz, Efstratios Gallopoulos, Yousef Saad


Parallel LOD Scheme for 3D Parabolic Problem with Nonlocal Boundary Condition.

Raimondas Ciegis


Online Checkpointing for Parallel Adjoint Computation in PDEs: Application to Goal-Oriented Adaptivity and Flow Control.

Vincent Heuveline, Andrea Walther


Parallel Fault Tolerant Algorithms for Parabolic Problems.

Hatem Ltaief, Marc Garbey, Edgar Gabriel


Parallel Solution of Large-Scale and Sparse Generalized Algebraic Riccati Equations.

José M. Badía, Peter Benner, Rafael Mayo, Enrique S. Quintana-Ortí


Applicability of Load Balancing Strategies to Data-Parallel Embedded Runge-Kutta Integrators.

Matthias Korch, Thomas Rauber


A Software Framework for the Portable Parallelization of Particle-Mesh Simulations.

Ivo F. Sbalzarini, Jens H. Walther, B. Polasek, Philippe Chatelain, Michael Bergdorf, Simone Elke Hieber, Evangelos M. Kotsalis, Petros Koumoutsakos


Parallelization of a Discrete Radiosity Method.

Rita Zrour, Pierre Y. Chatelier, Fabien Feschet, Rémy Malgouyres


Parallelising Matrix Operations on Clusters for an Optimal Control-Based Quantum Compiler.

Tobias Gradl, A. Spörl, Thomas Huckle, Steffen J. Glaser, Thomas Schulte-Herbrüggen


Distributed and High-Performance Multimedia

Topic 11: Distributed and High-Performance Multimedia.

Geoff Coulson, Harald Kosch, Odej Kao, Frank J. Seinstra


Supporting Reconfigurable Parallel Multimedia Applications.

Maik Nijhuis, Herbert Bos, Henri E. Bal


Providing VCR in a Distributed Client Collaborative Multicast Video Delivery Scheme.

Xiaoyuan Yang 0001, Porfidio Hernández, Fernando Cores, Ana Ripoll, Remo Suppi, Emilio Luque


Linear Hashtable Motion Estimation Algorithm for Distributed Video Processing.

Yunsong Wu, Graham M. Megson


Theory and Algorithms for Parallel Computation

Topic 12: Theory and Algorithms for Parallel Computation.

Danny Krizanc, Michael Kaufmann, Pierre Fraigniaud, Christos D. Zaroliagis


A Hierarchical CLH Queue Lock.

Victor Luchangco, Daniel Nussbaum, Nir Shavit


Competitive Freshness Algorithms for Wait-Free Data Objects.

Peter Damaschke, Phuong Hoai Ha, Philippas Tsigas


A Parallel Algorithm for the Two-Dimensional Cutting Stock Problem.

Luis García, Coromoto León, Gara Miranda, Casiano Rodríguez


A BSP/CGM Algorithm for Finding All Maximal Contiguous Subsequences of a Sequence of Numbers.

Carlos E. R. Alves, Edson Norberto Cáceres, Siang Wun Song


On-Line Adaptive Parallel Prefix Computation.

Jean-Louis Roch, Daouda Traoré, Julien Bernard


Routing and Communication in Interconnection Networks

Topic 13: Routing and Communication in Interconnection Networks.

José A. Gregorio, Bettina Schnor, Angelos Bilas, Olav Lysne


A Model for the Development of AS Fabric Management Protocols.

Antonio Robles-Gómez, Eva M. García, Aurelio Bermúdez, Rafael Casado, Francisco J. Quiles


On the Influence of the Selection Function on the Performance of Fat-Trees.

Francisco Gilabert Villamón, María Engracia Gómez, Pedro López, José Duato


Scalable Ethernet Clos-Switches.

Norbert Eicker, Thomas Lippert


Towards a Cost-Effective Interconnection Network Architecture with QoS and Congestion Management Support.

Alejandro Martínez, Pedro Javier García, Francisco José Alfaro, José L. Sánchez, Jose Flich, Francisco J. Quiles, José Duato


Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing

Topic 14: Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing.

Alois Ferscha, Alexander Schill, GianLuigi Ferrari, Valérie Issarny


Multi-rated Packet Transmission Scheme for IEEE 802.11 WLAN Networks.

Namgi Kim


Comparison of Different Methods for Next Location Prediction.

Jan Petzold, Faruk Bagci, Wolfgang Trumler, Theo Ungerer


SEER: Scalable Energy Efficient Relay Schemes in MANETs.

Lin-Fei Sung, Cheng-Lin Wu, Yi-Kai Chiang, Shyh-In Hwang


Multicost Routing over an Infinite Time Horizon in Energy and Capacity Constrained Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks.

Christos A. Papageorgiou, Panagiotis C. Kokkinos, Emmanouel A. Varvarigos


An Adaptive Self-organization Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks.

