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3. TMA 2019: Paris

3rd Network Traffic Measurement and Analysis Conference, TMA 2019, Paris, June 19-21, 2019

Stefano Secci, Isabelle Chrisment, Marco Fiore, Lionel Tabourier, Keun-Woo Lim

IFIP Open Digital Library, ISBN: 978-3-903176-17-1


TMA 2019 Chair's Welcome and Table of Contents

Proceedings of the 3rd Network Traffic Measurement and Analysis Conference

Stefano Secci, Isabelle Chrisment, Marco Fiore


Inter-domain affairs: outages, geolocation and trust across AS

Chocolatine: Outage Detection for Internet Background Radiation

Andreas Guillot, Romain Fontugne, Philipp Winter, Pascal Merindol, Alistair King, Alberto Dainotti, Cristel Pelsser


Geo-locating BGP prefixes

Philipp Winter, Ramakrishna Padmanabhan, Alistair King, Alberto Dainotti


Filtering the Noise to Reveal Inter-Domain Lies

Julian Martin Del Fiore, Pascal Merindol, Valerio Persico, Cristel Pelsser, Antonio Pescape


BGP hijacking classification

Shinyoung Cho, Romain Fontugne, Kenjiro Cho, Alberto Dainotti, Phillipa Gill


Are you experienced: QoE, streaming and Clouds

The ODDness of Webpages

Marcin Furtak, Mike P. Wittie


Inferring Netfix User Experience from Broadband Network Measurement (Best Open Dataset Award)

Sharat Chandra Madanapalli, Hassan Habibi Gharakheili, Vijay Sivaraman


Comparative Analysis of Adult Video Streaming Services: Characteristics and Workload

Raymond Yu, Callan Christophersen, Yo-Der Song, Aniket Mahanti


Inferring the Deployment of Top Domains over Public Clouds using DNS Data

Quentin Jacquemart, Clement Pigout, Guillaume Urvoy-Keller


Know thy network: discovering flows, tunnels, subnets and topological structures

TNT, Watch me Explode: A Light in the Dark for Revealing MPLS Tunnels (Best Paper Award)

Yves Vanaubel, Jean-Romain Luttringer, Pascal Merindol, Jean-Jacques Pansiot, Benoit Donnet


Subnet Inference WISE-ly

Jean-Francois Grailet, Benoit Donnet


A URL-based Analysis of WWW Structure and Dynamics

Jeffery Kline, Edward Oakes, Paul Barford


Clairvoyant Networks

Cheng Jin, Cristian Lumezanu, Zhi-Li Zhang, Haifeng Chen


Go mobile: apps, cellular networks, and services in motion

Characterizing the Effects of Rapid LTE Deployment: A Data Driven Analysis

Kareem Abdullah, Noha Othman Korany, Ayman Khalafallah, Ahmed Saeed, Ayman Gaber


Tackling Mobile Traffc Critical Path Analysis With Passive and Active Measurements

Gioacchino Tangari, Alessandro Finamore, Diego Perino, Marinos Charalambides, George Pavlou


Measuring the Feasibility of Teleoperated Driving in Mobile Networks

Stefan Neumeier, Ermias Walelgne, Vaibhav Bajpai, Jorg Ott, Christian Facchi


Know your Big Data Trade-offs when Classifying Encrypted Mobile Traffc with Deep Learning

Giuseppe Aceto, Domenico Ciuonzo, Antonio Montieri, Valerio Persico, Antonio Pescape


Special Session on Hands-on Network Traffic Measurement and Analysis

A Cloud Provider's View of EDNS Client-Subnet Adoption

Matt Calder, Xun Fan, Liang Zhu


ReMon: A Resilient Flow Monitoring Framework

Fangye Tang, Israat Haque


Effective Analysis of Secure Web Response Time

Carlos Lopez, Daniel Morato, Eduardo Magana, Mikel Izal


Kraaler: A User-Perspective Web Crawler

Thomas Kobber Panum, Rene Rydhof Hansen, Jens Myrup Pedersen


Fair and square: transport layer and above

Interactions between Congestion Control Algorithms

Belma Turkovic, Fernando A. Kuipers, Steve Uhlig


A Bottom-Up Investigation of the Transport-Layer Ossification

Korian Edeline, Benoit Donnet


An Empirical View on Content Provider Fairness

Jan Ruth, Ike Kunze, Oliver Hohlfeld


A Residential Client-side Perspective on SSL Certificates

Edward Oakes, Jeffery Kline, Aaron Cahn, Keith Funkhouser, Paul Barford


Demo Session

Demonstrating the Cost of Collecting In-Network Measurements for High-Speed VNFs

Leonardo Linguaglossa, Fabien Geyer, Wenqin Shao, Frank Brockners, Georg Carle


Autonomous IoT Device Identification Prototype (Best Demo Award)

Nesrine Ammar, Ludovic Noirie, Sebastien Tixeuil


Unified and Automated Fault Management Platform for Optical Networks

Yekta Turk, Engin Zeydan, Fatih Mercimek, Engin Danisman


Let me Decrypt your Beauty: Real-time Prediction of Video Resolution and Bitrate for Encrypted Video Streaming

Sarah Wassermann, Michael Seufert, Pedro Casas, Li Gang, Kuang Li


Energy Savings and Resiliency with Closed Loop Platform Automation

John Browne, Krzysztof Kepka, Patrick Kutch, Sunku Ranganath


Workshop on Mobile Network Measurement (MNM 2019)

Rate Measurement Over Short Time Scales in Stationary Cellular Receivers

Habtegebreil Haile, Per Hurtig, Karl-Johan Grinnemo


Unveiling Radio Resource Utilization Dynamics of Mobile Traffc through Unsupervised Learning

Arcangela Rago, Giuseppe Piro, Hoang Duy Trinh, Gennaro Boggia, Paolo Dini


Reducing Consumed Data Volume in Bandwidth Measurements via a Machine Learning Approach

Christian Maier, Peter Dorfinger, Jia Lei Du, Sven Gschweitl, Johannes Lusak


MultipathTester: Comparing MPTCP and MPQUIC in Mobile Environments

Quentin De Coninck, Olivier Bonaventure


Hic Sunt Proxies: Unveiling Proxy Phenomena in Mobile Networks

Raffaele Zullo, Antonio Pescape, Korian Edeline, Benoit Donnet


Measuring mobile performance in the Tor network with OnionPerf

Ana Custura, Iain Learmonth, Gorry Fairhurst