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INTERACT 2007: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Human-Computer Interaction - INTERACT 2007, 11th IFIP TC 13 International Conference, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, September 10-14, 2007, Proceedings, Part II

Maria Cecília Calani Baranauskas, Philippe A. Palanque, Julio Abascal, Simone Diniz Junqueira Barbosa

Springer, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 4663, ISBN: 978-3-540-74799-4


Tangible User Interfaces and Interaction 1

Interfacing Video Capture, Editing and Publication in a Tangible Environment.

Cati Vaucelle, Hiroshi Ishii


PaperCP: Exploring the Integration of Physical and Digital Affordances for Active Learning.

Chunyuan Liao, François Guimbretière, Richard J. Anderson, Natalie Linnell, Craig Prince, Valentin Razmov


Seeing More: Visualizing Audio Cues.

Tony Bergstrom, Karrie Karahalios


Tangible User Interfaces and Interaction 2

CubeExplorer: An Evaluation of Interaction Techniques in Architectural Education.

Hyunyoung Song, François Guimbretière, Michael A. Ambrose, Carl Lostritto


InterCUBE: A Study into Merging Action and Interaction Spaces.

Benjamin Salem, Harold Peeters


EMA-Tactons: Vibrotactile External Memory Aids in an Auditory Display.

Johan Kildal, Stephen A. Brewster


Cultural Issues in HCI

Institutionalizing HCI in Asia.

Andy Smith, Anirudha Joshi, Zhengjie Liu, Liam J. Bannon, Jan Gulliksen, Christina Li


Cultural Mobilities: Diversity and Agency in Urban Computing.

Paul Dourish, Kenneth T. Anderson, Dawn Nafus


Safety, Security, Privacy and Usability

Designing a Trade-Off Between Usability and Security: A Metrics Based-Model.

Christina Braz, Ahmed Seffah, David M'Raïhi


Recognising Erroneous and Exploratory Interactions.

Jonathan Back, Ann Blandford, Paul Curzon


Usability Challenges in Security and Privacy Policy-Authoring Interfaces.

Robert W. Reeder, Clare-Marie Karat, John Karat, Carolyn Brodie


Understanding Compliance to Privacy Guidelines Using Text-and Video-Based Scenarios.

Abdullah Al Mahmud, Maurits Kaptein, Oliver Moran, Evelien van de Garde-Perik, Panos Markopoulos


User and Usability Studies

Strategic Tabletop Negotiations.

Tokuo Yamaguchi, Sriram Subramanian, Yoshifumi Kitamura, Fumio Kishino


A Fundamental Study for Participating in Multiple Teleconferences.

Hironori Egi, Hisashi Anzai, Itaru Takata, Ken-ichi Okada


ICEbox: Toward Easy-to-Use Home Networking.

Jeonghwa Yang, W. Keith Edwards


Selective Analysis of Linguistic Features Used in Video Mediated Collaboration: An Indicator of Users Sense of Co-presence.

Paulo Melo, Leila Alem


Gender Talk: Differences in Interaction Style in CMC.

Xiaoning Sun, Susan Wiedenbeck, Thippaya Chintakovid, Qiping Zhang


Focus + Context Visualization Techniques, and Tagging

Focus+Context Visualization Techniques for Displaying Large Lists with Multiple Points of Interest on Small Tactile Screens.

Stéphane Huot, Eric Lecolinet


Techniques for Interacting with Off-Screen Content.

Pourang Irani, Carl Gutwin, Grant Partridge, Mahtab Nezhadasl


CandidTree: Visualizing Structural Uncertainty in Similar Hierarchies.

Bongshin Lee, George G. Robertson, Mary Czerwinski, Cynthia Sims Parr


Tagscape: Navigating the Tag Landscape.

Lauren Haynes, Aylin Selcukoglu, Sunah Suh, Karrie Karahalios


Visual Tagging Through Social Collaboration: A Concept Paper.

Andrea Bellucci, Stefano Levialdi, Alessio Malizia


Visualizing Social Information

Visualizing Activity on Wikipedia with Chromograms.

Martin Wattenberg, Fernanda B. Viégas, Katherine J. Hollenbach


MatLink: Enhanced Matrix Visualization for Analyzing Social Networks.

Nathalie Henry, Jean-Daniel Fekete


CodeSaw: A Social Visualization of Distributed Software Development.

Eric Gilbert, Karrie Karahalios


The Use of Information Visualization to Support Software Configuration Management.

Roberto Therón, Antonio González Torres, Francisco José García Peñalvo, Pablo Santos


Online Communities and e-Learning

Enhancing Interactivity in an Online Learning Environment.

Luciane Maria Fadel, Mary C. Dyson


Reading Companion: A Interactive Web-Based Tutor for Increasing Literacy Skills.

Keith Grueneberg, Amy Katriel, Jennifer Lai, Jing Feng


PASTEL: Pattern-Driven Adaptive Simulations.

Mark K. Singley, Peter G. Fairweather, Tracee Wolf, Dick Lam


Online Communities Administration: Defining Tools for Different Profiles.

