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NPC 2008: Shanghai, China

Network and Parallel Computing, IFIP International Conference, NPC 2008, Shanghai, China, October 18-20, 2008. Proceedings

Jian Cao, Minglu Li, Min-You Wu, Jinjun Chen

Springer, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 5245, ISBN: 978-3-540-88139-1


Network Technologies

An AIAD-Based Adaptive Routing Protocol in Ad-Hoc Wireless Networks.

Youn-Sik Hong, Ki-Young Lee


Adaptive Neighbor Selection for Service Discovery in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.

Eunyoung Kang 0001, Yongsoon Im, Ung-Mo Kim


A Formal Approach to Robustness Testing of Network Protocol.

Chuanming Jing, Zhiliang Wang, Xia Yin, Jianping Wu


Deadline Probing: Towards Timely Cognitive Wireless Network.

Panlong Yang, Guihai Chen, Qihui Wu


SRDFA: A Kind of Session Reconstruction DFA.

Jinjing Huang, Lei Zhao, Jiwen Yang


Measuring the Normality of Web Proxies' Behavior Based on Locality Principles.

Yi Xie, Shun-Zheng Yu


Network Applications

Feedback Control-Based Database Connection Management for Proportional Delay Differentiation-Enabled Web Application Servers.

Wenping Pan, Dejun Mu, Hangxing Wu, Xinjia Zhang, Lei Yao


Research on the Detection of Distributed Denial of Service Attacks Based on the Characteristics of IP Flow.

Dongqi Wang, Guiran Chang, Xiaoshuo Feng, Rui Guo


Password-Authenticated Key Exchange between Clients in a Cross-Realm Setting.

Shuhua Wu, Yuefei Zhu


Forward Secure Password-Based Authenticated Key Distribution in the Three-Party Setting.

Shuhua Wu, Yuefei Zhu


Key Management Using Certificateless Public Key Cryptography in Ad Hoc Networks.

Fagen Li, Masaaki Shirase, Tsuyoshi Takagi


A Data Storage Mechanism for P2P VoD Based on Multi-channel Overlay.

Xiaofei Liao, Hao Wang, Song Wu, Hai Jin


HTL: A Locality Bounded Flat Hash Location Service.

Ruonan Rao, Shuying Liang, Jinyuan You


Accelerating the Propagation of Active Worms by Employing Multiple Target Discovery Techniques.

Xiang Fan, Yang Xiang


Online Accumulation: Reconstruction of Worm Propagation Path.

Yang Xiang, Qiang Li, Dong Guo 0002


HRS: A Hybrid Replication Strategy for Exhaustive P2P Search.

Hanhua Chen, Hai Jin, Xucheng Luo, Zhiguang Qin


ResourceDog: A Trusted Resource Discovery and Automatic Invocation P2P Framework.

Bowei Yang, Guanghua Song, Yao Zheng


Network and Parallel Architectures

A Novel Approach to Manage Asymmetric Traffic Flows for Secure Network Proxies.

Qing Li


Automatic Transformation for Overlapping Communication and Computation.

Changjun Hu, Yewei Shao, Jue Wang, Jianjiang Li


Cooperative Communication System for Parallel Computing Agents in Multi-cluster Grid.

Chen Qing-Kui, Wei Wang


CPI: A Novel Three-Phase Algorithm for QoS-Aware Replica Placement Problem.

Wei Fu, Yingjie Zhao, Nong Xiao, Xicheng Lu


Online Balancing Two Independent Criteria.

Savio S. H. Tse


Procrastination Scheduling for Fixed-Priority Tasks with Preemption Thresholds.

XiaoChuan He, Yan Jia


Parallel and Distributed Software

Survey on Parallel Programming Model.

Henry Kasim, Verdi March, Rita Zhang, Simon See


An Integrated Framework for Wireless Sensor Web Service and Its Performance Analysis Based on Queue Theory.

Luqun Li


Grid Computing: A Case Study in Hybrid GMRES Method.

Ye Zhang, Guy Bergére, Serge G. Petiton


Towards Resource Reliability Support for Grid Workflows.

Jiong Yu, Guozhong Tian, Yuanda Cao, Xianhe Sun


A SyncML Middleware-Based Solution for Pervasive Relational Data Synchronization.

Haitao Yang, Peng Yang, Pingjing Lu, Zhenghua Wang


An Efficient Authentication and Key Agreement Protocol in RFID System.

Eun-Jun Yoon, Kee-Young Yoo


Grid Service Discovery Based on Cross-VO Service Domain Model.

Jingya Zhou, Junzhou Luo, Aibo Song


Ontology-Based Semantic Method for Service Modeling in Grid.

Bin Cheng, Xingang Wang, Weiqin Tong


A Scalable and Adaptive Distributed Service Discovery Mechanism in SOC Environments.

Xiao Zheng, Junzhou Luo, Aibo Song