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4. MLDM 2005: Leipzig, Germany

Machine Learning and Data Mining in Pattern Recognition, 4th International Conference, MLDM 2005, Leipzig, Germany, July 9-11, 2005, Proceedings

Petra Perner, Atsushi Imiya

Springer, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3587, ISBN: 3-540-26923-1


Classification and Model Estimation

On ECOC as Binary Ensemble Classifiers.

J. Ko, E. Kim


Incremental Classification Rules Based on Association Rules Using Formal Concept Analysis.

Anamika Gupta, Naveen Kumar 0001, Vasudha Bhatnagar


Parameter Inference of Cost-Sensitive Boosting Algorithms.

Yanmin Sun, Andrew K. C. Wong, Yang Wang 0007


Finite Mixture Models with Negative Components.

Baibo Zhang, Changshui Zhang


MML-Based Approach for Finite Dirichlet Mixture Estimation and Selection.

Nizar Bouguila, Djemel Ziou


Principles of Multi-kernel Data Mining.

Vadim Mottl, Olga Krasotkina, Oleg Seredin, Ilya B. Muchnik


Neural Methods

Comparative Analysis of Genetic Algorithm, Simulated Annealing and Cutting Angle Method for Artificial Neural Networks.

Ranadhir Ghosh, Moumita Ghosh, John Yearwood, Adil M. Bagirov


Determining Regularization Parameters for Derivative Free Neural Learning.

Ranadhir Ghosh, Moumita Ghosh, John Yearwood, Adil M. Bagirov


A Comprehensible SOM-Based Scoring System.

Johan Huysmans, Bart Baesens, Jan Vanthienen


Subspace Methods

The Convex Subclass Method: Combinatorial Classifier Based on a Family of Convex Sets.

Ichigaku Takigawa, Mineichi Kudo, Atsuyoshi Nakamura


SSC: Statistical Subspace Clustering.

Laurent Candillier, Isabelle Tellier, Fabien Torre, Olivier Bousquet


Understanding Patterns with Different Subspace Classification.

Gero Szepannek, Karsten Luebke, Claus Weihs


Clustering: Basics

Using Clustering to Learn Distance Functions for Supervised Similarity Assessment.

Christoph F. Eick, Alain Rouhana, Abraham Bagherjeiran, Ricardo Vilalta


Linear Manifold Clustering.

Robert M. Haralick, Rave Harpaz


Universal Clustering with Regularization in Probabilistic Space.

Vladimir Nikulin, Alex J. Smola


Acquisition of Concept Descriptions by Conceptual Clustering.

Silke Jänichen, Petra Perner


Applications of Clustering

Clustering Large Dynamic Datasets Using Exemplar Points.

William Sia, Mihai M. Lazarescu


Birds of a Feather Surf Together: Using Clustering Methods to Improve Navigation Prediction from Internet Log Files.

Martin Halvey, Mark T. Keane, Barry Smyth


Alarm Clustering for Intrusion Detection Systems in Computer Networks.

Giorgio Giacinto, Roberto Perdisci, Fabio Roli


Clustering Document Images Using Graph Summaries.

Eugen Barbu, Pierre Héroux, Sébastien Adam, Éric Trupin


Feature Grouping, Discretization, Selection and Transformation

Feature Selection Method Using Preferences Aggregation.

Gaëlle Legrand, Nicolas Nicoloyannis


Ranked Modelling with Feature Selection Based on the CPL Criterion Functions.

Leon Bobrowski


A Grouping Method for Categorical Attributes Having Very Large Number of Values.

Marc Boullé


Unsupervised Learning of Visual Feature Hierarchies.

Fabien Scalzo, Justus H. Piater


Multivariate Discretization by Recursive Supervised Bipartition of Graph.

Sylvain Ferrandiz, Marc Boullé


CorePhrase: Keyphrase Extraction for Document Clustering.

Khaled M. Hammouda, Diego N. Matute, Mohamed S. Kamel


A New Multidimensional Feature Transformation for Linear Classifiers and Its Applications.

EunSang Bak


Applications in Medicine

Comparison of FLDA, MLP and SVM in Diagnosis of Lung Nodule.

Aristófanes Corrêa Silva, Anselmo Cardoso de Paiva, Alexandre César Muniz de Oliveira


Diagnosis of Lung Nodule Using Reinforcement Learning and Geometric Measures.

Aristófanes Corrêa Silva, Valdeci Ribeiro da Silva Jr., Areolino de Almeida Neto, Anselmo Cardoso de Paiva


Iris Recognition Algorithm Based on Point Covering of High-Dimensional Space and Neural Network.

Wenming Cao, Jianhui Hu, Gang Xiao, Shoujue Wang


Automatic Clinical Image Segmentation Using Pathological Modelling, PCA and SVM.

Shuo Li, Thomas Fevens, Adam Krzyzak, Song Li


Improved MRI Mining by Integrating Support Vector Machine Priors in the Bayesian Restoration.

Dimitris A. Karras, Basil G. Mertzios, Danielle Graveron-Demilly, Dirk van Ormondt


Prediction of Secondary Protein Structure Content from Primary Sequence Alone - A Feature Selection Based Approach.

Lukasz A. Kurgan, Leila Homaeian


Alternative Clustering by Utilizing Multi-objective Genetic Algorithm with Linked-List Based Chromosome Encoding.

