IFIP TC6 Open Digital Library

19. Networking 2020: Paris, France

19th International IFIP TC6 Networking Conference, Networking 2020, Paris, France, June 22-25, 2020

Xiaoming Fu, Silvia Giordano, Christian Jacquenet

IFIP Open Digital Library, IEEE Xplore, ISBN: 978-3-903176-28-7


Slicing - TS1: Network Slicing - Technical Session 1: Network Slicing for Vehicular and UAV services

Evaluation of Multi-operator dynamic 5G Network Slicing for Vehicular Emergency Scenarios

Hanif Kukkalli, Sumit Maheshwari, Ivan Seskar, Martin Skorupski


Integration of U-space and 5GS for UAV services

Lechosław Tomaszewski, Robert Kołakowski, Slawomir Kuklinski


Slicing - TS2: Network Slicing - Technical Session 2: ITization in the support of Network Slicing

Information Exchange to Support Multi-Domain Slice Service Provision for 5G/NFV

Luis M. Contreras, Alberto Solano


The case for serverless mobile networking

Marco Gramaglia, Pablo Serrano, Albert Banchs, Ginés García, Andres Garcia-Saavedra, Ramon Perez


FIT - TS1: FIT - Technical Session 1: Quality of Service

A DRAM-friendly priority queue Internet packet scheduler implementation and its effects on TCP

Katsushi Kobayashi


SRPT-ECF: challenging Round-Robin for stream-aware multipath scheduling

Baptiste Jonglez, Martin Heusse, Bruno Gaujal


FIT - TS2: FIT - Technical Session 2: Transport Layer

Rethinking ACKs at the Transport Layer

Ana Custura, Tom Jones, Gorry Fairhurst


A QUIC Simulation Model for INET and its Application to the Acknowledgment Ratio Issue

Ekaterina Volodina, Michael Tüxen, Erwin Rathgeb, Timo Völker


FIT - TS3: FIT - Technical Session 3: Measurement Studies

SABES: A Statistical approach to Available Bandwidth EStimation from passive TCP measurements

Francesco Ciaccia, Ivan Romero, Oriol Arcas-Abella, Diego Montero, René Serral-Gracià, Mario Nemirovsky


On the Incompatibility of Scalable Congestion Controls over the Internet

Ferenc Fejes, Gergo Gombos, Sándor Laki, Szilveszter Nádas


Evaluating QUIC's Performance Against Performance Enhancing Proxy over Satellite Link

Bhavit Shah, John Border, Chi-Jiun Su, Rob Torres


TS1-A: Technical Session 1-A: IoT Networking

Packet delay minimization in multi-hop wireless sensor networks with periodic traffic

Bartłomiej Ostrowski, Michal Pióro, Artur Tomaszewski


Performance Comparison of Messaging Protocols and Serialization Formats

Daniel Persson Proos, Niklas Carlsson


IoT Content Object Security with OSCoRE and NDN: A First Experimental Comparison

Cenk Gündogan, Christian Amsüss, Thomas Schmidt, Matthias Wählisch


TS1-B: Technical Session 1-B: User Behavior Modeling

Revealing QoE of Web Users from Encrypted Network Traffic

Antoine Saverimoutou, Alexis Huet, Zied Ben Houidi, Hao Shi, Sheng-Ming Cai, Jinchun Xu, Bertrand Mathieu, Dario Rossi


On the Practical Detection of Hierarchical Heavy Hitters

Jalil Moraney, Danny Raz


How Online Social Ties Influence the Epidemic Spreading of a Multiplex Network?

