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SEC 2011: Lucerne, Switzerland

Future Challenges in Security and Privacy for Academia and Industry - 26th IFIP TC 11 International Information Security Conference, SEC 2011, Lucerne, Switzerland, June 7-9, 2011. Proceedings

Jan Camenisch, Simone Fischer-Hübner, Yuko Murayama, Armand Portmann, Carlos Rieder

Springer, IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology 354, ISBN: 978-3-642-21423-3


Kristian Beckman Award Keynote

Patience, Persistence, and Faith: Evolving the Gold Standard in Privacy and Data Protection.

Ann Cavoukian


Malware, Information Flow and DoS Attacks

iSAM: An iPhone Stealth Airborne Malware.

Dimitrios Damopoulos, Georgios Kambourakis, Stefanos Gritzalis


TCP Ack Storm DoS Attacks.

Raz Abramov, Amir Herzberg


Detecting Hidden Storage Side Channel Vulnerabilities in Networked Applications.

Felix C. Freiling, Sebastian Schinzel



Breaking reCAPTCHA: A Holistic Approach via Shape Recognition.

Paul Baecher, Niklas Büscher, Marc Fischlin, Benjamin Milde


From Multiple Credentials to Browser-Based Single Sign-On: Are We More Secure?

Alessandro Armando, Roberto Carbone, Luca Compagna, Jorge Cuéllar, Giancarlo Pellegrino, Alessandro Sorniotti


Quantifying the Effect of Graphical Password Guidelines for Better Security.

Mohd Zalisham Jali, Steven Furnell, Paul Dowland


Network Security and Security Protocols

A Case Study in Practical Security of Cable Networks.

Amir Alsbih, Felix C. Freiling, Christian Schindelhauer


Ceremony Analysis: Strengths and Weaknesses.

Kenneth Radke, Colin Boyd, Juan Manuel González Nieto, Margot Brereton


Preventing Board Flooding Attacks in Coercion-Resistant Electronic Voting Schemes.

Reto E. Koenig, Rolf Haenni, Stephan Fischli


Piracy Protection for Streaming Content in Home Networks.

Hongxia Jin, Jeffrey B. Lotspiech


Software Security

JITDefender: A Defense against JIT Spraying Attacks.

Ping Chen, Yi Fang, Bing Mao, Li Xie


Retrofitting Security in COTS Software with Binary Rewriting.

Pádraig O'Sullivan, Kapil Anand, Aparna Kotha, Matthew Smithson, Rajeev Barua, Angelos D. Keromytis


Generating Optimised and Formally Checked Packet Parsing Code.

Sebastien Mondet, Ion Alberdi, Thomas Plagemann


Policy Compliance and Obligations

Organizational Power and Information Security Rule Compliance.

Ella Kolkowska, Gurpreet Dhillon


Delegation of Obligations and Responsibility.

Meriam Ben-Ghorbel-Talbi, Frédéric Cuppens, Nora Cuppens-Boulahia, Daniel Le Métayer, Guillaume Piolle


Distributed Security Policy Conformance.

Mirko Montanari, Ellick Chan, Kevin Larson, Wucherl Yoo, Roy H. Campbell


Privacy Attacks and Privacy-Enhancing Technologies

Scalable Privacy-Preserving Data Mining with Asynchronously Partitioned Datasets.

Hiroaki Kikuchi, Daisuke Kagawa, Anirban Basu, Kazuhiko Ishii, Masayuki Terada, Sadayuki Hongo


Privacy-Enhanced Web-Based Event Scheduling with Majority Agreement.

Benjamin Kellermann


Analyzing Key-Click Patterns of PIN Input for Recognizing VoIP Users.

Ge Zhang


Risk Analysis and Security Metrics

Problem Analysis of Traditional IT-Security Risk Assessment Methods - An Experience Report from the Insurance and Auditing Domain.

Stefan Taubenberger, Jan Jürjens, Yijun Yu, Bashar Nuseibeh


On Computing Enterprise IT Risk Metrics.

Sandeep Bhatt, William G. Horne, Prasad Rao


A Kolmogorov Complexity Approach for Measuring Attack Path Complexity.

Nwokedi C. Idika, Bharat K. Bhargava


Intrusion Detection

Extending LSCs for Behavioral Signature Modeling.

Sven Patzina, Lars Patzina, Andy Schürr


Detecting Illegal System Calls Using a Data-Oriented Detection Model.

Jonathan-Christofer Demay, Frédéric Majorczyk, Eric Totel, Frédéric Tronel



IFIP Technical Committee 11 Security and Privacy Protection in Information Processing Systems.

Kai Rannenberg, S. H. (Basie) von Solms, Leon Strous