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TAMODIA/HCSE 2008: Pisa, Italy

Engineering Interactive Systems, Second Conference on Human-Centered Software Engineering, HCSE 2008, and 7th International Workshop on Task Models and Diagrams, TAMODIA 2008, Pisa, Italy, September 25-26, 2008. Proceedings

Peter Forbrig, Fabio Paternò

Springer, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 5247, ISBN: 978-3-540-85991-8



Tasks = Data + Action + Context: Automated Task Assistance through Data-Oriented Analysis.

Alan J. Dix


TAMODIA Long Papers

Assessment of Object Use for Task Modeling.

Sybille Caffiau, Patrick Girard, Dominique L. Scapin, Laurent Guittet, Loé Sanou


Task Model-Based Usability Evaluation for Smart Environments.

Stefan Propp, Gregor Buchholz, Peter Forbrig


From Task to Agent-Oriented Meta-models, and Back Again.

Steve Goschnick, Sandrine Balbo, Liz Sonenberg


Steps in Identifying Interaction Design Patterns for Multimodal Systems.

Andreas Ratzka


Information Supply Mechanisms in Ubiquitous Computing, Crisis Management and Workflow Modelling.

Jurriaan van Diggelen, Robbert-Jan Beun, Rogier M. van Eijk, Peter J. Werkhoven


A Method for Modeling Interactions on Task Representations in Business Task Management Systems.

Todor Stoitsev, Stefan Scheidl


AMBOSS: A Task Modeling Approach for Safety-Critical Systems.

Matthias Giese, Tomasz Mistrzyk, Andreas Pfau, Gerd Szwillus, Michael von Detten


TAMODIA Short Papers

UI Design without a Task Modeling Language - Using BPMN and Diamodl for Task Modeling and Dialog Design.

Hallvard Trætteberg


Task-Based Development Methodology for Collaborative Environments.

Maik Wurdel, Daniel Sinnig, Peter Forbrig


An Event-Condition-Action Approach for Contextual Interaction in Virtual Environments.

Lode Vanacken, Joan De Boeck, Chris Raymaekers, Karin Coninx


Automated Usability Evaluation during Model-Based Interactive System Development.

Sebastian Feuerstack, Marco Blumendorf, Maximilian Kern, Michael Kruppa, Michael Quade, Mathias Runge, Sahin Albayrak


Integrating Groupware Notations with UML.

William J. Giraldo, Ana I. Molina, Manuel Ortega, César A. Collazos


HCSE Long Papers

MuiCSer: A Process Framework for Multi-disciplinary User-Centred Software Engineering Processes.

Mieke Haesen, Karin Coninx, Jan Van den Bergh, Kris Luyten


A Fluid Flow Approach to Usability Analysis of Multi-user Systems.

Mieke Massink, Diego Latella, Maurice H. ter Beek, Michael D. Harrison, Michele Loreti


Task-Driven Plasticity: One Step Forward with UbiDraw.

Jean Vanderdonckt, Juan Manuel González-Calleros


HCSE Short Papers

The Guilet Dialog Model and Dialog Core for Graphical User Interfaces.

Jürgen Rückert, Barbara Paech


An Ontology-Based Adaptation Framework for Multimodal Interactive Systems.

Matthias Bezold


Some Thoughts about the Horizontal Development of Software Engineers.

Anke Dittmar, Peter Forbrig


Involving End Users in Distributed Requirements Engineering.

Steffen Lohmann, Jürgen Ziegler, Philipp Heim


Concepts for Analysis and Design of Mobile Healthcare Applications.

Joseph McKnight, Gavin Doherty, Bridget Kane, Saturnino Luz


ShaMAN: An Agent Meta-model for Computer Games.

Steve Goschnick, Sandrine Balbo, Liz Sonenberg


A Study on Appropriate Plant Diagram Synthesis for User-Suited HMI in Operating Control.

Mieczyslaw Metzger, Grzegorz Polaków


Preserving Rich User Interface State in Web Applications across Various Platforms.

Fabio Paternò, Carmen Santoro, Antonio Scorcia


From Desktop to Tabletop: Migrating the User Interface of AgilePlanner.

Xin Wang, Yaser Ghanam, Frank Maurer


Learning Key Contexts of Use in the Wild for Driving Plastic User Interfaces Engineering.

Vincent Ganneau, Gaëlle Calvary, Rachel Demumieux


The Ecology of Participants in Co-evolving Socio-technical Environments.

Gerhard Fischer, Antonio Piccinno, Yunwen Ye



User Interface Migration between Mobile Devices and Digital TV.

Fabio Paternò, Carmen Santoro, Antonio Scorcia


Demonstration of Software Components for End-User Development.

Mario Gleichmann, Thomas Hasart, Ilvio Bruder, Andreas Heuer, Peter Forbrig


Transactions in Task Models.

Daniel Reichart, Peter Forbrig