IFIP TC6 Open Digital Library

EUC 2006: Seoul, Korea

Embedded and Ubiquitous Computing, International Conference, EUC 2006, Seoul, Korea, August 1-4, 2006, Proceedings

Edwin Hsing-Mean Sha, Sung-Kook Han, Cheng-Zhong Xu, Moon-hae Kim, Laurence Tianruo Yang, Bin Xiao

Springer, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 4096, ISBN: 3-540-36679-2



On Securing Networked Real-Time Embedded Systems.

Kang G. Shin


Towards Self-coordinating Ubiquitous Computing Environments.

Franz J. Rammig


Frontier of Digital Technology and Future Strategy.

Hyun Jin Ko


Power Aware Computing

SAQA: Spatial and Attribute Based Query Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks.

Jie Yang 0005, Bo Yan, Sungyoung Lee, Jinsung Cho


Efficent Algorithm of Energy Minimization for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Network.

Mei Kang Qiu, Chun Xue, Zili Shao, Qingfeng Zhuge, Meilin Liu, Edwin Hsing-Mean Sha


Power-Aware Instruction Scheduling.

Tzong-Yen Lin, Rong-Guey Chang


Minimising the Energy Consumption of Real-Time Tasks with Precedence Constraints on a Single Processor.

Hui Wu, Sridevan Parameswaran


Power Aware H.264/AVC Video Player on PAC Dual-Core SoC Platform.

Jia-Ming Chen, Chih-Hao Chang, Shau-Yin Tseng, Jenq Kuen Lee, Wei-Kuan Shih


Dynamic Repartitioning of Real-Time Schedule on a Multicore Processor for Energy Efficiency.

Euiseong Seo, Yongbon Koo, Joonwon Lee


Security and Fault Tolerance 1

A Secure Key Agreement Scheme in Low-Energy Wireless Sensor Networks.

Taeyeon Kim, Gicheol Wang, Gihwan Cho


Person-Wise Privacy Level Access Control for Personal Information Directory Services.

Hyung-Jin Mun, Keon-Myung Lee, Sang Ho Lee


An Efficient Computing-Checkpoint Based Coordinated Checkpoint Algorithm.

Chaoguang Men, Dongsheng Wang, Yunlong Zhao


A Parallel GNFS Algorithm Based on a Reliable Look-Ahead Block Lanczos Method for Integer Factorization.

Laurence Tianruo Yang, Li Xu, Man Lin, John P. Quinn


SPDA: A Security Protocol for Data Aggregation in Large-Scale Wireless Sensor Networks.

Jin Wook Lee, Yann-Hang Lee, Hasan Cam


Efficient and User Friendly Inter-domain Device Authentication/Access Control for Home Networks.

Jin-Bum Hwang, Hyung-Kyu Lee, Jong Wook Han


Agent and Distributed Computing 1

A Programming Model for the Automatic Construction of USN Applications Based on Nano-Qplus.

Kwangyong Lee, Woojin Lee, Juil Kim, Kiwon Chong


Hierarchical and Dynamic Information Management Framework on Grid Computing.

Eun-Ha Song, Yang-Seung Jeon, Sung-Kook Han, Young-Sik Jeong


Kalman Filter Based Dead Reckoning Algorithm for Minimizing Network Traffic Between Mobile Nodes in Wireless GRID.

Seong-Whan Kim, Ki-Hong Ko


A Conceptual Framework for Agent-Based Information Resource Management.

Charles C. Willow


Advanced Stochastic Host State Modeling to Reliable Computation in Global Computing Environment.

EunJoung Byun, HongSoo Kim, SungJin Choi, MaengSoon Baik, SooJin Goo, Joon-Min Gil, HarkSoo Park, Chong-Sun Hwang


Dynamic Buffer Allocation for Conserving Disk Energy in Clustered Video Servers Which Use Replication.

Minseok Song


Wireless Communications 1

LBN: Load-Balancing Network for Data Gathering Wireless Sensor Networks.