Xianzhe Tang, Yuan Zhang, Cong Li, Xiang Li


TS1-C: Technical Session 1-C: Service Function Chaining

Virtual Network Functions Placement and Routing Problem: Path formulation

Ahlam Mouaci, Ivana Ljubic, Eric Gourdin, Nancy Perrot


A Rank-based Mechanism for Service Placement in the Fog

Karima Velasquez, David Perez Abreu, Luis Paquete, Marilia Curado, Edmundo Monteiro


FlexMesh: Flexibly Chaining Network Functions on Programmable Data Planes at Runtime

Yu Zhou, Jun Bi, Cheng Zhang, Mingwei Xu, Jianping Wu


TS2-A: Technical Session 2-A: DC Networking

Anytime Backtrack Unimodal Bandits and Applications to Cloud Computing

Stephan Kunne, Lorenzo Maggi, Johanne Cohen, XU Xinneng


NFV Performance Profiling on Multi-core Servers

Peng Zheng, Wendi Feng, Arvind Narayanan, Zhi-Li Zhang


On Max-Min Fairness of Completion Times for Multi-Task Job Scheduling

Mehrnoosh Shafiee, Javad Ghaderi


Achieving Optimal Edge-based Congestion-aware Load Balancing in Data Center Networks

Weifeng Zhang, Dongfang Ling, Yuanrong Zhang, Pengfei Li, Guo Chen


TS2-B: Technical Session 2-B: Streaming Services

Measuring Decentralized Video Streaming: A Case Study of DTube

Trinh Viet Doan, Tat Dat Pham, Markus Oberprieler, Vaibhav Bajpai


EnDASH - A Mobility Adapted Energy Efficient ABR Video Streaming for Cellular Networks

Abhijit Mondal, Basabdatta Palit, Somesh Khandelia, Nibir Pal, Jay Jayatheerthan, Krishna Paul, Niloy Ganguly, Sandip Chakraborty


On the Internet-scale Streaming of Holographic-type Content with Assured User Quality of Experiences

Ioannis Selinis, Ning Wang, Bin Da, Delei Yu, Rahim Tafazolli


Optimized Dynamic Cache Instantiation

Niklas Carlsson, Derek Eager


TS2-C: Technical Session 2-C: AI for Networks

Precise and Adaptable: Leveraging Deep Reinforcement Learning for GAP-based Multipath Scheduler

Binbin Liao, Guangxing Zhang, Zulong Diao, Gaogang Xie


Online Fault-tolerant VNF Chain Placement: A Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach

Weixi Mao, Lei Wang, Jin Zhao, Yuedong Xu


Joint Coreset Construction and Quantization for Distributed Machine Learning

Hanlin Lu, Changchang Liu, Shiqiang Wang, Ting He, Vijaykrishnan Narayanan, Kevin Chan, Stephen Pasteris


Performance Prediction of Big Data Transfer Through Experimental Analysis and Machine Learning

Daqing Yun, Wuji Liu, Chase Wu, Nageswara Rao, Rajkumar Kettimuthu


TS3-A: Technical Session 3-A: Network Security

Characterizing the Root Landscape of Certificate Transparency Logs

Nikita Korzhitskii, Niklas Carlsson


Scaling website fingerprinting

Vincent Ghiette, Christian Doerr


Tracking Down Sources of Spoofed IP Packets

Osvaldo Fonseca, Italo Cunha, Elverton Fazzion, Wagner Meira, Brivaldo Junior, Ronaldo Ferreira, Ethan Katz-Bassett


Quantifying TCP SYN DDoS Resilience: A Longitudinal Study of Internet Services

Harm Griffioen, Christian Doerr


TS3-B: Technical Session 3-B: Streaming Services

Efficient User-Cell Association for 360 Video Streaming over Wireless Networks

Po-Han Huang, Konstantinos Psounis


RTCP - Reduce Delay Variability with an End-to-end Approach

Longbo Huang, Yuxing Li, Jean Walrand


Enabling Premium Service for Streaming Video in Cellular Networks

Xing Xu, Ramesh Govindan, Ajay Mahimkar, Nemmara Shankaranarayanan, Jia Wang, Minlan Yu


TS3-C: Technical Session 3-C: AI for Networks

A Deep Deterministic Policy Gradient Based Network Scheduler For Deadline-Driven Data Transfers