Elton José da Silva, Silas Sallaume


Building Communities with People-Tags.

Stephen Farrell, Tessa A. Lau, Stefan Nusser


Children, Games, and the Elderly

Interactive Floor Support for Kinesthetic Interaction in Children Learning Environments.

Kaj Grønbæk, Ole Sejer Iversen, Karen Johanne Kortbek, Kaspar Rosengreen Nielsen, Louise Aagaard


Was Vygotsky Right? Evaluating Learning Effects of Social Interaction in Children Internet Games.

Franca Garzotto


Daily Activities Diarist: Supporting Aging in Place with Semantically Enriched Narratives.

Georgios Metaxas, Barbaros Metin, Jutta Schneider, Panos Markopoulos, Boris E. R. de Ruyter


Head Up Games: The Games of the Future Will Look More Like the Games of the Past.

Iris Soute, Panos Markopoulos


MarkerClock: A Communicating Augmented Clock for Elderly.

Yann Riche, Wendy E. Mackay


Usability Studies on Collaborative Systems

Usability Study of Multi-modal Interfaces Using Eye-Tracking.

Regina Bernhaupt, Philippe A. Palanque, Marco Winckler, David Navarre


Investigating Effective ECAs: An Experiment on Modality and Initiative.

Alistair G. Sutcliffe, Faisal Al-Qaed


Towards a Physiological Model of User Interruptability.

Daniel Chen, Jamie Hart, Roel Vertegaal


Evaluation of a Multi-user System of Voice Interaction Using Grammars.

Elizabete Munzlinger, Fabricio da Silva Soares, Carlos Henrique Quartucci Forster


An Eye Tracking Study of How Pictures Influence Online Reading.

David Beymer, Peter Z. Orton, Daniel M. Russell


Interaction for Selection

Quantifying the Performance Effect of Window Snipping in Multiple-Monitor Environments.

Dugald Ralph Hutchings, John T. Stasko


Interacting with the Computer Using Gaze Gestures.

Heiko Drewes, Albrecht Schmidt


A Comparative Longitudinal Study of Non-verbal Mouse Pointer.

Murni Mahmud, Adam J. Sporka, Sri Hastuti Kurniawan, Pavel Slavík


ZWPS: A Hybrid Selection Technique for Small Target Acquisition in Pen-Based Interfaces.

Jibin Yin, Xiangshi Ren


Investigation to Line-Based Techniques for Multi-target Selection.

Jibin Yin, Xiangshi Ren


Software Engineering and HCI

Usability Cost-Benefit Analysis: How Usability Became a Curse Word?

Mikko Rajanen, Netta Iivari


DREAM & TEAM: A Tool and a Notation Supporting Exploration of Options and Traceability of Choices for Safety Critical Interactive Systems.

Xavier Lacaze, Philippe A. Palanque


A Glass Box Design: Making the Impact of Usability on Software Development Visible.

Natalia Juristo Juzgado, Ana María Moreno, Maria Isabel Sánchez Segura, Maria Cecília Calani Baranauskas


Are Engineers Condemned to Design? A Survey on Software Engineering and UI Design in Switzerland.

Ljiljana Vukelja, Lothar Müller, Klaus Opwis


Doctoral Consortium

Awareness Solutions for Informal Communication Negotiation Support at Work.

Agnieszka Matysiak Szóstek


Sensemaking and Knowledge Building in System Development.

Elina Eriksson


Just Email It to Me! Why Things Get Lost in Shared File Repositories.

Emilee J. Rader


Crossmodal Interaction: Using Audio or Tactile Displays in Mobile Devices.

Eve E. Hoggan


The Impacts of Hyperlinks and Writer Information on the Credibility of Stories on a Participatory Journalism Web Site.

Kirsten A. Johnson


Understanding the Evolution of Users' Personal Information Management Practices.

Manas Tungare


Multimodal Interaction in a Ubiquitous Environment.

Mayuree Srikulwong


Interaction and Visualization Techniques for Programming.

Mikkel Rønne Jakobsen


Visually Exploring Large Social Networks.

Nathalie Henry


Cultural Usability: The Effects of Culture on Usability Testing.

Qingxin Shi


Consistency on Multi-device Design.

Rodrigo de Oliveira, Heloisa Vieira da Rocha


A Critical Analysis of the Semiotic Engineering Evaluation Methods.

Silvia Amélia Bim


Why Gender Matters in CMC? Supporting Remote Trust and Performance in Diverse Gender Composition Groups Via IM.

Xiaoning Sun


PeerCare: Challenging the Monitoring Approach to Eldercare.

Yann Riche


HCI Societies Worldwide

HCI Brazilian Community - After 10 Years.

Raquel Oliveira Prates


uiGarden, - An Online HCI Society in Two Languages.

Christina Li


The AIPO Society: Present and Future Trends.

María Paula González, Toni Granollers, César A. Collazos, Julio Abascal


Interactive Experience

A Multimodal Medical Sculptor.

