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7. Med-Hoc-Net 2008: Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Advances in Ad Hoc Networking - Proceedings of the Seventh Annual Mediterranean Ad Hoc Networking Workshop, Palma de Mallorca, Spain, June 25-27, 2008

Pedro Cuenca, Carlos Guerrero, Ramón Puigjaner, Bartomeu Serra

Springer, IFIP 265, ISBN: 978-0-387-09489-2


End To End QoS Mapping Between Metroethernet and WiMAX.

Leoncio Regal Dutra, Georges Amvame-Nze, Cláudia J. Barenco Abbas, Carlos Bon, Luciana Gomes


A Mobility Model for Personal Networks (PN).

Yanying Gu, R. Venkatesha Prasad, Ignas G. Niemegeers


Replicated Random Walks for Service Advertising in Unstructured Environments.

Dimitrios Kogias, Konstantinos Oikonomou, Ioannis Stavrakakis


ACF: An Autonomic Communication Framework for Wireless Sensor Networks.

Jingbo Sun, Rachel Cardell-Oliver


An Autonomous Energy-Aware Routing Scheme: a Supplementary Routing Approach for Path-Preserving Wireless Sensor Networks.

Fang-Yie Leu, Guo-Cai Li, Wen-Chin Wu


FlowerNet - How to design a user friendly Sensor Network.

Björn Gressmann, Horst Hellbrueck


Distributed Policy Management Protocol for Self-Configuring Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.

Mouna Ayari, Farouk Kamoun, Guy Pujolle


Performance Evaluation of a Protocol for Fair P2P Auctions over MANETs.

Ines Doghri, Hella Kaffel-Ben Ayed


A Scalable Adaptation of the OLSR Protocol for Large Clustered Mobile Ad hoc Networks.

Lucile Canourgues, Jerome Lephay, Laurent Soyer, André-Luc Beylot


Securing Multihop Vehicular Message Broadcast using Trust Sensors.

Matthias Gerlach, Oleksandr Mylyy, Nestor Mariyasagayam, Massimiliano Lenardi


Scalable Exchange of Packet Counters in OLSR.

Ignacy Gawedzki, Khaldoun Al Agha


Intrusion Detection in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Using Classification Algorithms.

Aikaterini Mitrokotsa, Manolis Tsagkaris, Christos Douligeris


Security for Context-Aware ad-hoc Networking Applications.

Yeda R. Venturini, Vlad Coroama, Tereza Cristina M. B. Carvalho, Mats Näslund, Makan Pourzandi


No Ack in IEEE 802.11e Single-Hop Ad-Hoc VoIP Networks.

Jaume Barceló, Boris Bellalta, Anna Sfairopoulou, Cristina Cano, Miquel Oliver


Constraining the network topology in IEEE 802.15.4.

Anna Abbagnale, Emanuele Cipollone, Francesca Cuomo


Throughput and Delay Bounds for Cognitive Transmissions.

Flaminio Borgonovo, Matteo Cesana, Luigi Fratta


Wireless Broadcast with Network Coding: Dynamic Rate Selection.

Song Yean Cho, Cedric Adjih


A Reactive Wireless Mesh Network Architecture.

Bachar Wehbi, Anis Laouiti, Ana R. Cavalli


MEA-DSR: A Multipath Energy-aware Routing Protocol for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks.

Floriano De Rango, Paola Lonetti, Salvatore Marano


A New Energy Efficient Multicast Routing Approach in MANETs.

Mehdi Nozad Bonab, Jalil Jabari Lotf, Bager Zarei, Mehdi Dehghan