Gaurav Ghosal, Dipak Ghosal, Alex Sim, Aditya Thakur, Kesheng Wu


Approaching Fair Collision-Free Channel Access with Slotted ALOHA Using Collaborative Policy-Based Reinforcement Learning

Luca de Alfaro, Molly Zhang, JJ Garcia-Luna-Aceves


Fast Reinforcement Learning Algorithms for Resource Allocation in Data Centers

Yuang Jiang, Murali Kodialam, T. Lakshman, Sarit Mukherjee, Leandros Tassiulas


DS1: Demo Session 1: Security

A Practical Analysis on Mirai Botnet Traffic

Getoar Gallopeni, Bruno Rodrigues, Muriel Franco, Burkhard Stiller


Securing messages in C-ITS: a proof of concept

Jun Zhang, Houda Labiod, Ghassen Chaabane, Clément Ruffin, André Perpey


User identification by matching radio ``vision'' and computer vision through means of machine learning

Vinicius Mesquita de Pinho, Dalia Popescu


PS1: Poster Session 1: NFV/SDN/5G

CO2: Collaborative Packet Classification for Network Functions with Overselection

Yunhong Xu, Hao Wu, Nick Duffield, Bin Liu, Minlan Yu


Priority-Aware Per-flow Measurement using Cuckoo Sketch

Yibo Yan, Cheng Chen, Huiping Lin, Olivier Ruas, Tengjiao Wang, Tong Yang


Word embedding for deployment descriptors in NFV

Wassim Atoui, Imen Grida Ben Yahia, Walid Gaaloul


Im-OFDP: An Improved OpenFlow-based Topology Discovery Protocol for Software Defined Network

Dong Li, Yongpu Gu, Junqing Yu


SmartSharing: A CDN with Smart Contract-based Local OTT Sharing

Jiamin Fan, Kui Wu, Daming Liu, Guoming Tang


IsoRAN: Isolation and Scaling for 5G RAN via User-Level Data Plane Virtualization

Nishant Budhdev, Mun Choon Chan, Tulika Mitra


TS4-A: Technical Session 4-A: Blockchain Networking

Privacy-Preserving Blockchain-Based Data Sharing Platform for Decentralized Storage Systems

Van Hoan Hoang, Elyes Lehtihet, Yacine Ghamri-Doudane


Mapping the Interplanetary Filesystem

Sebastian Henningsen, Martin Florian, Sebastian Rust, Björn Scheuermann


How to Securely Prune Bitcoin's Blockchain

Roman Matzutt, Benedikt Kalde, Jan Pennekamp, Arthur Drichel, Martin Henze, Klaus Wehrle


TS4-B: Technical Session 4-B: Network Modeling

An Analytical Model for Assessing the Performance of IEEE 802.11ad Beamforming Training

Mohammed Dahhani, André-Luc Beylot, Gentian Jakllari


Implications of Routing Coherence and Consistency on Network Optimization

Yvonne-Anne Pignolet, Stefan Schmid, Gilles Tredan


Performance Analysis of VPN Gateways

Maximilian Pudelko, Paul Emmerich, Sebastian Gallenmüller, Georg Carle


TS4-C: Technical Session 4-C: Network Security

Quantifying the Influence of Regulatory Instructions over the Detection of Network Neutrality Violations

Márcio Carvalho, Vitor Cunha, Eduardo da Silva, Daniel Corujo, João Paulo Barraca, Rui Aguiar, Lisandro Granville


Evaluation of Centralised vs Distributed Collaborative Intrusion Detection Systems in Multi-Access Edge Computing

Rahul Sharma


Line-Speed and Scalable Intrusion Detection at the Network Edge via Federated Learning

