IFIP TC6 Open Digital Library

17. Networking 2018: Zurich, Switzerland

17th International IFIP TC6 Networking Conference, Networking 2018, Zurich, Switzerland, May 14-16, 2018

Claudio Casetti, Fernando Kuipers, James P. G. Sterbenz, Burkhard Stiller

IFIP Open Digital Library, ISBN: 978-3-903176-08-9


Security and Resilience

Rasch Analysis of HTTPS Reachability

George Geoffrey Michaelson, Matthew Roughan, Jonathan Tuke, Matt Wand, Randy Bush


PathFinder: Capturing DDoS Traffic Footprints on the Internet

Lumin Shi, Mingwei Zhang, Jun Li, Peter Reiher


CellPAD: Detecting Performance Anomalies in Cellular Networks via Regression Analysis

Jun Wu, Patrick P. C. Lee, Qi Li, Lujia Pan, Jianfeng Zhang


An M:N Shared Regenerator Protection Scheme in Translucent WDM Networks

Elias A. Doumith, Sawsan Al Zahr


Service Function Chaining

SRv6Pipes: Enabling In-network Bytestream Functions

Fabien Duchene, David Lebrun, Olivier Bonaventure


SERA: SEgment Routing Aware Firewall for Service Function Chaining Scenarios

Ahmed Abdelsalam, Stefano Salsano, Francois Clad, Pablo Camarillo, Clarence Filsfils


Charting the Complexity Landscape of Virtual Network Embeddings

Matthias Rost, Stefan Schmid


Breaking Service Function Chains with Khaleesi

Sara Ayoubi, Shihabur Rahman Chowdhury, Raouf Boutaba


Measurements and Analysis

Factors Affecting Performance of Web Flows in Cellular Networks

Ermias Andargie Walelgne, Setälä Kim, Vaibhav Bajpai, Stefan Neumeier, Jukka Manner, Jörg Ott


Measurement and Analysis of the Reviews in Airbnb

Qian Zhou, Yang Chen, Chuanhao Ma, Fei Li, Yu Xiao, Xin Wang, Xiaoming Fu


Wrinkles in Time: Detecting Internet-wide Events via NTP

Meenakshi Syamkumar, Sathiya Kumaran Mani, Ramakrishnan Durairajan, Paul Barford, Joel Sommers


State Acquisition in Computer Networks

Ruairí de Fréin


Congestion Control

Towards a Deeper Understanding of TCP BBR Congestion Control

Dominik Scholz, Benedikt Jaeger, Lukas Schwaighofer, Daniel Raumer, Fabien Geyer, Georg Carle


Cellular Controlled Delay TCP (C2TCP)

Soheil Abbasloo, Tong Li, Yang Xu, H. Jonathan Chao


The Virtue of Gentleness: Improving Connection Response Times with SYN Priority Active Queue Management

Tristan Braud, Martin Heusse, Andrzej Duda


Policy-oriented AQM Steering

Roland Bless, Mario Hock, Martina Zitterbart


Traffic Engineering

Adaptive Robust Traffic Engineering in Software Defined Networks

Davide Sanvito, Ilario Filippini, Antonio Capone, Stefano Paris, Jeremie Leguay


An Online Power-Aware Routing in SDN with Congestion-Avoidance Traffic Reallocation

Adriana Fernández-Fernández, Cristina Cervelló-Pastor, Leonardo Ochoa-Aday, Paola Grosso


