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6. Middleware 2005: Grenoble, France

Middleware 2005, ACM/IFIP/USENIX, 6th International Middleware Conference, Grenoble, France, November 28 - December 2, 2005, Proceedings

Gustavo Alonso

Springer, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3790, ISBN: 3-540-30323-5


Securing Publish/Subscribe for Multi-domain Systems.

Jean Bacon, David M. Eyers, Ken Moody, Lauri I. W. Pesonen


ABACUS: A Distributed Middleware for Privacy Preserving Data Sharing Across Private Data Warehouses.

Fatih Emekçi, Divyakant Agrawal, Amr El Abbadi


Causeway: Support for Controlling and Analyzing the Execution of Multi-tier Applications.

Anupam Chanda, Khaled Elmeleegy, Alan L. Cox, Willy Zwaenepoel


MINERVAinfinity: A Scalable Efficient Peer-to-Peer Search Engine.

Sebastian Michel, Peter Triantafillou, Gerhard Weikum


An Optimal Overlay Topology for Routing Peer-to-Peer Searches.

Brian F. Cooper


Combining Flexibility and Scalability in a Peer-to-Peer Publish/Subscribe System.

Chi Zhang, Arvind Krishnamurthy, Randolph Y. Wang, Jaswinder Pal Singh


WreC: A Scalable Middleware Architecture to Enable XML Caching for Web-Services.

Jun'ichi Tatemura, Oliver Po, Arsany Sawires, Divyakant Agrawal, K. Selçuk Candan


Inflatable XML Processing.

Rohit Fernandes, Mukund Raghavachari


INDISS: Interoperable Discovery System for Networked Services.

Yérom-David Bromberg, Valérie Issarny


Dual-Quorum Replication for Edge Services.

Lei Gao, Michael Dahlin, Jiandan Zheng, Lorenzo Alvisi, Arun Iyengar


Frugal Event Dissemination in a Mobile Environment.

Sébastien Baehni, Chirdeep Singh Chhabra, Rachid Guerraoui


RTZen: Highly Predictable, Real-Time Java Middleware for Distributed and Embedded Systems, .

Krishna Raman, Yue Zhang 0001, Mark Panahi, Juan A. Colmenares, Raymond Klefstad, Trevor Harmon


Composite Subscriptions in Content-Based Publish/Subscribe Systems.

Guoli Li, Hans-Arno Jacobsen


Scrivener: Providing Incentives in Cooperative Content Distribution Systems.

Animesh Nandi, Tsuen-Wan Ngan, Atul Singh, Peter Druschel, Dan S. Wallach


MEDYM: Match-Early with Dynamic Multicast for Content-Based Publish-Subscribe Networks.

Fengyun Cao, Jaswinder Pal Singh


Generic Middleware Substrate Through Modelware.

Charles Zhang, Dapeng Gao, Hans-Arno Jacobsen


Deep Middleware for the Divergent Grid.

Paul Grace, Geoff Coulson, Gordon S. Blair, Barry Porter


Opportunistic Overlays: Efficient Content Delivery in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.

Yuan Chen, Karsten Schwan


I-RMI: Performance Isolation in Information Flow Applications.

Mohamed S. Mansour, Karsten Schwan


Matrix: Adaptive Middleware for Distributed Multiplayer Games.

Rajesh Krishna Balan, Maria Ebling, Paul Castro, Archan Misra


Overlay Networks - Implementation by Specification.

Stefan Behnel, Alejandro P. Buchmann


Adaptive Load Diffusion for Stream Joins.

Xiaohui Gu, Philip S. Yu


Network Processing of Documents, for Documents, by Documents.

Ichiro Satoh


Fault-Tolerant Middleware and the Magical 1%.

Tudor Dumitras, Priya Narasimhan