Wenlu Yang, Chongqing Zhang, Minglu Li


Multi-user Diversity for IEEE 802.11 Infrastructure Wireless LAN.

Sung Won Kim


Performance Analysis of DS-BPAM UWB System over Fading Channels - Uncoded and Coded Schemes.

Zhiquan Bai, Shaoyi Xu, Weihua Zhang, Kyungsup Kwak


Protocol Design for Adaptive Video Transmission over MANET.

Jeeyoung Seo, Eunhee Cho, Sang-Jo Yoo


mSCTP-DAC: Dynamic Address Configuration for mSCTP Handover.

Dong Phil Kim, Seok Joo Koh, Sang Wook Kim


TCP-New Veno: The Energy Efficient Congestion Control in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks.

Namho Cho, Kwangsue Chung


Real-Time Systems

A Real-Time Message Scheduling Scheme Based on Optimal Earliest Deadline First Policy for Dual Channel Wireless Networks.

Junghoon Lee, Mikyung Kang, Gyung-Leen Park, Ikchan Kim, Cheolmin Kim, Jong-Hyun Park, Jiman Hong


On Multiprocessor Utility Accrual Real-Time Scheduling with Statistical Timing Assurances.

Hyeonjoong Cho, Haisang Wu, Binoy Ravindran, E. Douglas Jensen


Linux/RTOS Hybrid Operating Environment on Gandalf Virtual Machine Monitor.

Shuichi Oikawa, Megumi Ito, Tatsuo Nakajima


Optimizing Code Size for Embedded Real-Time Applications.

Shao-Yang Wang, Chih-Yuan Chen, Rong-Guey Chang


Dual-Mode r-Reliable Task Model for Flexible Scheduling in Reliable Real-Time Systems.

Kyong Hoon Kim, Jong Kim, Sung Je Hong


Security and Fault Tolerance 2

Securing Internet Gateway Discovery Protocol in Ubiquitous Wireless Internet Access Networks.

Bok-Nyong Park, Wonjun Lee, Christian Shin


Data Integrity Related Markup Language and HTTP Protocol Support for Web Intermediaries.

Chi-Hung Chi, Lin Liu 0001, Xiaoyin Yu


Efficient Batch Verification for RSA-Type Digital Signatures in a Ubiquitous Environment.

Seungwon Lee, Yookun Cho


Secure User Authentication Mechanism in Digital Home Network Environments.

Jongpil Jeong, Min Young Chung, Hyunseung Choo


Agent and Distributed Computing 2

Scalable Message Routing for Mobile Software Assistants.

Pawel T. Wojciechowski


Grid Resource Management Based on Functional Dependency.

Doan Thanh Tran, Eunmi Choi


Distributed Proximity-Aware Peer Clustering in BitTorrent-Like Peer-to-Peer Networks.

Bin Xiao, Jiadi Yu, Zili Shao, Minglu Li


Distributed Invocation of Composite Web Services.

Chang-Sup Park, Soyeon Park


Embedded Software Optimization

System Software for Flash Memory: A Survey.

Tae-Sun Chung, Dong-Joo Park, Sangwon Park, Dong-Ho Lee, Sang-Won Lee, Ha-Joo Song


Loop Striping: Maximize Parallelism for Nested Loops.

Chun Xue, Zili Shao, Meilin Liu, Mei Kang Qiu, Edwin Hsing-Mean Sha


Efficient Error Control for Scalable Media Transmission over 3G Broadcast Networks.

Kyungtae Kang, Joonho Lee, Yongwoo Cho, Heonshik Shin


Implementation Synthesis of Embedded Software Under Operating Systems Supporting the Hybrid Scheduling Model.

Zhigang Gao, Zhaohui Wu, Hong Li


Designing Dynamic Software Architecture for Home Service Robot Software.

Dongsun Kim, Sooyong Park


Embedded Systems

A Processor Extension for Cycle-Accurate Real-Time Software.

Nicholas Jun Hao Ip, Stephen A. Edwards


Next Generation Embedded Processor Architecture for Personal Information Devices.