Qiaofeng Qin, Konstantinos Poularakis, Kin Leung, Leandros Tassiulas


SP1: Short Papers 1: Network Security

Polymorphic Encryption and Pseudonymisation of IP Network Flows

Abraham Westerbaan, Luuk Hendriks


Encrypted Application Classification with Convolutional Neural Network

Kun Yang, Lu Xu, Yang Xu, H. Jonathan Chao


Securing Route Origin Authorization with Blockchain for Inter-Domain Routing

Guobiao He, Wei Su, Shuai Gao, Jiarui Yue


Securing Route Leaks using a Decentralized Approach

Miquel Ferriol Galmés, Roger Coll, Albert Cabellos-Aparicio, Shoushou Ren, XinPeng Wei, Bingyang Liu


SP2: Short Papers 2: SFC and Cloud Networking

Multi-Cloud Chaining with Segment Routing

Francesco Spinelli, Luigi Iannone, Jerome Tollet


Amalgam: Distributed Network Control With Scalabale Service Chaining

Subhrendu Chattopadhyay, Sukumar Nandi, Sandip Chakraborty, Abhinandan Sridhara Rao Prasad


Optimizing Social Welfare for Task Offloading in Mobile Edge Computing

Hsiang-Jen Hong, Wenjun Fan, C. Edward Chow, Xiaobo Zhou, Sang-Yoon Chang


Toward an Efficient Real-Time Anomaly Detection System for Cloud Datacenters

Ricardo Dias, Leopoldo Alexandre Mauricio, Marcus Poggi


ITS1: Industry Track - Session 1

Evolution Toward the Next Generation Radio Access Network

William Diego


Cost effective troubleshooting of NFV infrastructure

Ran Ben Basat, Gil Einziger, Maayan Goldstein, Liat Pele, Itai Segall


SP3: Short Papers 3: Network Modeling

A Delicate Union of Batching and Parallelization Models in Distributed Computing and Communication

Sounak Kar, Amr Rizk


Modelling Edge Computing in Urban Mobility Simulation Scenarios

Katja Gilly, Salvador Alcaraz, Noura Aknin, Sonja Filiposka, Anastas Mishev


A Social Spider Optimisation Algorithm for 3D Unmanned Aerial Base Stations Placement

Elhadja Chaalal, Laurent Reynaud, Sidi-Mohammed Senouci


Feedback-Based Hidden-Terminal Mitigation for Distributed Scheduling in Cellular V2X

Philip Wendland, Guenter Schaefer


Virtual Cross-Flow Detouring in the Deterministic Network Calculus Analysis

Steffen Bondorf, Fabien Geyer


SP4: Short Papers 4: AI for Networks

Zero-Day Traffic Identification Using One-Dimension Convolutional Neural Networks And Auto Encoder Machine

Dong Jin, Shuangwu Chen, Jinsen Xie, Jian Yang, Xinmin Liu, Wei Wang


Human Physical Status detection related to Danger Situations based on Smartwatch and Smartphone

Andrea Tundis, Muhammad Uzair, Max Mühlhäuser


Optimizing Spectrum Use in Wireless Networks by Learning Agents

Artur Popławski, Szymon Szott


Dynamic Backup Workers for Parallel Machine Learning

Chuan Xu, Giovanni Neglia, Nicola Sebastianelli


Deep Neural Networks approach for Power Head-Room Predictions in 5G Networks and Beyond

Nazih Salhab, Rana Rahim, Rami Langar, Raouf Boutaba


ITS2: Industry Track - Session 2

A Lightweight Network-based Android Malware Detection System

Igor Sanz, Martin Andreoni Lopez, Eduardo Viegas, Vinicius Sanches


Characterizing Packet Loss in City-Scale LoRaWAN Deployment: Analysis and Implications

Qian Liu, Yanyan Mu, Jin Zhao, Jingxia Feng, Bin Wang


TENSOR TS1: TENSOR - Technical Session 1: Deterministic Networking

Load Balancing for Deterministic Networks

Shuang Chen, Jeremie Leguay, Sébastien Martin, Paolo Medagliani


P4 In-Network Source Protection for Sensor Fail-Over

Steffen Lindner, Marco Häberle, Florian Heimgaertner, Naresh Nayak, Sebastian Schildt, Dennis Grewe, Hans Loehr, Michael Menth


