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NEW PROLAMAT 2013: Dresden, Germany

Digital Product and Process Development Systems - IFIP TC 5 International Conference, NEW PROLAMAT 2013, Dresden, Germany, October 10-11, 2013. Proceedings

George L. Kovács, Detlef Kochan

Springer, IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology 411, ISBN: 978-3-642-41328-5


Keynote and Plenary Papers - State of the Art, Challenges, Future

Manufacturing Innovation and Horizon 2020.

Erastos Filos


IT Support for Product and Process Development in Japan and Future Perspective.

Fumihiko Kimura


3D Experiences - Dassault Systèmes 3DS Strategy to Support New Processes in Product Development and Early Customer Involvement.

Andreas Barth


Challenges for Digital Product and Process Design Systems at BMW.

Dietmar Trippner, Stefan Rude, Andreas Schreiber


Industry 4.0: A Best Practice Project of the Automotive Industry.

Franz E. Gruber


JT Format (ISO 14306) and AP 242 (ISO 10303): The Step to the Next Generation Collaborative Product Creation.

Alfred Katzenbach, Sebastian Handschuh, Steven Vettermann


Digital Product- and Process- Development

Economic Advantages by CAD/CAM Use in Compound with Production Data Organization.

Arndt Richter


A 'Lean' Fuzzy Rule to Speed-Up a Taylor-Made Warehouse Management Process.

Lapo Chirici, Kesheng Wang


Improving the Usability of Collaboration Methods and Technologies in Engineering.

Lars Wolter, Haygazun Hayka, Rainer Stark


Towards Product Avatars Representing Middle-of-Life Information for Improving Design, Development and Manufacturing Processes.

Karl Hribernik, Thorsten Wuest, Klaus-Dieter Thoben


Challenges and Solutions in Customer Process Based on Collaborative Engineering.

Sergej Bondar, Leo Potjewijd, Josip Stjepandic


Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing as Integral Part of the Digital Solution Process - An Industrial Short Note.

Klaus Müller-Lohmeier


Additive Manufacturing - A Growing Possibility to Lighten the Burden of Spare Parts Supply.

Steve Rommel, Andreas Fischer


Laser Beam Melting for Tooling Applications - New Perspectives for Resource-Efficient Metal Forming and Die Casting Processes.

Bernhard Müller, Ralf Hund, Roland Malek, Nancy Gerth


Design-Opportunities and Limitations on Additive Manufacturing Determined by a Suitable Test-Specimen.

Karlheinz P. J. Hoeren, Gerd Witt


Mechanical Properties of Laser Beam Melting Components Depending on Various Process Errors.

Stefan Kleszczynski, Joschka zur Jacobsmühlen, Jan T. Sehrt, Gerd Witt


New Fiber Matrix Process with 3D Fiber Printer - A Strategic In-process Integration of Endless Fibers Using Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM).

Andreas Fischer, Steve Rommel, Thomas Bauernhansl


From Rapid Prototyping to eManufacturing.

Nikolai Zaepernick


Energy Turnaround: Printing of Thermoelectric Generators.

Ines Dani, Aljoscha Roch, Lukas Stepien, Christoph Leyens, Moritz Greifzu, Marian von Lukowicz


Generative Manufacturing and Repair of Metal Parts through Direct Laser Deposition Using Wire Material.

Steffen Nowotny, Sebastian Thieme, David Albert, Frank Kubisch, Robert Kager, Christoph Leyens


Quality Management

Capp Model for Prismatic Parts in Digital Manufacturing.

Vidosav D. Majstorovic, Tatjana V. Sibalija, Bojan M. Ercevic, Marko M. Ercevic


Product Quality Inspection Combining with Structure Light System, Data Mining and RFID Technology.

Kesheng Wang, Quan Yu


Additional Methods to Analyze Computer Tomography Data for Medical Purposes and Generatively Produced Technical Components.

Philipp Sembdner, Stefan Holtzhausen, Christine Schöne, Ralph Stelzer


Correction of Highlight Line Structures.

György Gyurecz, Gábor Renner


Re-make of Sheet Metal Parts of End of Life Vehicles - Research on Product Life-Cycle Management.

George L. Kovács, Imre Paniti


Standardization and Knowledge Management/Developments

Enabling the Crowd Sourcing of Very Large Product Models.

Martin Hardwick, David Loffredo, Joe Fritz, Mikael Hedlind


Knowledge Retrieval in Complex Information Landscapes Related to Products and Production.

Marcus Schichtel


Advanced Engineering Visualization with Standardized 3D Formats.

Christian Emmer, Arnulf Fröhlich, Josip Stjepandic


Scientific Automation Rises the Productivity of Production Facilities.

U. Frank, Harald Anacker, Dirk Bielawny


Prospective Evaluation of Assembly Work Content and Costs in Series Production.

Ralf Kretschmer, Stefan Rulhoff, Josip Stjepandic


Model-Based Approach for Self-correcting Strategy Design for Manufacturing of Small Metal Parts.

Mikhail Borzykh, U. Damerow, Christian Henke, Ansgar Trächtler, W. Homberg


Digital Eco-factory as an IT Support Tool for Sustainable Manufacturing.

Michiko Matsuda, Fumihiko Kimura


Enterprises Monitoring for Crisis Preventing Based on Knowledge Engineering.

Nafisa I. Yusupova, Gyuzel R. Shakhmametova, Elmira Kh. Dusalina


The Knowledge on the Basis of Fact Analysis in Business Intelligence.

Alexander Vokhmintsev, Andrey Melnikov


Simulation of Procedures and Processes

Composite Simulation as Example of Industry Experience.

Joachim Bauer


Simulation and Optimization Based Flexible Job Scheduling of Powder Coating Lines.

Heike Wilson, Reik Zettl


Event Based Identification and Prediction of Congestions in Manufacturing Plants.

Clemens Schwenke, Thomas Wagner, Klaus Kabitzsch


Intelligent Manufacturing Operations Planning, Scheduling and Dispatching on the Basis of Virtual Machine Tools.

Gerald Rehage, Frank Bauer, Jürgen Gausemeier, Benjamin Jurke, Peter Pruschek


Methodological Issues in Support of Selected Tasks of the Virtual Manufacturing Planning.

Marius Eßers, Martin Erler, Andreas Nestler, Alexander Brosius


A Comprehensive Framework for the Computer-Aided Planning and Optimisation of Manufacturing Processes for Functional Graded Components.

Marcus Petersen, Jürgen Gausemeier


As-Is Analysis and Efficient 3D Layout Planning during the Conversion of Old and Design of New Production Facilities by Means of 3D-CAD.

Björn Schuster