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EUC Workshops 2007: Taipei, Taiwan

Emerging Directions in Embedded and Ubiquitous Computing, EUC 2007 Workshops: TRUST, WSOC, NCUS, UUWSN, USN, ESO, and SECUBIQ, Taipei, Taiwan, December 17-20, 2007, Proceedings

Mieso K. Denko, Chi-Sheng Shih, Kuan-Ching Li, Shiao-Li Tsao, Qing-An Zeng, Soo-Hyun Park, Young-Bae Ko, Shih-Hao Hung, Jong Hyuk Park

Springer, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 4809, ISBN: 978-3-540-77089-3


Trustworthiness, Reliability and Services in Ubiquitous and Sensor Networks

Attack-Resilient Random Key Distribution Scheme for Distributed Sensor Networks.

Firdous Kausar, Sajid Hussain, Tai-Hoon Kim, Ashraf Masood


A Critical Approach to Privacy Research in Ubiquitous Environments - Issues and Underlying Assumptions.

Maria Karyda, Stefanos Gritzalis, Jong Hyuk Park


The Case Study of Information Security System for International Airports.

Hangbae Chang, Moonoh Kim, Hyuk-jun Kwon, Byungwan Han


Quantitative Evaluation of Intrusion Tolerant Systems Subject to DoS Attacks Via Semi-Markov Cost Models.

Toshikazu Uemura, Tadashi Dohi


An Efficient Mutual Authentication Scheme for EPCglobal Class-1 Generation-2 RFID System.

Nai-Wei Lo, Kuo-Hui Yeh


UPS - An Ubiquitous Proximity eService for Trust Collaboration.

Yuanchu Hwang, Soe-Tsyr Yuan


Obligations for Privacy and Confidentiality in Distributed Transactions.

Uche M. Mbanaso, G. S. Cooper, David W. Chadwick, Anne Anderson


Multi-channel Enhancements for IEEE 802.11-Based Multi-hop Ad-Hoc Wireless Networks.

YongSuk Lee, WoongChul Choi, SukJoong Kang, Seongje Cho


An Intelligent Event-Driven Interface Agent for Interactive Digital Contents in Ubiquitous Environments.

Sukhoon Kang, Seokhoon Bae


A Loop-Based Key Management Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks.

YingZhi Zeng, Baokang Zhao, Jinshu Su, Xia Yan, Zili Shao


A MAC Protocol with Little Idle Listening for Wireless Sensor Networks.

Chaoguang Men, Yongqian Lu, Dongsheng Wang


Security Technologies Based on Home Gateway for Making Smart Home Secure.

Geon Woo Kim, Deok-Gyu Lee, Jong Wook Han, Sang Wook Kim


Layered Peer to Peer Streaming Using Hidden Markov Models.

Sheng-De Wang, Zheng Yi Huang


Optimum Power Controller for Random Number Generator in the Crypto Module of Ubiquitous Computing Environment.

Jinkeun Hong, Kihong Kim


Problem Localization for Automated System Management in Ubiquitous Computing.

Shunshan Piao, Jeongmin Park, Eunseok Lee


System and Software for Wireless SoC

A High Speed Analog to Digital Converter for Ultra Wide Band Applications.

Anand Mohan, Aladin Zayegh, Aleksandar Stojcevski


Design and DSP Software Implementation of Mobile WiMAX Baseband Transceiver Functions.

Hai-wei Wang, David W. Lin, Kun-Chien Hung, Youn-Tai Lee


Cross-Layer Design for IEEE 802.16-2005 System Using Platform-Based Methodologies.

Li-chuan Tseng, Kuan-yin Chen, ChingYao Huang


A Dynamic Frequency Allocation Scheme for IEEE 802.16 OFDMA-Based WMANs Using Hungary Algorithm.

Shiann-Tsong Sheu, Chih-Cheng Yang, Hsu-Sheng Chang


Wireless Network Management System for WiMAX / Wi-Fi Mesh Networks.

Li-Der Chou, Shih-Yao Cheng, Chien-Yi Li, Shing-Kuang Chen


An Implementation of QoS Framework for Heterogeneous Networks.

Chang-Yang Ho, Hsi-Lu Chao


An Energy-Efficient MAC Design for IEEE 802.15.4-Based Wireless Sensor Networks.

Yu-Kai Huang, Sze-Wei Huang, Ai-Chun Pang


A Cross-Layer Signaling and Middleware Platform for Multi-interface Mobile Devices.

