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TCGOV 2005: Bozen/Bolzano, Italy

E-Government: Towards Electronic Democracy, International Conference, TCGOV 2005, Bolzano, Italy, March 2-4, 2005, Proceedings

Michael H. Böhlen, Johann Gamper, Wolfgang Polasek, Maria Wimmer

Springer, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3416, ISBN: 3-540-25016-6


e-Democracy: Improving Citizen Participation and Policy Making

Using Weblogs to Support Local Democracy.

Ann Macintosh, Andy McKay-Hubbard, Danae Shell


Web-Based Tools for Policy Evaluation.

Lasse Berntzen, Marte Winsvold


Can Online Map-Based Applications Improve Citizen Participation?.

Renate Steinmann, Alenka Krek, Thomas Blaschke


e-Democracy: Experiences from Different Countries

Interactive Tools for e-Democracy: Examples from Switzerland.

Jean-Loup Chappelet, Kristian Pierre Kilchenmann


"Public Budget Dialogue" - An Innovative Approach to E-Participation.

Stefanie Roeder, Annika Poppenborg, Susanne Michaelis, Oliver Märker, Stefan René Salz


Enhancing e-Democracy Via Fiscal Transparency: A Discussion Based on China's Experience.

Ling Lan


Political and Societal Implications

Third Way e-Government: The Case for Local Devolution.

Ailsa Kolsaker


Urban Versus Regional Divide: Comparing and Classifying Digital Divide.

Enrico Ferro, Marco Cantamessa, Emilio Paolucci


e-Citizen: Why Waiting for the Governments?

Armando Rech Filho


Security for e-Government Services

A Zero Knowledge Proof for Subset Selection from a Family of Sets with Applications to Multiparty/Multicandidate Electronic Elections.

Tassos Dimitriou, Dimitris Foteinakis


A Protocol for Anonymous and Accurate E-Polling.

Danilo Bruschi, Igor Nai Fovino, Andrea Lanzi


Model Driven Security for Inter-organizational Workflows in e-Government.

Ruth Breu, Michael Hafner, Barbara Weber, Andrea Nowak


Semantic Web Technologies for e-Government

e-Government: A Legislative Ontology for the 'SIAP' Parliamentary Management System.

Carmen Costilla, Juan P. Palacios, José Cremades, Jorge Vila


No (e-)Democracy Without (e-)Knowledge.

Giovanni Maria Sacco


Towards a Semantically-Driven Software Engineering Environment for eGovernment.

Dimitris Apostolou, Ljiljana Stojanovic, Tomás Pariente Lobo, Barbara Thönssen


Architectures for Government Application Integration

Towards Requirements for a Reference Model for Process Orchestration in e-Government.

Jeffrey Gortmaker, Marijn Janssen, René W. Wagenaar


A Distributed Architecture for Supporting e-Government Cooperative Processes.

Mariangela Contenti, Massimo Mecella, Alessandro Termini, Roberto Baldoni


eGovernment Service Marketplace: Architecture and Implementation.

Elena Mugellini, Maria Chiara Pettenati, Omar Abou Khaled, Franco Pirri


Case Studies for Government Application Integration

Towards Building E-Government on the Grid.

Ying Li, Minglu Li, Yue Chen


Applying the ISO RM-ODP Standard in E-Government.

B. Meneklis, Alexandros Kaliontzoglou, Despina Polemi, Christos Douligeris


Decision Support Systems

Quixote: Supporting Group Decisions Through the Web.

J. A. Rubio, David Ríos Insua, Jesus Rios, E. Fernandez


UNICAP: Efficient Decision Support for Academic Resource and Capacity Management.

Svetlana Vinnik, Marc H. Scholl


A Methodology Framework for Calculating the Cost of e-Government Services.

Elias A. Hadzilias


Managerial and Financial Aspects of E-Government Projects

Good Practice in e-Government: Management over Methods?.

Lee Anthony Eddowes


Participatory Budget Formation Through the Web.

Jesus Rios, David Ríos Insua, E. Fernandez, J. A. Rivero


On the Transition to an Open Source Solution for Desktop Office Automation.

Bruno Rossi, Barbara Russo, Paolo Zuliani, Giancarlo Succi



Public eProcurement in Action: Policies, Practices and Technologies.

Catherine A. Hardy, Susan P. Williams


An Integrated Approach in Healthcare e-Procurement: The Case-Study of the ASL of Viterbo.

Tommaso Federici