IFIP TC6 Open Digital Library

Networking 2011: Valencia, Spain

NETWORKING 2011 - 10th International IFIP TC 6 Networking Conference, Valencia, Spain, May 9-13, 2011, Proceedings, Part I

Jordi Domingo-Pascual, Pietro Manzoni, Sergio Palazzo, Ana Pont, Caterina M. Scoglio

Springer, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 6640, ISBN: 978-3-642-20756-3


Anomaly Detection

BotTrack: Tracking Botnets Using NetFlow and PageRank.

Jérôme François, Shaonan Wang, Radu State, Thomas Engel


Learning Entropy.

Lele Zhang, Darryl Veitch


Machine Learning Approach for IP-Flow Record Anomaly Detection.

Cynthia Wagner, Jérôme François, Radu State, Thomas Engel


UNADA: Unsupervised Network Anomaly Detection Using Sub-space Outliers Ranking.

Pedro Casas, Johan Mazel, Philippe Owezarski


Content Management

Efficient Processing of Multi-connection Compressed Web Traffic.

Yehuda Afek, Anat Bremler-Barr, Yaron Koral


The Resource Efficient Forwarding in the Content Centric Network.

Yifan Yu, Daqing Gu


Modelling and Evaluation of CCN-Caching Trees.

Ioannis Psaras, Richard G. Clegg, Raul Landa, Wei Koong Chai, George Pavlou


Empirical Evaluation of HTTP Adaptive Streaming under Vehicular Mobility.

Jun Yao, Salil S. Kanhere, Imran Hossain, Mahbub Hassan


DTN and Sensor Networks

MAC Layer Support for Delay Tolerant Video Transport in Disruptive MANETs.

Morten Lindeberg, Stein Kristiansen, Vera Goebel, Thomas Plagemann


DTN Support for News Dissemination in an Urban Area.

Tuan-Minh Pham, Serge Fdida


Stochastic Scheduling for Underwater Sensor Networks.

Dimitri Marinakis, Kui Wu, Sue Whitesides


Using SensLAB as a First Class Scientific Tool for Large Scale Wireless Sensor Network Experiments.

Clément Burin des Roziers, Guillaume Chelius, Tony Ducrocq, Eric Fleury, Antoine Fraboulet, Antoine Gallais, Nathalie Mitton, Thomas Noël, Julien Vandaele


Energy Efficiency

Using Coordinated Transmission with Energy Efficient Ethernet.

Pedro Reviriego, Ken Christensen, Alfonso Sánchez-Macián, Juan Antonio Maestro


Online Job-Migration for Reducing the Electricity Bill in the Cloud.

Niv Buchbinder, Navendu Jain, Ishai Menache


Stochastic Traffic Engineering for Live Audio/Video Delivering over Energy-Limited Wireless Access Networks.

Nicola Cordeschi, Tatiana Patriarca, Enzo Baccarelli


VMFlow: Leveraging VM Mobility to Reduce Network Power Costs in Data Centers.

Vijay Mann, Avinash Kumar 0003, Partha Dutta, Shivkumar Kalyanaraman


Mobility Modeling

A Collaborative AAA Architecture to Enable Secure Real-World Network Mobility.

Panagiotis Georgopoulos, Ben McCarthy, Christopher Edwards


Markov Modulated Bi-variate Gaussian Processes for Mobility Modeling and Location Prediction.

Paulo Salvador, António Nogueira


Mobility Prediction Based Neighborhood Discovery in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.

Xu Li, Nathalie Mitton, David Simplot-Ryl


STEPS - An Approach for Human Mobility Modeling.

Anh Dung Nguyen, Patrick Sénac, Victor Ramiro, Michel Diaz


Network Science

Epidemic Spread in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks: Determining the Tipping Point.

Nicholas Valler, B. Aditya Prakash, Hanghang Tong, Michalis Faloutsos, Christos Faloutsos


Small Worlds and Rapid Mixing with a Little More Randomness on Random Geometric Graphs.

Gunes Ercal


A Random Walk Approach to Modeling the Dynamics of the Blogosphere.

Muhammad Zubair Shafiq, Alex X. Liu


A Nash Bargaining Solution for Cooperative Network Formation Games.

Konstantin Avrachenkov, Jocelyne Elias, Fabio Martignon, Giovanni Neglia, Leon A. Petrosyan


Network Topology Configuration

Optimal Node Placement in Distributed Wireless Security Architectures.

Fabio Martignon, Stefano Paris, Antonio Capone


Geographical Location and Load Based Gateway Selection for Optimal Traffic Offload in Mobile Networks.

Tarik Taleb, Yassine Hadjadj Aoul, Stefan Schmid


Femtocell Coverage Optimisation Using Statistical Verification.

Tiejun Ma, Peter R. Pietzuch


Points of Interest Coverage with Connectivity Constraints Using Wireless Mobile Sensors.

Milan Erdelj, Tahiry Razafindralambo, David Simplot-Ryl


Next Generation Internet

A Deep Dive into the LISP Cache and What ISPs Should Know about It.

Juhoon Kim, Luigi Iannone, Anja Feldmann


Data Plane Optimization in Open Virtual Routers.

Muhammad Siraj Rathore, Markus Hidell, Peter Sjödin


Performance Comparison of Hardware Virtualization Platforms.

Daniel Schlosser, Michael Duelli, Sebastian Goll


A Novel Scalable IPv6 Lookup Scheme Using Compressed Pipelined Tries.

Michel Hanna, Sangyeun Cho, Rami G. Melhem


Path Diversity

oBGP: An Overlay for a Scalable iBGP Control Plane.

Iuniana Oprescu, Mickael Meulle, Steve Uhlig, Cristel Pelsser, Olaf Maennel, Philippe Owezarski


Scalability of iBGP Path Diversity Concepts.

Uli Bornhauser, Peter Martini, Martin Horneffer


MultiPath TCP: From Theory to Practice.

Sébastien Barré, Christoph Paasch, Olivier Bonaventure


Stealthier Inter-packet Timing Covert Channels.

Sebastian Zander, Grenville J. Armitage, Philip Branch