IFIP TC6 Open Digital Library

Networking 2009: Aachen, Germany

NETWORKING 2009, 8th International IFIP-TC 6 Networking Conference, Aachen, Germany, May 11-15, 2009. Proceedings

Luigi Fratta, Henning Schulzrinne, Yutaka Takahashi, Otto Spaniol

Springer, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 5550, ISBN: 978-3-642-01398-0


Ad-Hoc Networks: Sensor Networks

Calibrating Wireless Sensor Network Simulation Models with Real-World Experiments.

Philipp Hurni, Torsten Braun


Experimental Study: Link Quality and Deployment Issues in Wireless Sensor Networks.

Monique Becker, André-Luc Beylot, Riadh Dhaou, Ashish Gupta 0006, Rahim Kacimi, Michel Marot


Aggregation Protocols for High Rate, Low Delay Data Collection in Sensor Networks.

Jie Feng, Derek L. Eager, Dwight J. Makaroff


Event Based Fairness for Video Surveillance Sensor Networks.

Yunus Durmus, Bahri Atay Ozgovde, Cem Ersoy


Modelling: Routing and Queuing

Humpty Dumpty: Putting iBGP Back Together Again.

Ashley Flavel, Jeremy McMahon, Aman Shaikh, Matthew Roughan, Nigel Bean


Performance Evaluation of Weighted Fair Queuing System Using Matrix Geometric Method.

Amina Al-Sawaai, Irfan Awan, Rod J. Fretwell


Counting Flows over Sliding Windows in High Speed Networks.

Josep Sanjuàs-Cuxart, Pere Barlet-Ros, Josep Solé-Pareta


Heterogeneous Protection in Regular and Complete Bi-partite Networks.

Jasmina Omic, Robert E. Kooij, Piet Van Mieghem


Peer to Peer: Analysis

Conducting and Optimizing Eclipse Attacks in the Kad Peer-to-Peer Network.

Michael Kohnen, Mike Leske, Erwin P. Rathgeb


On the Optimal Scheduling of Streaming Applications in Unstructured Meshes.

Luca Abeni, Csaba Király, Renato Lo Cigno


Identify P2P Traffic by Inspecting Data Transfer Behaviour.

Mingjiang Ye, Jianping Wu, Ke Xu, Dah-Ming Chiu


Where Is My Peer? Evaluation of the Vivaldi Network Coordinate System in Azureus.

Moritz Steiner, Ernst W. Biersack


Quality of Service: New Protocols

IP Fast ReRoute: Lightweight Not-Via.

Gábor Enyedi, Gábor Rétvári, Péter Szilágyi, András Császár


QoS Support for Mobile Users Using NSIS.

Roland Bless, Martin Röhricht


Real Time Identification of SSH Encrypted Application Flows by Using Cluster Analysis Techniques.

Gianluca Maiolini, Andrea Baiocchi, Alfonso Iacovazzi, Antonello Rizzi


Evaluation of a Multiobjective Alternative Routing Method in Carrier IP/MPLS Networks.

Lúcia Martins, Catarina Francisco, João Redol, José M. F. Craveirinha, João C. N. Clímaco, Paulo Monteiro


Wireless Networks: Planning and Performance

Dimensioning and Location Planning for Wireless Networks under Multi-level Cooperative Relaying.

Bin Lin, Pin-Han Ho


Multi-user OFDMA Frame Aggregation for Future Wireless Local Area Networking.

James Gross, Oscar Puñal, Marc Emmelmann


WIFE: Wireless Indoor Positioning Based on Fingerprint Evaluation.

Apostolia Papapostolou, Hakima Chaouchi


Performance Analysis of Packet Aggregation in WLANs with Simultaneous Multi-user Access.

Andreas Könsgen, Md. Shahidul Islam, Andreas Timm-Giel, Carmelita Görg


Applications and Services: System Evaluation

Revisiting the Performance of Short TCP Transfers.

Aymen Hafsaoui, Denis Collange, Guillaume Urvoy-Keller


Why Are Peers Less Stable in Unpopular P2P Streaming Channels?.

Zimu Liu, Chuan Wu, Baochun Li, Shuqiao Zhao


Enhancing Application Identification by Means of Sequential Testing.

Mohamad Jaber, Chadi Barakat


The Illusion of Being Deterministic - Application-Level Considerations on Delay in 3G HSPA Networks.