TS5-A: Technical Session 5-A: Traffic Monitoring and Analysis

A data centric computational model of IPv6 adoption

Ioana Livadariu, Ahmed Elmokashfi, Amogh Dhamdhere


A Nation-Wide Wi-Fi RSSI Dataset: Statistical Analysis and Resulting Insights

Germán Capdehourat, Federico Larroca, Gastón Morales


Estimating Server Load Based on its Correlation with TCP SYN Response Time

Luis de Pedro, Marta Martínez Redondo, Cristina Mancha, Jorge López de Vergara


TS5-B: Technical Session 5-B: Industrial and Vehicular networking

QWIN: Facilitating QoS in Wireless Industrial Networks Through Cooperation

Martin Serror, Eric Wagner, René Glebke, Klaus Wehrle


MixCAN: Mixed and Backward-Compatible Data Authentication Scheme for Controller Area Networks

Teri Lenard, Roland Bolboaca, Bela Genge, Piroska Haller


CSBR: A Cosine Similarity Based Selective Broadcast Routing Protocol for Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks

Ankur Nahar, Himani Sikarwar, Debasis Das


TENSOR TS2: TENSOR - Technical Session 2: Time-Sensitive Networking

Coupling Source Routing with Time-Sensitive Networking

Gagan Nandha Kumar, Kostas Katsalis, Panagiotis Papadimitriou


Integrated Industrial Ethernet Networks: Time-sensitive Networking over SDN Infrastructure for mixed Applications

Mohamed Abdel Metaal, Rene Guillaume, Ralf Steinmetz, Amr Rizk


DS2: Demo Session 2: Performance

Autonomous Anomaly Detector for Cloud-Radio Access Network Key Performance Indicators

Nazih Salhab, Rana Rahim, Rami Langar


Seamless Multimedia Streaming in Controller-Less Wireless Mesh Networks With Mobile Stations

Markus Theil, Martin Backhaus, Michael Rossberg, Guenter Schaefer


PS2: Poster Session 2: VANETs/WMNs

Poster: Seamless Client Integration for Fast Roaming in Wireless Mesh Networks

Martin Backhaus, Markus Theil, Michael Rossberg, Guenter Schaefer


Poster: Distributed and Privacy Preserving Routing of Connected Vehicles to Minimize Congestion

Surabhi Boob, Shakir Mahmood, Muhammad Shahzad


SafeSmart: A VANET system for efficient communication for emergency vehicles

Luis Antonio Leite Francisco da Costa, Eduardo Kochenborger Duarte, Mikael Erneberg, Edison Pignaton de Freitas, Alexey Vinel


TrueNets: a Topology Generator for Realistic Network Analysis

Gabriele Gemmi, Renato Lo Cigno, Leonardo Maccari


TS6-A: Technical Session 6-A: Programmable Control and Data Planes

P4rt-OVS: Programming Protocol-Independent, Runtime Extensions for Open vSwitch with P4

Tomasz Osiński, Halina Tarasiuk, Paul Chaignon, Mateusz Kossakowski


Sequential Zeroing: Online Heavy-Hitter Detection on Programmable Hardware

Belma Turkovic, Jorik Oostenbrink, Fernando Kuipers, Isaac Keslassy, Ariel Orda


Defeating Protocol Abuse with P4: an Application to Explicit Congestion Notification

Abir Laraba, Jérôme François, Isabelle Chrisment, Shihabur Chowdhury, Raouf Boutaba


TS6-B: Technical Session 6-B: Advanced Forwarding and Routing Schemes

PBC: Effective Prefix Caching for Fast Name Lookups

Chuwen Zhang, Yong Feng, Haoyu Song, Beichuan Zhang, Yi Wang, Ying Wan, Wenquan Xu, Bin Liu


