IFIP TC6 Open Digital Library

MWCN 2004: Paris, France

Mobile and Wireless Communication Networks, IFIP TC6 / WG6.8 Conference on Mobile and Wireless Communication Networks (MWCN 2004), October 25-27, 2004, Paris, France

Elizabeth M. Belding-Royer, Khaldoun Al Agha, Guy Pujolle

Kluwer/Springer, IFIP 162, ISBN: 0-387-23148-X


Understanding the Interactions between Unicast and Group Communications Sessions in Ad Hoc Networks.

Lap Kong Law, Srikanth V. Krishnamurthy, Michalis Faloutsos


Cross-Layer Simulation and Optimization for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks.

André-Luc Beylot, Riadh Dhaou, Vincent Gauthier, Monique Becker


Improving TCP Performance over Wireless Networks Using Loss Differentiation Algorithms.

Fabio Martignon


TCP Performances in a Hybrid Broadcast/Telecommunication System.

Davy Darche, Francis Lepage, Eric Gnaedinger


Handoff Notification in Wireless Hybrid Networks.

Guillaume Chelius, Claude Chaudet


Selective Active Scanning for Fast Handoff in WLAN Using Sensor Networks.

Sonia Waharte, Kevin Ritzenthaler, Raouf Boutaba


An Analysis of Mobile IPv6 Signaling Load in Next Generation Mobile Networks.

Sandro Grech, Javier Poncela, Pedro Serna


Peer-to-Peer Based Architecture for Mobility Management in Wireless Networks.

Shou-Chih Lo, Wen-Tsuen Chen


Supporting Groupware in Mobile Networks.

Nadav Lavi, Israel Cidon, Idit Keidar


RSM-WISP: Roaming and Service Management in Hotspot Networks Through a Policy Based Management Architecture.

Idir Fodil, Vincent Jardin, Guy Pujolle


Integrated Reconfiguration Management for the Support of End to End Reconfiguration.

Aristotelis Glentis, Nancy Alonistioti


Replica Allocation Considering Data Update Intervals in Ad Hoc Networks.

Hideki Hayashi, Takahiro Hara, Shojiro Nishio


Anova-Informed Decision Trees for Voice Applications Overmanets.

Mouna Benaissa, Vincent Lecuire, Daniel W. McClary, Violet R. Syrotiuk


Route Stability Techniques for Enhanced Video Delivery on Manets.

Carlos Miguel Tavares Calafate, Manuel P. Malumbres, Pietro Manzoni


A New Smoothing Jitter Algorithm for Voice over Ad Hoc Networks.

Mouna Benaissa, Vincent Lecuire


On the Complexity of Radio Resources Allocation in WCDMA Systems.

Emmanuelle Vivier, Michel Terré, Bernard Fino


Optimization of Pilot Power for Service Coverage and Smooth Handover in WCDMA Networks.

Iana Siomina, Di Yuan


An Alternative Metric for Channel Estimation with Applications in Bluetooth Scheduling.

João H. Kleinschmidt, Marcelo Eduardo Pellenz, Luiz A. Paula Lima Jr.


Distributed Pairwise Key Generation Using Shared Polynomials for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks.

Anindo Mukherjee, Hongmei Deng, Dharma P. Agrawal


Collaboration Enforcement and Adaptive Data Redirection in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Using Only First-Hand Experience.

Ning Jiang, Kien A. Hua, Mounir A. Tantaoui


A Simple Privacy Extension for Mobile IPV6.

Claude Castelluccia, Francis Dupont, Gabriel Montenegro


A Trust-Based Routing Protocol for Ad Hoc Networks.

Xiaoyun Xue, Jean Leneutre, Jalel Ben-Othman


Short-Term Fairness of 802.11 Networks with Several Hosts.

Gilles Berger-Sabbatel, Andrzej Duda, Martin Heusse, Franck Rousseau


RAAR: A Relay-Based Adaptive Auto Rate Protocol for Multi-Rate and Multi-Range Infrastructure Wireless Lans.

Jain-Shing Liu, Chun-Hung Richard Lin


A Non-Token-Based-Distributed Mutual Exclusion Algorithm for Single-Hop Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.

Romain Mellier, Jean Frédéric Myoupo, Vlady Ravelomanana


The Receiver's Dilemma.

John P. Mullen, Timothy Matis, Smriti Rangan


Theoretical Capacity of Multi-Hop Wireless Ad Hoc Networks.

Yue Fang, A. Bruce McDonald


How to Discover Optimal Routes in Wireless Multihop Networks.

Michael Gerharz, Christian de Waal, Peter Martini


Asymptotic Pheromone Behavior in Swarm Intelligent Manets.

Martin Roth, Stephen B. Wicker


Randomized Routing Algorithms in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.

Thomas Fevens, Israat Tanzeena Haque, Lata Narayanan


RBR: Refinement-Based Route Maintenance Protocol in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks.

Jain-Shing Liu, Chun-Hung Richard Lin


Enabling Energy Demand Response with Vehicular Mesh Networks.

Howard CheHao Chang, Haining Du, Joey Anda, Chen-Nee Chuah, Dipak Ghosal, H. Michael Zhang


Context-Aware Inter-Networking for Wireless Networks.

Franck Legendre, Marcelo Dias de Amorim, Serge Fdida


Performance Impact of Mobility in an Emulated IP-Based Multihop Radio Access Network.

Philipp Hofmann, Christian Bettstetter, Jeremie Wehren, Christian Prehofer


Broadcast Services and Topology Control in Ad-Hoc Networks.

Flaminio Borgonovo, Matteo Cesana, Luigi Fratta


Space and Time Curvature in Information Propagation in Massively Dense Ad Hoc Networks.

Philippe Jacquet


Cluster-Based Location-Services for Scalable Ad Hoc Network Routing.

Sivapathalingham Sivavakeesar, George Pavlou


On Selecting Nodes to Improve Estimated Positions.

Erwan Ermel, Anne Fladenmuller, Guy Pujolle, André Cotton


Energy-Efficient Multimedia Communications in Lossy Multi-Hop Wireless Networks.

Albert F. Harris III, Cigdem Sengul, Robin Kravets, Prashant Ratanchandani


Analyzing the Energy Consumption of IEEE 802.11 Ad Hoc Networks.

Daniel de Oliveira Cunha, Luís Henrique Maciel Kosmalski Costa, Otto Carlos Muniz Bandeira Duarte


Energy-Efficient Reliable Paths for On-Demand Routing Protocols.

Tamer Nadeem, Suman Banerjee, Archan Misra, Ashok K. Agrawala


Minimum Power Symmetric Connectivity Problem in Wireless Networks: A New Approach.

Roberto Montemanni, Luca Maria Gambardella