Kil-Woong Jang, Byung-Soon Kim


COPRA - A Communication Processing Architecture for Wireless Sensor Networks.

Reinhardt Karnapke, Jörg Nolte


DAEDALUS - A Peer-to-Peer Shared Memory System for Ubiquitous Computing.

Peter Ibach, Vladimir Stantchev 0001, Christian Keller


Context Awareness: An Experiment with Hoarding.

João Garcia, Luís Veiga, Paulo Ferreira


A Client-Server Approach to Enhance Interactive Virtual Environments on Mobile Devices over Wireless Ad Hoc Networks.

Azzedine Boukerche, Richard Werner Nelem Pazzi, Tingxue Huang


Peer-to-Peer and Web Computing

Topic 15: Peer-to-Peer and Web Computing.

Henrique João L. Domingos, Anne-Marie Kermarrec, Pascal Felber, Márk Jelasity


Top k RDF Query Evaluation in Structured P2P Networks.

Dominic Battré, Felix Heine, Odej Kao


Roogle: Supporting Efficient High-Dimensional Range Queries in P2P Systems.

Di Wu, Ye Tian, Kam-Wing Ng


Creating and Maintaining Replicas in Unstructured Peer-to-Peer Systems.

Elias Leontiadis, Vassilios V. Dimakopoulos, Evaggelia Pitoura


DOH: A Content Delivery Peer-to-Peer Network.

Jimmy Jernberg, Vladimir Vlassov, Ali Ghodsi, Seif Haridi


Applications of High-Performance and Grid Computing

Topic 16: Applications of High-Performance and Grid Computing.

Simon J. Cox, Thomas Lippert, Giovanni Erbacci, Denis Trystram


Task Pool Teams Implementation of the Master Equation Approach for Random Sierpinski Carpets.

Karl-Heinz Hoffmann, Michael Hofmann, Gudula Rünger, Steffen Seeger


A Preliminary Out-of-Core Extension of a Parallel Multifrontal Solver.

Emmanuel Agullo, Abdou Guermouche, Jean-Yves L'Excellent


A Parallel Adaptive Cartesian PDE Solver Using Space-Filling Curves.

Hans-Joachim Bungartz, Miriam Mehl, Tobias Weinzierl


Load Balanced Parallel Simulated Annealing on a Cluster of SMP Nodes.

Agnieszka Debudaj-Grabysz, Rolf Rabenseifner


A Grid Computing Based Virtual Laboratory for Environmental Simulations.

I. Ascione, Giulio Giunta, P. Mariani, Raffaele Montella, Angelo Riccio


Exploiting Throughput for Pipeline Execution in Streaming Image Processing Applications.

Fernando Guirado, Ana Ripoll, Concepció Roig, Aura Hernandez, Emilio Luque


dCache, Storage System for the Future.

Patrick Fuhrmann, Volker Gülzow


Computing the Diameter of 17-Pancake Graph Using a PC Cluster.

Shogo Asai, Yuusuke Kounoike, Yuji Shinano, Keiichi Kaneko


High-Performance Bioinformatics

Topic 17: High-Performance Bioinformatics.

Craig A. Stewart, Michael Schroeder, Concettina Guerra, Akihiko Konagaya


Multidimensional Dynamic Programming for Homology Search on Distributed Systems.

Shingo Masuno, Tsutomu Maruyama, Yoshiki Yamaguchi, Akihiko Konagaya


Load Balancing and Parallel Multiple Sequence Alignment with Tree Accumulation.

Guangming Tan, Liu Peng, Shengzhong Feng, Ninghui Sun


ZIB Structure Prediction Pipeline: Composing a Complex Biological Workflow Through Web Services.

Patrick May, Hans-Christian Ehrlich, Thomas Steinke


Evaluation of Parallel Paradigms on Anisotropic Nonlinear Diffusion.

Siham Tabik, Ester M. Garzón, Inmaculada García, José-Jesús Fernández


Improving the Research Environment of High Performance Computing for Non-cluster Experts Based on Knoppix Instant Computing Technology.

Fumikazu Konishi, Manabu Ishii, Shingo Ohki, Yusuke Hamano, Shuichi Fukuda, Akihiko Konagaya


Embedded Parallel Systems

Topic 18: Embedded Parallel Systems.

Jürgen Teich, Stefanos Kaxiras, Toomas P. Plaks, Krisztián Flautner


Efficient Realization of Data Dependencies in Algorithm Partitioning Under Resource Constraints.

Sebastian Siegel, Renate Merker


FPGA Implementation of a Prototype Hierarchical Control Network for Large-Scale Signal Processing Applications.

Jérôme Lemaitre, Ed F. Deprettere


An Embedded Systems Programming Environment for C.

Bernd Burgstaller, Bernhard Scholz, M. Anton Ertl