IFIP TC6 Open Digital Library

4. IWSOS 2009: Zurich, Switzerland

Self-Organizing Systems, 4th IFIP TC 6 International Workshop, IWSOS 2009, Zurich, Switzerland, December 9-11, 2009. Proceedings

Thrasyvoulos Spyropoulos, Karin Anna Hummel

Springer, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 5918, ISBN: 978-3-642-10864-8


Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks

Self-management of Routing on Human Proximity Networks.

Graham Williamson, Davide Cellai, Simon A. Dobson, Paddy Nixon


Revisiting P2P Content Sharing in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks.

Mohamed Karim Sbai, Chadi Barakat


Event Detection Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Ordered versus Self-organized Search.

Evsen Yanmaz


Services, Storage, and Internet Routing

A Survey of Models and Design Methods for Self-organizing Networked Systems.

Wilfried Elmenreich, Raissa D'Souza, Christian Bettstetter, Hermann de Meer


Laying Pheromone Trails for Balanced and Dependable Component Mappings.

Máté J. Csorba, Hein Meling, Poul E. Heegaard


Self-organized Data Redundancy Management for Peer-to-Peer Storage Systems.

Yaser Houri, Manfred Jobmann, Thomas Fuhrmann


Self-organization of Internet Paths.

Tom Kleiberg, Piet Van Mieghem


Peer-to-Peer Systems

Non-Sticky Fingers: Policy-Driven Self-optimization for DHTs.

Matti Siekkinen, Vera Goebel


Passive/Active Load Balancing with Informed Node Placement in DHTs.

Mikael Högqvist, Nico Kruber


Optimal TCP-Friendly Rate Control for P2P Streaming: An Economic Approach.

Jinyao Yan, Martin May, Bernhard Plattner


Theory and General Approaches

The Degree of Global-State Awareness in Self-Organizing Systems.

Christopher Auer, Patrick Wüchner, Hermann de Meer


Revisiting the Auto-Regressive Functions of the Cross-Entropy Ant System.

Laurent Paquereau, Bjarne E. Helvik


Quantitative Modeling of Self-organizing Properties.

Richard Holzer, Hermann de Meer


Overlay Networks

Resolving the Noxious Effect of Churn on Internet Coordinate Systems.

Bamba Gueye, Guy Leduc


Tuning Vivaldi: Achieving Increased Accuracy and Stability.

Benedikt Elser, Andreas Förschler, Thomas Fuhrmann


Short Papers

Peer-to-Peer Systems and Internet Routing

A Stable Random-Contact Algorithm for Peer-to-Peer File Sharing.

Hannu Reittu


A Decentralized Architecture for Distributed Neighborhood Based Search.

Pascal Katzenbach, Yann Lorion, Tjorben Bogon, Ingo J. Timm


Scheduling in P2P Streaming: From Algorithms to Protocols.

Luca Abeni, Alberto Montresor


Network Heterogeneity and Cascading Failures - An Evaluation for the Case of BGP Vulnerability.

Christian Doerr, Paul Smith, David Hutchison


Wireless Networks

A Self-organizing Approach to Activity Recognition with Wireless Sensors.

Clemens Holzmann, Michael Haslgrübler


Congestion Control in Wireless Sensor Networks Based on the Bird Flocking Behavior.

Pavlos Antoniou, Andreas Pitsillides, Andries Petrus Engelbrecht, Tim Blackwell, Loizos Michael


A Distributed Range Assignment Protocol.

Steffen Wolf, Tom Ansay, Peter Merz


A Distributed Power Saving Algorithm for Cellular Networks.

Ingo Viering, Matti Peltomäki, Olav Tirkkonen, Mikko Alava, Richard Waldhauser


Local Optimum Based Power Allocation Approach for Spectrum Sharing in Unlicensed Bands.

Furqan Ahmed, Olav Tirkkonen


Networking Topics

Economics-Driven Short-Term Traffic Management in MPLS-Based Self-adaptive Networks.

Paola Iovanna, Maurizio Naldi, Roberto Sabella, Cristiano Zema


Self-organized Evacuation Based on LifeBelt.

Kashif Zia, Alois Ferscha


On the Role of Self-organisation as a Model for Networked Systems.

Hajo Greif


Addressing Stability of Control-Loops in the Context of the GANA Architecture: Synchronization of Actions and Policies.

Nikolay Tcholtchev, Ranganai Chaparadza, Arun Prakash