In-Pyo Hong, Yong-Joo Lee, Yong-Surk Lee


A Secret Image Sharing Scheme Based on Vector Quantization Mechanism.

Chin-Chen Chang, Chi-Shiang Chan, Yi-Hsuan Fan


A Framework for Managing the Solution Life Cycle of Event-Driven Pervasive Applications.

Johnathan M. Reason, Han Chen, ChangWoo Jung, SunWoo Lee, Danny C. Wong, Andrew Kim, SooYeon Kim, JiHye Rhim, Paul B. Chou, KangYoon Lee


A Fast Instruction Set Evaluation Method for ASIP Designs.

Angela Yun Zhu, Xi Li, Laurence Tianruo Yang, Jun Yang


An ARM-Based Embedded System Design for Speech-to-Speech Translation.

Shun-Chieh Lin, Jhing-Fa Wang, Jia-Ching Wang, Hsueh-Wei Yang


Multimedia and Data Management 1

Human Computer Interaction for the Accelerometer-Based Mobile Game.

Jonghun Baek, Ik-Jin Jang, KeeHyun Park, Hyun Soo Kang, Byoung-Ju Yun


Using Automatic Facial Expression Classification for Contents Indexing Based on the Emotional Component.

Uwe Kowalik, Terumasa Aoki, Hiroshi Yasuda


A Framework for Data Management and Transfer in Grid Environments.

Haojie Zhou, Xingwu Liu, Liqiang Cao, Li Zha


MMSDS: Ubiquitous Computing and WWW-Based Multi-modal Sentential Dialog System.

Jung-Hyun Kim, Kwang-Seok Hong


A Speech and Character Combined Recognition Engine for Mobile Devices.

Min-Joung Kim, Soo-Young Suk, Ho-Youl Jung, Hyun-Yeol Chung


Scalable Fingerprinting Scheme Using Statistically Secure Anti-collusion Code for Large Scale Contents Distribution.

Jae-Min Seol, Seong-Whan Kim


Mobile Computing 1

Broadcasting Group Information to Ensure Consistency and Correctness in Mobile Computing Environments.

Daein Kim, Buhyun Hwang


A Fuzzy-Based Service Adaptation Middleware for Context-Aware Computing.

Ronnie Cheung, Jiannong Cao, Gang Yao, Alvin T. S. Chan


Next Generation Mobile Service Environment and Evolution of Context Aware Services.

Jung-Sook Bae, Jae Yong Lee, Byung-Chul Kim, Seungwan Ryu


Efficient Routing Protocol Using Virtual Connection and Load Balancing for Network Mobility.

Sungho Kim, Sunshin An


Network Mobility in MIPv6 Considering Arrival Time.

Sun Ok Yang, SungSuk Kim


Service-Oriented Device Anycasting Using Quality First Search in Wireless Personal Area Network.

Chien-Chung Su, Kuo-Shiang Lu, Mong-Fong Horng, Chao-Lieh Chen, Yau-Hwang Kuo, Jang-Pong Hsu, Wen-Hsin Cheng


Wireless Communications 2

BaseStation Assisted TCP: A Simple Way to Improve Wireless TCP.

Shaoen Wu, Saad Biaz, Yiming Ji, Bing Qi


Modeling Asymmetric Slot Allocation for Mobile Multimedia Services in Microcell TDD Employing FDD Uplink as Macrocell.

Dong Hoi Kim


Dynamic Clustering for Coverage-Time Maximization in Two-Tiered Hierarchical Sensor Network Architectures.

Joongheon Kim, Wonjun Lee, Dongshin Kim, Eunkyo Kim, Hyeokman Kim, Sanghyun Ahn


An Enhanced Hybrid Rerouting Scheme for Handoff in Wireless ATM Networks.

Bih-Hwang Lee, Su-Shun Huang, Hsin-Pei Chen


Bridging Nodes Density: A Connection Stability Heuristic for Dynamic Ad-Hoc Networks.

Stefan Penz, Martin Wenig


A Base Station Centralized Simple Clustering Protocol for Sensor Networks.

