IFIP TC6 Open Digital Library

5. IWAN 2003: Kyoto, Japan

Active Networks, IFIP TC6 5th International Workshop, IWAN 2003, Kyoto, Japan, December 10-12, 2003, Revised Papers

Naoki Wakamiya, Marcin Solarski, James P. G. Sterbenz

Springer, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2982, ISBN: 3-540-21250-7



Introduction: Active Network: The Base for Content Distribution and Network Security in d-Commerce Environment.

Hiroshi Yasuda


High Performance and Network Processors

Challenges in Implementing an ESP Service.

Kenneth L. Calvert, Jim Griffioen, Najati Imam, Jiangbo Li


The Role of Network Processors in Active Networks.

Andreas Kind, Roman Pletka, Marcel Waldvogel


Towards High-Performance Active Networking.

Lukas Ruf, Roman Pletka, Pascal Erni, Patrick Droz, Bernhard Plattner


Application of Hardware Accelerated Extensible Network Nodes for Internet Worm and Virus Protection.

John W. Lockwood, James Moscola, David Reddick, Matthew Kulig, Tim Brooks


High-Level Active Network Applications

Active Routing and Forwarding in Active IP Networks.

Jun-Cheol Park


A Sustainable Framework for Multimedia Data Streaming.

Alessandro Bassi, Jean-Patrick Gelas, Laurent Lefèvre


Deployment of Collaborative Web Caching with Active Networks.

Laurent Lefèvre, Jean-Marc Pierson, SidAli Guebli


Low-Level Active Network Applications

A Retransmission Control Algorithm for Low-Latency UDP Stream on StreamCode-Base Active Networks.

Hideki Otsuki, Takashi Egawa


TCP Enhancement Using Active Network Based Proxy Transport Service.

Siddharth Patil, Mohan Kumar


DataRouter: A Network-Layer Service for Application-Layer Forwarding.

Joseph D. Touch, Venkata K. Pingali


Self-Organization of Active Services

SORD: Self-Organizing Resource Discovery Protocol for ALAN.

Ioannis Liabotis, Ognjen Prnjat, Lionel Sacks


Self-Configuring Active Services for Programmable Networks.

Ralph Keller, Bernhard Plattner


A Dynamic Neighbourhood Discovery Protocol for Active Overlay Networks.

Sylvain Martin, Guy Leduc


Experiences with Service Engineering for Active Networks

Chameleon: Realizing Automatic Service Composition for Extensible Active Routers.

Matthias Bossardt, Roman Hoog Antink, Andreas Moser, Bernhard Plattner


Multiple Language Family Support for Programmable Network Systems.

Michael Conrad, Marcus Schöller, Thomas Fuhrmann, Gerhard Bocksch, Martina Zitterbart


Dynamic Deployment and Configuration of Differentiated Services Using Active Networks.

Toshiaki Suzuki, Chiho Kitahara, Spyros G. Denazis, Lawrence Cheng, Walter Eaves, Alex Galis, Thomas Becker, Dusan Gabrijelcic, Antonis J. Lazanakis, George T. Karetsos


A Globally-Applied Component Model for Programmable Networking.

Jo Ueyama, Geoff Coulson, Gordon S. Blair, Stefan Schmid, Antônio Tadeu A. Gomes, Ackbar Joolia, Kevin Lee


Active Routers in Action: Evaluation of the LARA++ Active Router Architecture in a Real-Life Network.

Tim Chart, Stefan Schmid, Manolis Sifalakis, Andrew Scott


Management in Active Networks

A Proactive Management Framework in Active Clusters.

Eunmi Choi, Dugki Min


A Policy-Based Management Architecture for Flexible Service Deployment in Active Networks.

Yiannis Nikolakis, Edgar Magaña, Marcin Solarski, Alvin Tan, Epifanio Salamanca, Joan Serrat, Celestin Brou, Alex Galis


Adaptation Planning for Active Networks.

Alexey Rudenko, Peter L. Reiher


Selected Topics in Active Networks

Risky Business: Motivations for Markets in Programmable Networks.

Ian Wakeman, David Ellis, Tim Owen, Julian Rathke, Des Watson


Context-Aware Handover Based on Active Network Technology.

Qing Wei, Károly Farkas, Paulo Mendes, Christian Prehofer, Bernhard Plattner, Nima Nafisi


Implementation of Adaptive Control for P2P Overlays.

Theofrastos Koulouris, Robert Henjes, Kurt Tutschku, Hermann de Meer