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5. KMGov 2004: Krems, Austria

Knowledge Management in Electronic Government, 5th IFIP International Working Conference, KMGov 2004, Krems, Austria, May 17-19, 2004, Proceedings

Maria Wimmer

Springer, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3035, ISBN: 3-540-22002-X


KM Concepts and Methodologies

Knowledge Management for E-service-Delivery - A Conceptual Approach within E-government.

Uwe Heck, Andreas Rogger


The Role of Knowledge Mapping in Electronic Government.

Meliha Handzic


Strategies to Implement KM in the Public Sector

Reconceptualising Government in the New E-Ra.

Ailsa Kolsaker, Liz Lee-Kelley


Business Models and Governance Strategy of Policy Knowledge Service for National Knowledge Management.

Kyoung Jun Lee


Knowledge Management in Delivering Customer Oriented Services in Public Sector.

Sanda Zaharova, Kristine Zelmene


Intercultural E-government.

Peter Parycek, Hanna Risku


Bürgerzufriedenheit mit Portalen der öffentlichen Verwaltung - Ergebnisse einer Untersuchung über Zufriedenheitsmodelle und Vertrauensfragen im E-government.

Ronald Roedl, Mark Nadjafi


Analysis of Best Practice Policy and Benchmarking Behavior for Government Knowledge Management.

Kyoung Jun Lee, Byul Jeon


Rewarding Quality and Innovation: Awards, Charters, and International Standards as Catalysts for Change.

Michael E. Milakovich


Knowledge Ontologies and Structuring Concepts for Public Administration

Model of Experience for Public Organisations with Staff Mobility.

Jacek Kitowski, Krzysztof Krawczyk, Marta Majewska, Mariusz Dziewierz, Renata Slota, Simon C. Lambert, Alistair J. Miles, Alvaro E. Arenas, Ladislav Hluchý, Zoltan Balogh, Michal Laclavik, Sabine Delaître, Gianni Viano, Simona Stringa, Pasqualino Ferrentino


The Governance Enterprise Architecture (GEA) High-Level Object Model.

Vassilios Peristeras, Konstantinos A. Tarabanis


Retrieving Knowledge in E-government: The Prospects of Ontology for Regulatory Domain Record Keeping Systems.

Richard J. Daddieco


Ontology-Enabled E-gov Service Configuration: An Overview of the OntoGov Project.

Efthimios Tambouris, Stelios Gorilas, Gregory Kavadias, Dimitris Apostolou, Andreas Abecker, Ljiljana Stojanovic, Gregoris Mentzas


Simple Life-Events Ontology in SU(M)O-KIF.

Bostjan Bercic, Mirko Vintar


Technologies for KM Support in Public Administrations

Knowledge Management and Modelling in Health Care Organizations: The Standard Operating Procedures.

Vincenzo Della Mea, Marco Pittaro, Vito Roberto


Architecture of an Active Life-Event Portal: A Knowledge-Based Approach.

Anamarija Leben, Marko Bohanec


Metadata Repository Support for Legacy Knowledge Discovery in Public Administrations.

Adriana Maria C. M. Figueiredo, Aqueo Kamada, Luciano Lançia Damasceno, Marcos Antônio Rodrigues, Manuel de Jesus Mendes


Requirements Engineering for KM

Knowledge Elicitation and Modeling for E-government: A Practical Approach.

Paolo Bresciani, Paolo Donzelli, Sara Ferrari, Fabrizio Sannicolò


Designing a Brokerage Platform for the Delivery of E-government Services to the Public.

Dimitra Pappa, Constantin Makropoulos


How to Develop E-government: The Italian Case.

Andrea Resca


Modeling the Penetration of the Information Society Paradigm.

Erika Sudár, Dávid Peto, András Gábor


Representing (Legal/Procedural) Knowledge

Formal Models for a Legislative Grammar. Explicit Text Amendment.

Andrea Bolioli, Pietro Mercatali, Francesco Romano


The Legal Atlas ©: Map-Based Navigation and Accessibility of Legal Knowledge Sources.

Rob Peters, Tom M. van Engers


E-CRIME System: A Knowledge Management Application in Public Administration.

Réka Vas, Barna Kovács, András Gábor


KM Support for Democratic Processes and Citizen Participation

Designing Participatory Processes.

Stefanie Röder, Winfried Tautges


Developing a Collaborative Learning Support System for a Natural Protected Area.

Adele Celino, Grazia Concilio


Learning to Become an E-citizen: The European and Italian Policies.

Maria Angela Biasiotti, Roberta Nannucci


Examples of KM in Public Administrations and Case Studies

Organizational Factors Affecting Knowledge Sharing Capabilities in E-government: An Empirical Study.

Soonhee Kim, Hyangsoo Lee


Knowledge Sharing and Creation: The Bricks and Mortar of Intra-organisational Co-operation within a Scottish Local Authority.

Barbara Bardzki, Vivien Reid


PETALE: Case Study of a Knowledge Reengineering Project.

Olivier Glassey


The U.S. vs. Fiber Materials, Inc.: A Case Study in Knowledge Failure.

Richard J. Daddieco


Research in Progress

E-government: A Catalyst to Good Governance in China.

Ling Lan


Priming E-governance for Quality of Growth.

Nyayapati V. L. N. Balramdas, Gade Lakshmi


A Framework for Developing Local E-government.

Wichian Chutimaskul, Vithida Chongsuphajaisiddhi