Proactive Rerouting in Network Overlays

Reuven Cohen, Yuval Dagan, Gabi Nakibly


SWIFT: Bringing SDN-Based Flow Management to Commodity Wi-Fi Access Pointes

Seppo Hätönen, Petri Savolainen, Ashwin Rao, Hannu Flinck, Sasu Tarkoma


Multipath Communications

Multipath IP Routing on End Devices: Motivation, Design, and Performance

Liyang Sun, Guibin Tian, Guanyu Zhu, Yong Liu, Hang Shi, David Dai


QAware: A Cross-Layer Approach to MPTCP Scheduling

Tanya Shreedhar, Nitinder Mohan, Sanjit K. Kaul, Jussi Kangasharju


SDN Architectures

The Effect of Network topology on the Control Traffic in Distributed SDN

Muhammad Zeshan Naseer, Viktoria Fodor


HARMLESS: Cost-Effective Transitioning to SDN for Small Enterprises

Levente Csikor, László Toka, Márk Szalay, Gergely Pongrácz, Dimitrios P. Pezaros, Gábor Rétvári


I DPID It My Way! A Covert Timing Channel in Software-Defined Networks

Robert Krösche, Kashyap Thimmaraju, Liron Schiff, Stefan Schmid


5G Communications

Blockage-Robust 5G mm-Wave Access Network Planning

Mohammad Nourifar, Francesco Devoti, Ilario Filippini


D2D Multihop Energy-Efficient Routing and OFDMA Resource Allocation in 5G Networks

Safwan Alwan, Ilhem Fajjari, Nadjib Aitsaadi


Dynamic Load Balancing in 5G HetNets for Optimal Performance-Energy Tradeoff

Misikir Eyob Gebrehiwot, Pasi Lassila, Samuli Aalto


Named Data Networking

Making Name-Based Content Routing More Efficient than Link-State Routing

Ehsan Hemmati, J.J. Garcia-Luna-Aceves


PopNetCod: A Popularity-based Caching Policy for Network Coding enabled Named Data Networking

Jonnahtan Saltarin, Torsten Braun, Eirina Bourtsoulatze, Nikolaos Thomos


NEST: Efficient Transport of Data Summaries over Named Data Networks

Karim Khalil, Azeem Aqil, Srikanth V. Krishnamurthy, Tarek Abdelzaher, Lance Kaplan


MUCA: New Routing for Named Data Networking

Chavoosh Ghasemi, Hamed Yousefi, Kang G. Shin, Beichuan Zhang, Kang G. Shin, Beichuan Zhang


Wireless and Mobile Networks

Association Optimization in Wi-Fi Networks based on the Channel Busy Time Estimation

Mohammed Amer, Anthony Busson, Isabelle Guérin Lassous


Carrier-Sense Multiple Access with Transmission Acquisition (CSMA/TA)

Marcelo M. Carvalho, J.J. Garcia-Luna-Aceves


Prescriptive Analytics for MEC Orchestration

Alberto Ceselli, Marco Fiore, Angelo Furno, Marco Premoli, Stefano Secci, Razvan Stanica


Profit and Strategic Analysis for MNO-MVNO Partnership

Nesrine Ben Khalifa, Amal Benhamiche, Alain Simonian, Marc Bouillon


Data Center and Overlay Networks

HyLine: a Simple and Practical Flow Scheduling for Commodity Datacenters

Soheil Abbasloo, Yang Xu, H. Jonathan Chao


Dynamic Load Balancing with Tokens

Céline Comte


Moving Bits with a Fleet of Shared Virtual Routers

Pradeeban Kathiravelu, Marco Chiesa, Pedro Marcos, Marco Canini, Luís Veiga


Real-time Money Routing by Trusting Strangers with your Funds

Martijn de Vos, Johan Pouwelse


Virtualization and Resource Sharing

Virtual Network Embedding Approximations: Leveraging Randomized Rounding

Matthias Rost, Stefan Schmid


AHAB: Data-Driven Virtual Cluster Hunting

Johannes Zerwas, Patrick Kalmbach, Carlos Fuerst, Arne Ludwig, Andreas Blenk, Wolfgang Kellerer, Stefan Schmid


Controlling Software Router Resource Sharing by Fair Packet Dropping

Vamsi Addanki, Leonardo Linguaglossa, James Roberts, Dario Rossi


Network Models and Algorithms

A New Dependence Model for Heterogeneous Markov Modulated Poisson Processes

Fang Dong, Kui Wu, Venkatesh Srinivasan


Improving Output Bounds in the Stochastic Network Calculus Using Lyapunov's Inequality