Giljae Lee, Minsun Lee, Woojin Seok, Junguk Kong, Okhwan Byeon


Embedded System Design Automation

Simulation Cost Reduction Strategies for Behavioral Model Verification in Bayesian Based Stopping Rule.

Kang Chul Kim, Chang-Gyoon Lim, Jae Hung Yoo, Seok Bung Han


Low Power Hardware-Software Partitioning Algorithm for Heterogeneous Distributed Embedded Systems.

Tianyi Ma, Jun Yang, Xinglan Wang


Refactoring-Based Stepwise Refinement in Abstract System-Level Design.

Ryosuke Yamasaki, Kazutaka Kobayashi, Nurul Azma Zakaria, Shuji Narazaki, Norihiko Yoshida


Custom Instruction Generation Using Temporal Partitioning Techniques for a Reconfigurable Functional Unit.

Farhad Mehdipour, Hamid Noori, Morteza Saheb Zamani, Kazuaki Murakami, Koji Inoue, Mehdi Sedighi


Scheduling of Transactions Based on Extended Scheduling Timed Petri Nets for SoC System-Level Test-Case Generation.

Jinshan Yu, Tun Li, Yang Guo, QingPing Tan


Automatic Generation of Hardware/Software Interface with Product-Specific Debugging Tools.

Jeong-Han Yun, Gunwoo Kim, Choonho Son, Taisook Han


Embedded Architectures

Fault-Tolerant VLIW Processor Design and Error Coverage Analysis.

Yung-Yuan Chen, Kuen-Long Leu, Chao-Sung Yeh


Interconnect Estimation for Mesh-Based Reconfigurable Computing.

Haibin Shen, Rongquan You, Yier Jin, Aiming Ji


Efficient Logic Circuit for Network Intrusion Detection.

Huang-Chun Roan, Chien-Min Ou, Wen-Jyi Hwang, Chia-Tien Dan Lo


A Multi-protocol Baseband Modem Processor for a Mobile RFID Reader.

Seokjoong Hwang, Joon Goo Lee, Seon Wook Kim, Sunshin Ahn, Si-Gyung Koo, Jihun Koo, Kyung Ho Park, WooShik Kang


Write Back Routine for JFFS2 Efficient I/O.

Seung-Ho Lim, Sung Hoon Baek, Joo Young Hwang, Kyu Ho Park


Register Array Structure for Effective Edge Filtering Operation of Deblocking Filter.

Jongwoo Bae, Neungsoo Park, Seong-Won Lee


Network Protocols 1

Quantitative Service Differentiation: A Square-Root Proportional Model.

Xiaobo Zhou, Cheng-Zhong Xu


Power-Efficient Route Discovery (PERDP) for ODMA Systems.

Ray-Guang Cheng, Jia-Yang Hung, Yao-Yuan Liu


Energy Efficient Routing for Wireless Sensor Networks with Grid Topology.

Hock Guan Goh, Moh Lim Sim, Hong Tat Ewe


Performance Evaluation of Mobile IP Agents' Auto-reconfiguration Mechanisms in MANET.

Cláudia J. Barenco Abbas, Georges Amvame-Nze, L. Javier García-Villalba


Formulas and Protocols for Broadcasting in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.

Chang Wu Yu, Cheng Yao Tseng


Traffic Adaptive IEEE 802.15.4 MAC for Wireless Sensor Networks.

Younggoo Kwon, Yohan Chae


Wireless Communications 3

An Efficient Relay Sensors Placing Algorithm for Connectivity in Wireless Sensor Networks.

Jyh-Huei Chang, Rong-Hong Jan


Performance Analysis of IEEE 802.15.4 with Non-beacon-enabled CSMA/CA in Non-saturated Condition.

Tae Ok Kim, Hongjoong Kim, Junsoo Lee, Jin Soo Park, Bong Dae Choi


Cross-Layer Duty Cycle Scheduling with Data Aggregation Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks.

Yean-Fu Wen, Frank Yeong-Sung Lin


A Link Stability Model and Stable Routing for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks.