Roberto Silveira da Rosa Jr., Marcus A. C. Farias, Daniela Gorski Trevisan, Luciana Porcher Nedel, Carla M. D. S. Freitas


I-Candies: Supporting Semi-formal Communication in a Coffee Corner.

Khairun Fachry, Ingrid Mulder, Henk Eertink, Hans Zandbelt


Multi-modal Search Interaction: Helping Users Make Connections Between Conceptual and Spatial Maps.

Christian Beck, Craig Birchler


Podcast Generator and Pluriversiradio: An Educational Interactive Experience.

Alberto Betella, Marco Lazzari


Interactive Posters and Student Posters

A New Performance Measure Taking into Account the Mental Load in Mobile Text Entry Tasks.

Franck Poirier, Hamed H. Sad


Collabohab: A Technology Probe into Peer Involvement in Cardiac Rehabilitation.

Julie Maitland


Envisioning Probe Kit: Creativity and Storytelling to Capture the Inner Thoughts of People.

Patrizia Andronico, Patrizia Marti, Maurizio Martinelli


Initial Development of a PDA Mobility Aid for Visually Impaired People.

David K. McGookin, Maya Gibbs, Annu-Maaria Nivala, Stephen A. Brewster


Voice Interfaces in Art - An Experimentation with Web Open Standards as a Model to Increase Web Accessibility and Digital Inclusion.

Martha Carrer Cruz Gabriel


Organizational Overviews

Evangelizing Usability to 700 People: Strategies for Building a User-Centered Organizational Culture.

Filipe Levi, Paulo Melo, Ubirajara de Lucena, Cynthia Belleza, José Arcoverde


HxI : An Australian Initiative in ICT-Augmented Human Interactivity.

Christian Müller-Tomfelde, Belinda Kellar, Peter Eades


Introducing HCI in Corporate IT Department in a Large Company in Brazil.

Andre Vinicius Fontes Dantas, Carlos Freud Alves Batista, Cassiano Ebert, Maíra Greco de Paula, Simone Diniz Junqueira Barbosa


São Paulo State e-gov: LabIHC and e-Poupatempo's Experience.

Renato Facis, Carlos Alberto Neves Torres, Jair Barreto de Vasconcelos


The Challenges of Creating Connections and Raising Awareness: Experience from UCLIC.

Ann Blandford, Rachel Benedyk, Nadia Berthouze, Anna Louise Cox, John Dowell


Usability, from a Bigger Picture.

Mercedes Sanchez, José Luis Adán Gil


User Experience Research at Tech Mahindra.

Sanjay Tripathi


User System Interaction Program.

Panos Markopoulos, Maddy Janse, Sanjin Pajo, Paula Deisz, Annemieke van Ruiten, Vanessa Sawirjo, Albertine Visser



Human Centric E-Learning and the Challenge of Cultural Localization.

Albert N. Badre, Stefano Levialdi, Jim Foley, John Thomas, Carol Strohecker, Antonella De Angeli, Preetha Ram, Ashwin Ram, Jaime Sánchez


Meta-design and Social Creativity: Making All Voices Heard.

Gerhard Fischer


Socially Responsible Design in the Context of International Development.

Andrew M. Dearden, Lynne Dunckley, Mike Best, Susan M. Dray, Ann Light, John C. Thomas


Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Sharing Perspectives on Community-Centered Design and International Development.

Mike Best, Andrew M. Dearden, Susan M. Dray, Ann Light, John C. Thomas, Celeste Buckhalter, Dan Greenblatt, Shanks Krishnan, Nithya Sambasivan


Embedding HCI in Developing Countries: Localizing Content, Institutionalizing Education and Practice.

Andy Smith, Anirudha Joshi, Zhengjie Liu, Liam J. Bannon, Jan Gulliksen, Maria Cecília Calani Baranauskas



Collaborative Behavior and Supporting Technologies.

Jonathan Grudin, Steven E. Poltrock


Designing Multi-device User Interfaces: How to Adapt to the Changing Device.

Fabio Paternò


HCI Themes for the Future: Collaborative Design, Social Creativity, and Meta-design.

Gerhard Fischer


How to Combine Requirements and Interaction Design Through Usage Scenarios.

Hermann Kaindl


Introducing HCI into an Organization: Making a Convincing Case for Usability.

Gitte Lindgaard


Software Usability Metrics and Methods.

Patricia A. Chalmers


Understanding Users In Context: An In-Depth Introduction to Fieldwork for User Centered Design.

Susan M. Dray, David A. Siegel


Usability Design: A New Rational Unified Process Discipline.

Magnus Lif, Bengt Göransson


Video Papers

A Comparison of Navigation Techniques Across Different Types of Off-Screen Navigation Tasks.

Grant Partridge, Mahtab Nezhadasl, Pourang Irani, Carl Gutwin


Iztmo: A New and Intuitive Way to Connect People.

Danielle Gandarillas, Gil Guigon, Ilana Paterman


Shortcuts: A Visualization of Interactive Processes.

Ilana Paterman