Yung-Chien Shih, Kai-Cheng Hsu, Chien-Chao Tseng


Enhanced Sleep Mode Operations for Energy Saving in IEEE 802.16e.

Sixian Zheng, Kuochen Wang, Shiao-Li Tsao, Pochun Lin


Enhanced Fingerprint-Based Location Estimation System in Wireless LAN Environment.

Wilson M. Yeung, JunYang Zhou, Joseph K. Ng


Improving Channel Scanning Procedures for WLAN Handoffs.

Shiao-Li Tsao, Ya-Lien Cheng


Network Centric Ubiquitous Systems

A Multicast Extension for Enhanced Mobile IP by Home Agent Handover.

Chun-Chuan Yang, Jeng-Yueng Chen, Li-Sheng Yu


Autonomic Multi-server Distribution in Flash Crowds Alleviation Network.

Merdan Atajanov, Toshihiko Shimokawa, Norihiko Yoshida


Generic Energy-Efficient Geographic Routing for Ad-Hoc Wireless Networks.

Chao-Lieh Chen, Jeng-Wei Lee, Cheng-Zh Lin, Yi-Tsung Chen, Jar-Shone Ker, Yau-Hwang Kuo


Description of a New Feature Meta-model.

Yu Song, Qi Chen


Studying of Multi-dimensional Based Replica Management in Object Storage System.

Zhipeng Tan, Dan Feng, Fei He, Ke Zhou


Communication Model Exploration for Distributed Embedded Systems and System Level Interpretations.

Takashi Kinoshima, Kazutaka Kobayashi, Nurul Azma Zakaria, Masahiro Kimura, Noriko Matsumoto, Norihiko Yoshida


An End-to-End QoS Adaptation Architecture for the Integrated IntServ and DiffServ Networks.

Ing-Chau Chang, Shi-Feng Chen


Ubiquitous Laboratory: A Research Support Environment for Ubiquitous Learning Based on Sensor Networks.

Mianxiong Dong, Kaoru Ota, Minyi Guo, Zixue Cheng


Intelligent Monitoring Using Wireless Sensor Networks.

Senol Zafer Erdogan, Sajid Hussain, Jong Hyuk Park


On the Design of Micro-mobility for Mobile Network.

Junn-Yen Hu, Cheng-Fu Chou, Min-Shi Sha, Ing-Chau Chang, Chung-Yi Lai


ANSWER: Adaptive Network Selection in WLAN/UMTS EnviRonment.

Chih-Cheng Hsu, Ming-Hung Chen, Cheng-Fu Chou, Wei-Chieh Chi, Chung-Yi Lai


Self-authorized Public Key Management for Home Networks.

Hyoungshick Kim, S. Jae Oh


A Cross-Layered Diagnostician in OSGi Platform for Home Network.

Pang-Chieh Wang, Yi-Hsuan Hung, Ting-Wei Hou


Ubiquitous Underwater Acoustic-Sensor Network

LaMSM: Localization Algorithm with Merging Segmented Maps for Underwater Sensor Networks.

Eunchan Kim, Seok Woo, Chungsan Kim, Kiseon Kim


TinyOS-Based Gateway for Underwater Acoustics/Radio Frequency Communication.

Phil-Jung Yun, Changhwa Kim, Sangkyung Kim, Seungjae Lee, Yong-Man Cho


An Energy Scheduling Algorithm for Ensuring the Pre-determined Lifetime in Sensor Network.

Yong-Man Cho, Seungjae Lee, Changhwa Kim, Sangkyung Kim


Underwater Acoustic Communication and Modem-Based Navigation Aids.

Dale Green


State-of-the-Art in MAC Protocols for Underwater Acoustics Sensor Networks.

Hung Trong Nguyen, Soo Young Shin, Soo-Hyun Park


An Ultrasonic Sensor Based Low-Power Acoustic Modem for Underwater Communication in Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks.

Heungwoo Nam, Sunshin An


UWA-NAV - Energy Efficient Error Control Scheme for Underwater Acoustic Sensor Network.

Soo Young Shin, Soo-Hyun Park


Underwater Wideband Source Localization Using the Interference Pattern Matching.

Seung-Yong Chun, Se-Young Kim, Ki-Man Kim


A New Virtual Select Database Operation for Wireless Sensor Networks.