Paul Nikolaus, Jens Schmitt


Hierarchical Layer Selection with Low Overhead in Prioritized Network Coding

Marie Schaeffer, Roman Naumann, Stefan Dietzel, Björn Scheuermann


A Blockchain Consensus Protocol with Horizontal Scalability

Kelong Cong, Zhijie Ren, Johan Pouwelse


Content Distribution

On the Delay Performance of Browser-based Interactive TCP Free-viewpoint Streaming

Tilak Varisetty, Markus Fidler, Matthias Ueberheide, Marcus Magnor


Alternative Handshake Mechanism for the Stream Control Transmission Protocol

Felix Weinrank, Irene Rüngeler, Michael Tüxen, Erwin P. Rathgeb


A Framework for Evaluating Caching Policies in a Hierarchical Network of Caches

Eman Ramadan, Pariya Babaie, Zhi-Li Zhang


Neural Networks for Measurement-based Bandwidth Estimation

Sukhpreet Kaur Khangura, Markus Fidler, Bodo Rosenhahn


Short Presentation Papers I

Decentralized Scheduling for Offloading of Periodic Tasks in Mobile Edge Computing

Sladana Josilo, György Dán


Experience-Availability Analysis of Online Cloud Services using Stochastic Models

Yue Cao, Laiping Zhao, Rongqi Zhang, Yanan Yang, Xiaobo Zhou, Keqiu Li


Tuning Multipath TCP for Interactive Applications on Smartphones

Quentin De Coninck, Olivier Bonaventure


Waypoint Routing in Special Networks

Saeed Akhoondian Amiri, Klaus-Tycho Foerster, Riko Jacob, Mahmoud Perham, Stefan Schmid


Short Presentation Papers II

Complex Services Offloading in Opportunistic Networks

The An Binh Nguyen, Marius Rettberg-Päplow, Christian Meurisch, Tobias Meuser, Björn Richerzhagen, Ralf Steinmetz


PPAD: Privacy Preserving Group-Based ADvertising in Online Social Networks

Sanaz Taheri Boshrooyeh, Alptekin Küpcü, Oznur Ozkasap


Is There a Case for Parallel Connections with Modern Web Protocols?

Jawad Mazoor, Ramin Sadre, Idilio Drago, Llorenc Cerdà-Alabern


A Protocol-Ignorance Perspective on Incremental Deployability of Routing Protocols

Vadim Kirilin, Sergey Gorinsky


Annex: Demonstration and Poster Session

Demo: Chaining of Segment Routing Aware and Unaware Service Functions

Ahmed Abdelsalam


Demo: Intent-Based 5G IoT Application Slice Energy Monitoring

Fred Aklamanu, Sabine Randriamasy, Eric Renault, Imran Latif, Abdelkrim Hebbar, Alberto Contem Bilal Al Jamal, Warda Hamdaoui


Demo: Enabling In-Network Processing utilizing Nearby

The An Binh Nguyen, Christian Klos, Christian Meurisch, Patrick Lampe


Demo: Controlling Software Router Resource Sharing by Fair Packet Dropping

Vamsi Addanki, Leonardo Linguaglossa, Jim Roberts, Dario Rossi


Poster: Impact of Prioritized Network Coding on Sensor Data Collection in Smart Factories

Marie Schaeffer, Roman Naumann, Stefan Dietzel, Björn Scheuermann


Poster: Design and Evaluation of a Time Efficient Vertical Handoff Algorithm between LTE-A and IEEE 802.11ad Wireless Networks

Sina Rafati Niya, Burkhard Stiller


Poster: WebMaDa 2.0 - Automated Handling of User Requests

Corinna Schmitt, Dominik Bünzli, Burkhard Stiller