Jun Du, Emin Erkan Korkmaz, Reda Alhajj, Ken Barker


Time Series and Sequential Pattern Mining

Embedding Time Series Data for Classification.

Akira Hayashi, Yuko Mizuhara, Nobuo Suematsu


Analysis of Time Series of Graphs: Prediction of Node Presence by Means of Decision Tree Learning.

Horst Bunke, Peter J. Dickinson, Christophe Irniger, Miro Kraetzl


Disjunctive Sequential Patterns on Single Data Sequence and Its Anti-monotonicity.

Kazuhiro Shimizu, Takao Miura


Mining Expressive Temporal Associations from Complex Data.

Keith A. Pray, Carolina Ruiz


Statistical Supports for Frequent Itemsets on Data Streams.

Pierre-Alain Laur, Jean-Emile Symphor, Richard Nock, Pascal Poncelet


Mining Images in Computer Vision

Autonomous Vehicle Steering Based on Evaluative Feedback by Reinforcement Learning.

Klaus-Dieter Kuhnert, Michael Krödel


Cost Integration in Multi-step Viewpoint Selection for Object Recognition.

Christian Derichs, Frank Deinzer, Heinrich Niemann


Support Vector Machine Experiments for Road Recognition in High Resolution Images.

J. Y. Lai, Arcot Sowmya, John Trinder


An Automatic Face Recognition System in the Near Infrared Spectrum.

Shuyan Zhao, Rolf-Rainer Grigat


Mining Images and Texture

Hierarchical Partitions for Content Image Retrieval from Large-Scale Database.

Dmitry Kinoshenko, Vladimir Mashtalir, Elena Yegorova, Vladimir Vinarsky


Optimising the Choice of Colours of an Image Database for Dichromats.

Vassili A. Kovalev, Maria Petrou


An Approach to Mining Picture Objects Based on Textual Cues.

Adeoye I. Adegorite, Otman A. Basir, Mohamed S. Kamel, Khaled Bashir Shaban


Mining Motion from Sequence

Activity and Motion Detection Based on Measuring Texture Change.

Longin Jan Latecki, Roland Miezianko, Dragoljub Pokrajac


A New Approach to Human Motion Sequence Recognition with Application to Diving Actions.

Shiming Xiang, Changshui Zhang, Xiaoping Chen, Naijiang Lu


Dominant Plane Detection Using Optical Flow and Independent Component Analysis.

Naoya Ohnishi, Atsushi Imiya


Speech Analysis

Neural Expert Model Applied to Phonemes Recognition.

Halima Bahi, Mokhtar Sellami


An Evidential Reasoning Approach to Weighted Combination of Classifiers for Word Sense Disambiguation.

Cuong Anh Le, Van-Nam Huynh, Akira Shimazu


Aspects of Data Mining

Signature-Based Approach for Intrusion Detection.

Bon K. Sy


Discovery of Hidden Correlations in a Local Transaction Database Based on Differences of Correlations.

Tsuyoshi Taniguchi, Makoto Haraguchi, Yoshiaki Okubo


An Integrated Approach for Mining Meta-rules.

Feiyue Ye, Jiandong Wang, Shiliang Wu, Huiping Chen, Tianqiang Huang, Li Tao


Data Mining on Crash Simulation Data.

Annette Kuhlmann, Ralf-Michael Vetter, Christoph Lübbing, Clemens-August Thole


Text Mining

Pattern Mining Across Domain-Specific Text Collections.

Lee Gillam, Khurshid Ahmad


Text Classification Using Small Number of Features.

Masoud Makrehchi, Mohamed S. Kamel


Low-Level Cursive Word Representation Based on Geometric Decomposition.

Jian-xiong Dong, Adam Krzyzak, Ching Y. Suen, Dominique Ponson


Special Track: Industrial Applications of Data Mining

Supervised Evaluation of Dataset Partitions: Advantages and Practice.

Sylvain Ferrandiz, Marc Boullé


Inference on Distributed Data Clustering.

Josenildo Costa da Silva, Matthias Klusch


A Novel Approach of Multilevel Positive and Negative Association Rule Mining for Spatial Databases.

Lokesh Kumar Sharma, Om Prakash Vyas, Uma Shanker Tiwary, Ranjana Vyas


Mixture Random Effect Model Based Meta-analysis for Medical Data Mining.

Yinglong Xia, Shifeng Weng, Changshui Zhang, Shao Li


Semantic Analysis of Association Rules via Item Response Theory.

Shinichi Hamano, Masako Sato


Temporal Approach to Association Rule Mining Using T-Tree and P-Tree.

Keshri Verma, Om Prakash Vyas, Ranjana Vyas


Aquaculture Feature Extraction from Satellite Image Using Independent Component Analysis.

Jong Gyu Han, Kwang Hoon Chi, Yeon Kwang Yeon


Modeling the Organoleptic Properties of Matured Wine Distillates.

Sotiris B. Kotsiantis, George E. Tsekouras, C. Raptis, Panayiotis E. Pintelas


Bagging Random Trees for Estimation of Tissue Softness.

Sotiris B. Kotsiantis, George E. Tsekouras, Panayiotis E. Pintelas


Concept Mining for Indexing Medical Literature.

Isabelle Bichindaritz, Sarada Akkineni