Min-Gu Lee, Sunggu Lee


Energy-Aware Routing with Limited Route Length for Multimedia Applications.

Cheolgi Kim, Kisoo Chang, Joongsoo Ma


Iterative Decoding-Based Phase Estimation for OFDM Systems at Low Operating SNR.

A. Sh. Fayziyev, Kwonhue Choi


Middleware and P2P

Semi-lock: An Efficient Cheat-Proof Synchronization Mechanism for Peer-to-Peer Game Systems.

Huaping Shen, Sajal K. Das, Mohan Kumar, Zhijun Wang


A Case Study on Message-Oriented Middleware for Heterogeneous Sensor Networks.

Sangim Ahn, Kiwon Chong


A Proxy-Enabled Service Discovery Architecture to Find Proximity-Based Services in 6LoWPAN.

Shafique Ahmad Chaudhry, Won-Do Jung, Chaudhary Sajjad Hussain, Ali Hammad Akbar, Ki-Hyung Kim


PosCFS: An Advanced File Management Technique for the Wearable Computing Environment.

Woojoong Lee, Shine Kim, Jonghwa Shin, Chanik Park


Control of Information Appliances Using Instant Messaging.

Seong Joon Lee, Kwang Seon Ahn


Hybrid Dissemination Based Scalable and Adaptive Context Delivery for Ubiquitous Computing.

Lenin Mehedy, Md. Kamrul Hasan, Young-Koo Lee, Sungyoung Lee, Sangman Han


Multimedia and Data Management 2

A Neuroscientific Approach to Emotion System for Intelligent Agents.

Gunn-Yong Park, Seung-Ik Lee, Joong-Bae Kim


Automatic Decision Method of Effective Transform Coefficients for Face Recognition.

Jean Choi, Yun-Su Chung, Ki-Hyun Kim, Jang-Hee Yoo


Finding the Perfect Projection System - Human Perception of Projection Quality Depending on Distance and Projection Angle.

Jochen Ehnes, Michitaka Hirose


Context Reasoning Technologies in Ubiquitous Computing Environment.

Jie Sun 0003, Zhaohui Wu


X-Tree Diff+: Efficient Change Detection Algorithm in XML Documents.

Suk Kyoon Lee, Dong Ah Kim


wear-UCAM: A Toolkit for Mobile User Interactions in Smart Environments.

Dongpyo Hong, Youngjung Suh, Ahyoung Choi, Umar Rashid, Woontack Woo


Network Protocols 2

A Sensing Resolution-Based Energy Efficient Communication Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks.

Poyuan Li, Soon-Gyu Jeong, Sang-Jo Yoo


Impact of Node Cheating on Gossip-Based Protocol.

Nan Zhang, Yuanchun Shi, Bin Chang


Energy-Efficient Clustering Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks.

DaeHwan Kim, SangHak Lee, We-Duke Cho


Enhanced Multipath Routing Protocol Using Congestion Metric in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks.

Chunsoo Ahn, Jitae Shin, Eui-nam Huh


Virtual Hierarchical Architecture Integrating Mobile IPv6 and MANETs for Internet Connectivity.

Hyemee Park, Tae-Jin Lee, Hyunseung Choo


Mobile Computing 2

A Comprehensive Study on Handover Performance of Hierarchical Mobile IPv6.

Youn-Hee Han, Dongwon Jeong


Adaptive Error Recovery in cdma2000 1xEV-DO Mobile Broadcast Networks.

Kyungtae Kang, Yongwoo Cho, Hosang Park, Heonshik Shin


A Novel Approach for Sharing White Board Between PC and PDAs with Multi-users.

Xin Xiao, Yuanchun Shi, Weisheng He


Semi-soft FMIPv6 for 802.11 Network.

Hyon-Young Choi, Sung-Gi Min, Youn-Hee Han, Heejin Jang


An Optimized Scheme for Mobile IPv6 Handover Between Domains Based on AAA.

Seonggeun Ryu, Youngsong Mun