Seungjae Lee, Changhwa Kim, Sangkyung Kim


GT2 - Reduced Wastes Time Mechanism for Underwater Acoustic Sensor Network.

Soo Young Shin, Soo-Hyun Park


RFID and Ubiquitous Sensor Networks

Comparative Evaluation of Probabilistic and Deterministic Tag Anti-collision Protocols for RFID Networks.

Jihoon Choi, Wonjun Lee


An Efficient Mutual Authentication Protocol on RFID Tags.

Hui-Feng Huang


HGLAP - Hierarchical Group-Index Based Lightweight Authentication Protocol for Distributed RFID System.

JaeCheol Ha, Hwankoo Kim, JeaHoon Park, Sang-Jae Moon, Juan Manuel González Nieto, Colin Boyd


Target Classification in Sparse Sampling Acoustic Sensor Networks Using IDDC Algorithm.

Youngsoo Kim, Daeyoung Kim 0001, Taehong Kim, Jongwoo Sung, Seongeun Yoo


Scriptable Sensor Network Based Home-Automation.

Thomas Haenselmann, Thomas King, Marcel Busse, Wolfgang Effelsberg, Markus Fuchs


Applying Situation Awareness to Mobile Proactive Information Delivery.

Su Te Lei, Kang Zhang, Edwin Hsing-Mean Sha


Embedded Software Optimization

Energy-Efficiency on a Variable-Bitrate Device.

Yung-Hen Lee, Jian-Jia Chen, Tei-Wei Kuo


The Secure DAES Design for Embedded System Application.

Ming-Haw Jing, Jian-Hong Chen, Zih-Heng Chen, Yaotsu Chang


Software Power Peak Reduction on Smart Card Systems Based on Iterative Compiling.

Matthias Grumer, Manuel Wendt, Stefan Lickl, Christian Steger, Reinhold Weiss, Ulrich Neffe, Andreas Mühlberger


Simultaneous Operation Scheduling and Operation Delay Selection to Minimize Cycle-by-Cycle Power Differential.

Wei-Ting Yen, Shih-Hsu Huang, Chun-Hua Cheng


A Simple Approach to Robust Optimal Pole Assignment of Decentralized Stochastic Singularly-Perturbed Computer Controlled Systems.

Kai-chao Yao


Assured-Timeliness Integrity Protocols for Distributable Real-Time Threads with in Dynamic Distributed Systems.

Binoy Ravindran, Edward Curley, Jonathan Stephen Anderson, E. Douglas Jensen


Evaluating Modeling Solutions on Their Ability to Support the Partitioning of Automotive Embedded Systems.

Augustin Kebemou, Ina Schieferdecker


Security in Ubiquitous Computing

Security Analysis of the Certificateless Signature Scheme Proposed at SecUbiq 2006.

Je Hong Park, Bo Gyeong Kang


New Efficient Certificateless Signature Scheme.

Lei Zhang 0009, Futai Zhang, Fangguo Zhang


A Practical Identity-Based Signature Scheme from Bilinear Map.

Zhu Wang, Huiyan Chen


Linkable Ring Signatures from Linear Feedback Shift Register.

Dong Zheng, Xiangxue Li, Kefei Chen, Jianhua Li


A Simple and Efficient Key Exchange Scheme Against the Smart Card Loss Problem.

Ren-Chiun Wang, Wen-Shenq Juang, Chin-Laung Lei


A Key Distribution Scheme Preventing Collusion Attacks in Ubiquitous Heterogeneous Sensor Networks.

Firdous Kausar, Sajid Hussain, Jong Hyuk Park, Ashraf Masood


Token-Based Authenticated Key Establishment Protocols for Three-Party Communication.

Eun-Jun Yoon, Kee-Young Yoo


Two Approaches on Pairwise Key Path Establishment for Sensor Networks.

Ping Li, Yaping Lin, Jiaying Wu


An Efficient Authentication Protocol for RFID Systems Resistant to Active Attacks.

Pedro Peris-Lopez, Julio César Hernández Castro, Juan M. Estévez-Tapiador, Arturo Ribagorda


Low-Cost and Strong-Security RFID Authentication Protocol.

JaeCheol Ha, Sang-Jae Moon, Juan Manuel González Nieto, Colin Boyd


A Ticket Based Binding Update Authentication Method for Trusted Nodes in Mobile IPv6 Domain.

Ilsun You