Joachim Fabini, Wolfgang Karner, Lukas Wallentin, Thomas Baumgartner


Peer to Peer: Topology

Phoenix: Towards an Accurate, Practical and Decentralized Network Coordinate System.

Yang Chen, Xiao Wang, Xiaoxiao Song, Eng Keong Lua, Cong Shi, Xiaohan Zhao, Beixing Deng, Xing Li


Topology Dynamics in a P2PTV Network.

Siyu Tang, Yue Lu, Javier Martín Hernández, Fernando A. Kuipers, Piet Van Mieghem


Collaboration in BitTorrent Systems.

Rafit Izhak-Ratzin


Detecting Triangle Inequality Violations in Internet Coordinate Systems by Supervised Learning.

Yongjun Liao, Mohamed Ali Kâafar, Bamba Gueye, François Cantin, Pierre Geurts, Guy Leduc


Next Generation Internet: Transport Protocols

Analysis of the Effects of XLFrames in a Network.

Dinil Mon Divakaran, Eitan Altman, Georg Post, Ludovic Noirie, Pascale Vicat-Blanc Primet


Complementing TCP Congestion Control with Forward Error Correction.

Vicky Sharma, Kadangode Ramakrishnan, Koushik Kar, Shivkumar Kalyanaraman


Collateral Damage: The Impact of Optimised TCP Variants on Real-Time Traffic Latency in Consumer Broadband Environments.

Lawrence Stewart, Grenville J. Armitage, Alana Huebner


Why Rely on Blind AIMDs?

Ioannis Psaras, Mehrdad Dianati, Rahim Tafazolli


Wireless Networks: Protocols

SBA: A Simple Backoff Algorithm for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks.

Tahiry Razafindralambo, Isabelle Guérin Lassous


Hashing Backoff: A Collision-Free Wireless Access Method.

Paul Starzetz, Martin Heusse, Franck Rousseau, Andrzej Duda


Optimal Placement of Multiple Interconnected Gateways in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks.

Antonio Capone, Matteo Cesana, Danilo De Donno, Ilario Filippini


Extended Cooperative Balanced Space-Time Block Coding for Increased Efficiency in Wireless Sensor Networks.

Ali Eksim, Mehmet Ertugrul Çelebi


Next Generation Internet: Network and Transport

Congestion and Flow Control in the Context of the Message-Oriented Protocol SCTP.

Irene Rüngeler, Michael Tüxen, Erwin P. Rathgeb


Compound TCP with Random Losses.

Alberto Blanc, Konstantin Avrachenkov, Denis Collange, Giovanni Neglia


Preventing the Unnecessary Propagation of BGP Withdraws.

Virginie Van den Schrieck, Pierre François, Cristel Pelsser, Olivier Bonaventure


Backup Path Classification Based on Failure Risks for Efficient Backup Path Computation.

Mohand Yazid Saidi, Bernard Cousin, Jean-Louis Le Roux


Modelling and Performance Analysis: Infrastructure

An Efficient Analytical Model for the Dimensioning of WiMAX Networks.

Bruno Baynat, Georges Nogueira, Masood Maqbool, Marceau Coupechoux


Performance Evaluation of Gradient Routing Strategies for Wireless Sensor Networks.

Fadila Khadar, Tahiry Razafindralambo


Online Estimation of Available Bandwidth and Fair Share Using Kalman Filtering.

Zdravko Bozakov, Michael Bredel


A New Metric for Robustness with Respect to Virus Spread.

Robert E. Kooij, Phillip Schumm, Caterina M. Scoglio, Mina Youssef


Applications and Services: Streaming and Multimedia

Practical Random Linear Network Coding on GPUs.

Xiaowen Chu, Kaiyong Zhao, Mea Wang


Peer-assisted On-demand Video Streaming with Selfish Peers.

Niklas Carlsson, Derek L. Eager, Anirban Mahanti


Video Broadcasting to Heterogeneous Mobile Devices.

Cheng-Hsin Hsu, Mohamed Hefeeda


Scan Surveillance in Internet Networks.

Khadija Houerbi Ramah, Kavé Salamatian, Farouk Kamoun


Wireless Networks: Availability

Optimizing the Association Procedure for Low-Power 802.15.4 Nonbeacon Sensor Networks.

Barbara Staehle


Impact of Misbehaviour on QoS in Wireless Mesh Networks.

