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12. Middleware 2011: Lisbon, Portugal

Middleware 2011 - ACM/IFIP/USENIX 12th International Middleware Conference, Lisbon, Portugal, December 12-16, 2011. Proceedings

Fabio Kon, Anne-Marie Kermarrec

Springer, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 7049, ISBN: 978-3-642-25820-6


Invited Paper

Democratizing Transactional Programming.

Vincent Gramoli, Rachid Guerraoui


Social Networks

Scaling Microblogging Services with Divergent Traffic Demands.

Tianyin Xu, Yang Chen, Lei Jiao, Ben Y. Zhao, Pan Hui, Xiaoming Fu


Contrail: Enabling Decentralized Social Networks on Smartphones.

Patrick Stuedi, Iqbal Mohomed, Mahesh Balakrishnan, Zhuoqing Morley Mao, Venugopalan Ramasubramanian, Doug Terry, Ted Wobber


Confidant: Protecting OSN Data without Locking It Up.

Dongtao Liu, Amre Shakimov, Ramón Cáceres, Alexander Varshavsky, Landon P. Cox


Storage and Performance Management

Live Deduplication Storage of Virtual Machine Images in an Open-Source Cloud.

Chun-Ho Ng, Mingcao Ma, Tsz-Yeung Wong, Patrick P. C. Lee, John C. S. Lui


Scalable Load Balancing in Cluster Storage Systems.

Gae-won You, Seung-won Hwang, Navendu Jain


Predico: A System for What-if Analysis in Complex Data Center Applications.

Rahul Singh, Prashant J. Shenoy, Maitreya Natu, Vaishali P. Sadaphal, Harrick M. Vin


Green Computing and Resource Management

GreenWare: Greening Cloud-Scale Data Centers to Maximize the Use of Renewable Energy.

Yanwei Zhang, Yefu Wang, Xiaorui Wang


Resource Provisioning Framework for MapReduce Jobs with Performance Goals.

Abhishek Verma, Ludmila Cherkasova, Roy H. Campbell


Resource-Aware Adaptive Scheduling for MapReduce Clusters.

Jorda Polo, Claris Castillo, David Carrera, Yolanda Becerra, Ian Whalley, Malgorzata Steinder, Jordi Torres, Eduard Ayguadé


Notification and Streaming

A Content-Based Publish/Subscribe Matching Algorithm for 2D Spatial Objects.

Athanasios Konstantinidis, Antonio Carzaniga, Alexander L. Wolf


FAIDECS: Fair Decentralized Event Correlation.

Gregory Aaron Wilkin, K. R. Jayaram, Patrick Eugster, Ankur Khetrapal


AmbiStream: A Middleware for Multimedia Streaming on Heterogeneous Mobile Devices.

Emil Andriescu, Roberto Speicys Cardoso, Valérie Issarny


Virtualizing Stream Processing.

Michael Duller, Jan S. Rellermeyer, Gustavo Alonso, Nesime Tatbul


Replication and Caching

Leader Election for Replicated Services Using Application Scores.

Diogo Becker, Flavio Junqueira, Marco Serafini


PolyCert: Polymorphic Self-optimizing Replication for In-Memory Transactional Grids.

Maria Couceiro, Paolo Romano, Luís Rodrigues


A Trigger-Based Middleware Cache for ORMs.

Priya Gupta, Nickolai Zeldovich, Samuel Madden


Security and Interoperability

Deploy, Adjust and Readjust: Supporting Dynamic Reconfiguration of Policy Enforcement.

Gabriela Gheorghe, Bruno Crispo, Roberto Carbone, Lieven Desmet, Wouter Joosen


A Middleware Layer for Flexible and Cost-Efficient Multi-tenant Applications.

Stefan Walraven, Eddy Truyen, Wouter Joosen


Bridging the Interoperability Gap: Overcoming Combined Application and Middleware Heterogeneity.

Yérom-David Bromberg, Paul Grace, Laurent Réveillère, Gordon S. Blair


Run-Time (Re)configuration and Inspection

The Role of Ontologies in Emergent Middleware: Supporting Interoperability in Complex Distributed Systems.

Gordon S. Blair, Amel Bennaceur, Nikolaos Georgantas, Paul Grace, Valérie Issarny, Vatsala Nundloll, Massimo Paolucci


Co-managing Software and Hardware Modules through the Juggle Middleware.

Jan S. Rellermeyer, Ramon Küpfer


A Generic Solution for Agile Run-Time Inspection Middleware.

Wouter De Borger, Bert Lagaisse, Wouter Joosen



A Comparison of Secure Multi-Tenancy Architectures for Filesystem Storage Clouds.

Anil Kurmus, Moitrayee Gupta, Roman Pletka, Christian Cachin, Robert Haas


SafeWeb: A Middleware for Securing Ruby-Based Web Applications.

Petr Hosek, Matteo Migliavacca, Ioannis Papagiannis, David M. Eyers, David Evans, Brian Shand, Jean Bacon, Peter Pietzuch