Routing Oblivious Measurement Analytics

Ran Ben Basat, Xiaoqi Chen, Gil Einziger, Shir Landau Feibish, Danny Raz, Minlan Yu


Moving a step forward in the quest for Deterministic Networks (DetNet)

Vamsi Addanki, Luigi Iannone


TS7: Technical Session 7: Programmable Control and Data Planes

Decoupling of Distributed Consensus, Failure Detection and Agreement in SDN Control Plane

Ermin Sakic, Wolfgang Kellerer


Cost-Efficient Embedding of Virtual Networks With and Without Routing Flexibility

Balázs Németh, Yvonne-Anne Pignolet, Matthias Rost, Stefan Schmid, Balázs Vass


Baking the ruleset: A heat propagation relaxation to packet classification

Xinyi Zhang, Kave Salamatian, Gaogang Xie


SP5: Short Papers 5: 5G Networking, Credential Management and AI for Networks

Multi-User collaborative scheduling in 5G massive MIMO heterogeneous networks

Marie Masson, Zwi Altman, Eitan Altman


MHM: A Novel Collaborative Spectrum Sensing Method based on Markov-chains and Harmonic Mean for 5G Networks

Gabriel Ferreira, Priscila Solis, Geraldo Rocha Filho, Marcos Caetano, Heikki Karvonen, Johanna Vartiainen


Voting Credential Management System for Electronic Voting Privacy

Arijet Sarker, SangHyun Byun, Wenjun Fan, Maria Psarakis, Sang-Yoon Chang


Differentiated Transmission based on Traffic Classification with Deep Learning in DataCenter

KeKe Zhu, Gengbiao Shen, Yong Jiang, Jianhui Lv, Qing Li, Mingwei Xu


DS3: Demo Session 3: Management and Configuration

FORCH: An Orchestrator for Fog Computing service deployment

Gianluca Davoli, Davide Borsatti, Daniele Tarchi, Walter Cerroni


Demo: Crawling the IPFS Network

Sebastian Henningsen, Sebastian Rust, Martin Florian, Björn Scheuermann


Optimum Rooted Trees for Failover in Switched Networks

Peter Willis, Nirmala Shenoy


Evaluation of Path States of Large IoT Networks Using Locally and Remotely Controlled Measurements

Agnieszka Chodorek, Robert Chodorek


PS3: Poster Session 3: ML/Privacy

Poster: A Semi-Supervised Framework to Detect Botnets in IoT Devices

Muhammad Naveed, Hui Wu


Evolution of Ethereum: A Temporal Graph Perspective

Qianlan Bai, Chao Zhang, Yuedong Xu, Xiaowei Chen, Xin Wang


OIDPR: Optimized Insulin Dosage based on Privacy-Preserving Reinforcement Learning

Zuobin Ying, Yun Zhang, Shuanglong Cao, Shengmin Xu, Ximeng Liu


Auditable secure network overlays for multi-domain distributed applications

Reginald Cushing, Paola Grosso, Ralph Koning, Cees de Laat


CONtrol: Controlling Quality of Service of Container Networks in a Hyperconverged Platform

Sumitro Bhaumik, Kaustav Chanda, Sandip Chakraborty


Per-Hop Bridge-Local Latency Bounds with Strict Priority Transmission Selection

Alexej Grigorjew, Florian Metzger, Tobias Hoßfeld, Johannes Specht, Franz-Josef Goetz, Juergen Schmitt, Feng Chen


SP6: Short Papers 6: IoT Networking

An Energy-Aware SDN/NFV Architecture for the Internet of Things

Dipon Saha, Meysam Shojaee, Michael Baddeley, Israat Haque


LoRaWAN Class B Multicast Scalability

Yonatan Shiferaw, Apoorva Arora, Fernando Kuipers


Practical evaluation of carrier sensing for a LoRa wildlife monitoring network

Morgan O'Kennedy, Thomas Niesler, Riaan Wolhuter, Nathalie Mitton