Szymon Szott, Marek Natkaniec, Albert Banchs


An Uplink Bandwidth Management Framework for IEEE 802.16 with QoS Guarantees.

Mohamad El Masri, Slim Abdellatif, Guy Juanole


A Coalitional Game Model for Heat Diffusion Based Incentive Routing and Forwarding Scheme.

Xiaoqi Li, Wujie Zheng, Michael R. Lyu


Modelling and Performance Evaluation: Network Architectures

Performance Analysis of Centralized versus Distributed Recovery Schemes in P2P Storage Systems.

Abdulhalim Dandoush, Sara Alouf, Philippe Nain


Analyzing Network Coverage in Unstructured Peer-to-Peer Networks: A Complex Network Approach.

Joydeep Chandra, Santosh Kumar Shaw, Niloy Ganguly


Decentralized Bootstrapping of P2P Systems: A Practical View.

Jochen Dinger, Oliver P. Waldhorst


Performance Evaluation of Fast Startup Congestion Control Schemes.

Michael Scharf


Peer to Peer: Frameworks and Architectures

A Unified Framework for Sub-stream Scheduling in P2P Hybrid Streaming Systems and How to Do Better?.

Zhenjiang Li, Yao Yu, Xiaojun Hei, Danny H. K. Tsang


A Novel Content Distribution Mechanism in DHT Networks.

Quanqing Xu, Heng Tao Shen, Bin Cui, Xiaoxiao Hou, Yafei Dai


CHAP: Enabling Efficient Hardware-Based Multiple Hash Schemes for IP Lookup.

Michel Hanna, Socrates Demetriades, Sangyeun Cho, Rami G. Melhem


PUB-2-SUB: A Content-Based Publish/Subscribe Framework for Cooperative P2P Networks.

Duc A. Tran, Cuong Pham


All-IP Networking: Frameworks

Minimum-Delay Load-Balancing through Non-parametric Regression.

Federico Larroca, Jean-Louis Rougier


A Power Benchmarking Framework for Network Devices.

Priya Mahadevan, Puneet Sharma, Sujata Banerjee, Parthasarathy Ranganathan


MPLS Label Stacking on the Line Network.

Jean-Claude Bermond, David Coudert, Joanna Moulierac, Stéphane Pérennes, Hervé Rivano, Ignasi Sau, Fernando Solano Donado


Modelling and Performance Evaluation of Improved Access Mechanisms in a Novel Multiservice OPS Architecture.

Thaere Eido, Ferhan Pekergin, Tülin Atmaca


Next Generation Internet

On the Impact of Clustering on Measurement Reduction.

Damien Saucez, Benoit Donnet, Olivier Bonaventure


Topology Design for Service Overlay Networks with Economic and QoS Constraints.

Davide Adami, Christian Callegari, Stefano Giordano, Michele Pagano, Teresa Pepe


Bandwidth Optimization for Multicast Transmissions in Virtual Circuit Networks.

Vincent Reinhard, Joanna Tomasik, Dominique Barth, Marc-Antoine Weisser


Harmony - Advance Reservations in Heterogeneous Multi-domain Environments.

Alexander Willner, Christoph Barz, Joan Antoni García Espín, Jordi Ferrer Riera, Sergi Figuerola, Peter Martini


Creating Butterflies in the Core - A Network Coding Extension for MPLS/RSVP-TE.

Thorsten Biermann, Arne Schwabe, Holger Karl


Why Is This Web Page Coming Up so Slow? Investigating the Loss of SYN Packets.

Dragana Damjanovic, Philipp Gschwandtner, Michael Welzl


Performance and Wireless

Gravity-Based Local Clock Synchronization in Wireless Sensor Networks.

Markus Wälchli, Reto Zurbuchen, Thomas Staub, Torsten Braun


Two ID-Free Distributed Distance-2 Edge Coloring Algorithms for WSNs.

André C. Pinho, Alexandre A. Santos, Daniel R. Figueiredo, Felipe M. G. França


A Performance Model for Maintenance Tasks in an Environment of Virtualized Servers.

Tien Van Do, Udo R. Krieger


Towards Automated Secure Web Service Execution.

Béla Genge, Piroska Haller


Performance Study of a Video Application over Multi Hop Wireless Networks with Statistic-Based Routing.

Alexander Klein, Jirka Klaue