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MWCN/PWC 2008: Toulouse, France

Wireless and Mobile Networking, IFIP Joint Conference on Mobile and Wireless Communications Networks (MWCN'2008) and Personal Wireless Communications (PWC'2008), Toulouse, France, September 30 - October 2, 2008

Zoubir Mammeri

Springer, IFIP 284, ISBN: 978-0-387-84838-9


Mobile and Wireless Communications Networks (MWCN'2008)


Environmental Monitoring Aware Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks.

Bernd-Ludwig Wenning, Dirk Pesch, Andreas Timm-Giel, Carmelita Görg


Comparison of Proposed Path Selection Protocols for IEEE 802.11s WLAN Mesh Networks.

Sana Ghannay, Sonia Mettali Gammar, Farouk Kamoun


ETM - An Optimized Routing Protocol for Mobile SSM Sources.

Thomas C. Schmidt, Matthias Wählisch, Maik Wodarz


A Synchronous Tiered Based Clustering Algorithm for large-scale Ad hoc Networks.

Imen Jemili, Abdelfattah Belghith, Mohamed Mosbah


Energy Efficiency

A Novel Power Counting Mechanism for Enhanced MBMS Performance in UMTS Networks.

Antonios G. Alexiou, Christos Bouras, Evangelos Rekkas


Detours Save Energy in Mobile Wireless Networks.

Chia-Ching Ooi, Christian Schindelhauer


Enhancing Power Saving Mechanisms for Ad hoc Networks.

Wafa Akkari, Abdelfattah Belghith


Wireless Networks, WLANs

An Analysis of Alterations to the SCTP RTO Calculation Mechanism for WLAN Environments.

Sheila Fallon, Paul Jacob, Yuansong Qiao, Liam Murphy, Enda Fallon, Austin Hanley


Efficient Joint Unicast/Multicast Transmission over IEEE 802.11e WLANs.

José Villalón, Pedro Cuenca, Luis Orozco-Barbosa


Content-Aware Selective Retransmission Scheme in Heavy Loaded Wireless Networks.

Árpád Huszák, Sándor Imre


Request Mechanisms to Reduce the Contention Period in 802.16: A Comparison.

Jesús Delicado, Francisco Delicado, Luis Orozco-Barbosa


Optimization of a QoS Aware Cross-Layer Scheduler by Packet Aggregation.

Andreas Könsgen, Md. Shahidul Islam, Andreas Timm-Giel, Carmelita Görg


Ad hoc and Sensor Networks

MANET Protocols Performance in Group-based Networks.

Jaime Lloret, Miguel Garcia, Fernando Boronat, Jesús Tomás


Performance Analysis of Reservation MAC Protocols for Ad-hoc Networks.

Ghalem Boudour, Cédric Teyssié, Zoubir Mammeri


Evaluation of WiseMAC on Sensor Nodes.

Philipp Hurni, Torsten Braun


Boosted Incremental Nelder-Mead Simplex Algorithm: Distributed Regression in Wireless Sensor Networks.

Parisa Jalili Marandi, Nasrollah Moghaddam Charkari


UMTS and Cellular Networks

UMTS HSPA and R99 Traffic Separation.

Xi Li, Richard Schelb, Carmelita Görg, Andreas Timm-Giel


Measuring Quality of Experience of Internet Access over HSDPA.

Manuel Alvarez-Campana, Enrique Vázquez, Joan Vinyes, Víctor A. Villagrá


Impacts of Air Interface Call Admission Control on UTRAN Transport Simulations.

Yi Chen 0001, Xi Li, Richard Schelb, Carmelita Görg, Andreas Timm-Giel


IMS, Security

Definition of a Web 2.0 Gateway for 3rd Party Service Access to Next Generation Networks.

Niklas Blum, David Linner, Steffen Krüssel, Thomas Magedanz, Stephan Steglich


Validation of the Signaling Procedures of a Delivery Platform for IMS Services.

Juan Miguel Espinosa Carlín, Dirk Thissen


Trust Negotiation Protocol Support for Secure Mobile Network Service Deployment.

Daniel Díaz Sánchez, Andrés Marín López, Florina Almenárez Mendoza, Celeste Campo, Alberto Cortés, Carlos García-Rubio


Personal Wireless Communications (PWC'2008)

Wireless LANs, Sensor Networks

Efficient Handover Scheme for Mobile IPv4 over IEEE 802.11 N etworks with IEEE 802.21 Triggers.

Przemyslaw Machan, Józef Wozniak


On Enhancing a Hybrid Admission Control Algorithm for IEEE 802.11e EDCA.

Mohamad El Masri, Guy Juanole, Slim Abdellatif


Study on Intermittent WLAN Consisting of Heterogeneous Multi-radio Devices.

Xue Yang, Jing Zhu, Xingang Guo


On QoS Mapping in TDMA Based Wireless Sensor Networks.

Wassim Masri, Zoubir Mammeri


Minimizing Single TDMA Frame Sizes in Alarm-driven Wireless Sensor Networks Applications.

Mário Macedo, Mário Serafim Nunes, António Grilo


UMTS and Cellular Networks

Balancing Between Power Optimization and Iub Efficiency in MBMS Enabled UMTS Networks.

Antonios G. Alexiou, Christos Bouras, Vasileios Kokkinos


Downlink Macrodiversity in Cellular Network - A Fluid Analysis.

Jean Marc Kelif, Eitan Altman


Multiple Cell Partitions for Increasing the CDMA-Based Cell Capacity.

Ardian Ulvan, Diogo Ribeiro, Robert Bestak


Mobility and Location

Location Management in Civil Emergency Wireless Communication.

Dora Maros


Dynamic Connectivity Analysis of ABF-based Ad-hoc Networks.

Fei Liu 0002, Geert J. Heijenk


Impact of Mobility on Epidemic Broadcast in DTNs.

Francesco Giudici, Elena Pagani, Gian Paolo Rossi


Supporting Adaptive Real-time Mobile Communication with Multilayer Context Awareness.

Ruwini E. Kodikara, Christer Åhlund, Arkady B. Zaslavsky


Path Selection of SCTP Fast Retransmission in Multi-homed Wireless Environments.

Yuansong Qiao, Enda Fallon, John Murphy, Liam Murphy, Austin Hanley


Network Management, Security

Towards these of Models for Autonomic Network Management.

Nicolas Van Wambeke, François Armando, Christophe Chassot, Karim Guennoun, Khalil Drira, Ernesto Exposito


Improved Lightweight Mutual Authentication Protocol for RFID Systems.

Gyözö Gódor, Mátyás Antal