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13. IWQoS 2005: Passau, Germany

Quality of Service - IWQoS 2005: 13th International Workshop, IWQoS 2005, Passau, Germany, June 21-23, 2005, Proceedings

Hermann de Meer, Nina T. Bhatti

Springer, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3552


COPS: Quality of Service vs. Any Service at All.

Randy H. Katz, George Porter, Scott Shenker, Ion Stoica, Mel Tsai


Beyond Middleware and QoS - Service-Oriented Architectures - Cult or Culture?

Michael Stal


Would Self-organized or Self-managed Networks Lead to Improved QoS?.

David Hutchison, Gísli Hjálmtýsson, James P. G. Sterbenz, Giorgio Ventre, John B. Vicente


Overlay Networks with Linear Capacity Constraints.

Ying Zhu, Baochun Li


A High-Throughput Overlay Multicast Infrastructure with Network Coding.

Mea Wang, Zongpeng Li, Baochun Li


On Topological Design of Service Overlay Networks.

Arunabha Sen, Ling Zhou, Bin Hao, Bao Hong Shen, Samrat Ganguly


On Transport Layer Adaptation in Heterogeneous Wireless Data Networks.

Aravind Velayutham, Hung-Yun Hsieh, Raghupathy Sivakumar


LT-TCP: End-to-End Framework to Improve TCP Performance over Networks with Lossy Channels.

Omesh Tickoo, Vijaynarayanan Subramanian, Shivkumar Kalyanaraman, K. K. Ramakrishnan


QoS Guarantees in Multimedia CDMA Wireless Systems with Non-precise Network Parameter Estimates.

H. Cahit Akin, Özdemir Akin, Kimberly M. Wasserman


Analyzing Object Detection Quality Under Probabilistic Coverage in Sensor Networks.

Shansi Ren, Qun Li, Haining Wang, Xin Chen, Xiaodong Zhang 0001


A Self-tuning Fuzzy Control Approach for End-to-End QoS Guarantees in Web Servers.

Jianbin Wei, Cheng-Zhong Xu


Calculation of Speech Quality by Aggregating the Impacts of Individual Frame Losses.

Christian Hoene, Sven Wiethölter, Adam Wolisz


Best-Effort Versus Reservations Revisited.

Oliver Heckmann, Jens B. Schmitt


An Advanced QoS Protocol for Real-Time Content over the Internet.

John Adams, Avril IJsselmuiden, Lawrence Roberts


Designing a Predictable Internet Backbone with Valiant Load-Balancing.

Rui Zhang-Shen, Nick McKeown


Preserving the Independence of Flows in General Topologies Using Turn-Prohibition.

Markus Fidler, Oliver Heckmann, Ralf Steinmetz


Supporting Differentiated QoS in MPLS Networks.

Roberto Alexandre Dias, Eduardo Camponogara, Jean-Marie Farines


Avoiding Transient Loops Through Interface-Specific Forwarding.

Zifei Zhong, Ram Keralapura, Srihari Nelakuditi, Yinzhe Yu, Junling Wang, Chen-Nee Chuah, Sanghwan Lee


Analysis of Stochastic Service Guarantees in Communication Networks: A Server Model.

Yuming Jiang, Peder J. Emstad


Preemptive Packet-Mode Scheduling to Improve TCP Performance.

Wenjie Li, Bin Liu 0001, Lei Shi, Yang Xu, Dapeng Wu


Edge-Based Differentiated Services.

Henrik Lundqvist, Ignacio Más Ivars, Gunnar Karlsson


Processor Sharing Flows in the Internet.

Nandita Dukkipati, Masayoshi Kobayashi, Rui Zhang-Shen, Nick McKeown


A Practical Method for the Efficient Resolution of Congestion in an On-path Reduced-State Signalling Environment.

András Császár, Attila Takács, Attila Báder


Case Study in Assessing Subjective QoS of a Mobile Multimedia Web Service in a Real Multi-access Network.

Tiia Sutinen, Timo Ojala


WXCP: Explicit Congestion Control for Wireless Multi-hop Networks.

Yang Su, Thomas R. Gross


A Non-homogeneous QBD Approach for the Admission and GoS Control in a Multiservice WCDMA System.

Ioannis Z. Koukoutsidis, Eitan Altman, Jean Marc Kelif


Quality of Service Authentication, Authorization and Accounting.

Tseno Tsenov, Hannes Tschofenig


Preliminary Results Towards Building a Highly Granular QoS Controller.

Cristian Koliver, Jean-Marie Farines


Concept of Admission Control in Packet Switching Networks Based on Tentative Accommodation of Incoming Flows.

Kenta Yasukawa, Ken-ichi Baba, Katsunori Yamaoka


Improving Uplink QoS of Wifi Hotspots.

Benjamin Bappu, June Tay


Resilient State Management in Large Scale Networks.

Yangcheng Huang, Saleem N. Bhatti


Performance Analysis of Wireless Scheduling with ARQ in Fast Fading Channels.

Hwee Pink Tan


Privacy and Reliability by Dispersive Routing.

Haim Zlatokrilov, Hanoch Levy


Distributed Online LSP Merging Algorithms for MPLS-TE.

Li Lei, Sampalli Srinivas


Implicit Flow QoS Signaling Using Semantic-Rich Context Tags.

Roel Ocampo, Alex Galis, Hermann de Meer, Chris Todd


Using IP as Transport Technology in Third Generation and Beyond Radio Access Networks.

Attila Báder, Lars Westberg, Georgios Karagiannis


Closing the Gap Between Industry, Academia and Users: Is There a Need for QoS in Wireless Systems?

Gábor Fodor, Karim El-Malki, David Partain


Why QoS Will Be Needed in Metro Ethernets.

Rainer Baumann, Ulrich Fiedler


Research Issues in QoS Provisioning for Personal Networks.

Weidong Lu, Anthony C. C. Lo, Ignas G. Niemegeers


RSVP Standards Today and the Path Towards a Generic Messenger.

Xiaoming Fu, Jukka Manner


QoS in Hybrid Networks - An Operator's Perspective.

Aiko Pras, Remco van de Meent, Michel Mandjes


QoS for Aggregated Flows in VPNs.

Pratik Bose, Dan Voce, Dilip Gokhale


Supporting Mission-Critical Applications over Multi-service Networks.

C. Christou, M. Davenport