IFIP TC6 Open Digital Library

1. WISTP 2007: Heraklion, Crete, Greece

Information Security Theory and Practices. Smart Cards, Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing Systems, First IFIP TC6 / WG 8.8 / WG 11.2 International Workshop, WISTP 2007, Heraklion, Crete, Greece, May 9-11, 2007, Proceedings

Damien Sauveron, Constantinos Markantonakis, Angelos Bilas, Jean-Jacques Quisquater

Springer, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 4462, ISBN: 978-3-540-72353-0



A Smart Card Based Distributed Identity Management Infrastructure for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.

Eve Atallah, Serge Chaumette


A New Resilient Key Management Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks.

Chakib Bekara, Maryline Laurent-Maknavicius


Hardware and Cryptography I

Efficient Use of Random Delays in Embedded Software.

Michael Tunstall, Olivier Benoît


Enhanced Doubling Attacks on Signed-All-Bits Set Recoding.

HeeSeok Kim, Tae Hyun Kim 0003, Jeong Choon Ryoo, Dong-Guk Han, Howon Kim, Jongin Lim



Securing the Distribution and Storage of Secrets with Trusted Platform Modules.

Paul E. Sevinç, Mario Strasser, David A. Basin


Distributed Certified Information Access for Mobile Devices.

Aniello Del Sorbo, Clemente Galdi, Giuseppe Persiano


Cryptography Scheme

Linkability of Some Blind Signature Schemes.

Swee-Huay Heng, Wun-She Yap, Khoongming Khoo


Optimistic Non-repudiation Protocol Analysis.

Judson Santiago, Laurent Vigneron


Secure Remote User Authentication Scheme Using Bilinear Pairings.

Eun-Jun Yoon, Wan-Soo Lee, Kee-Young Yoo


Cryptanalysis of Some Proxy Signature Schemes Without Certificates.

Wun-She Yap, Swee-Huay Heng, Bok-Min Goi


Smart Card

Performance Evaluation of Java Card Bytecodes.

Pierre Paradinas, Julien Cordry, Samia Bouzefrane


Reverse Engineering Java Card Applets Using Power Analysis.

Dennis Vermoen, Marc F. Witteman, Georgi Gaydadjiev


An Embedded System for Practical Security Analysis of Contactless Smartcards.

Timo Kasper, Dario Carluccio, Christof Paar


A Comparative Analysis of Common Threats, Vulnerabilities, Attacks and Countermeasures Within Smart Card and Wireless Sensor Network Node Technologies.

Kevin Eagles, Constantinos Markantonakis, Keith Mayes


Small Devices

Mobile Phones as Secure Gateways for Message-Based Ubiquitous Communication.

Walter Bamberger, Oliver Welter, Stephan Spitz


An Information Flow Verifier for Small Embedded Systems.

Dorina Ghindici, Gilles Grimaud, Isabelle Simplot-Ryl


Survey and Benchmark of Stream Ciphers for Wireless Sensor Networks.

Nicolas Fournel, Marine Minier, Stéphane Ubéda


Hardware and Cryptography II

Fault Attacks for CRT Based RSA: New Attacks, New Results, and New Countermeasures.

Chong Hee Kim, Jean-Jacques Quisquater


CRT RSA Algorithm Protected Against Fault Attacks.

Arnaud Boscher, Robert Naciri, Emmanuel Prouff


Combinatorial Logic Circuitry as Means to Protect Low Cost Devices Against Side Channel Attacks.

Frank Vater, Steffen Peter, Peter Langendörfer