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1. IFIPTM 2007: New Brunswick, Canada

Trust Management - Proceedings of IFIPTM 2007: Joint iTrust and PST Conferences on Privacy, Trust Management and Security, July 30- August 2, 2007, New Brunswick, Canada

Sandro Etalle, Stephen Marsh

Springer, IFIP 238, ISBN: 978-0-387-73654-9


Private Distributed Scalar Product Protocol With Application To Privacy-Preserving Computation of Trust.

Danfeng Yao, Roberto Tamassia, Seth Proctor


Trust Transfer in Distributed Systems.

Changyu Dong, Giovanni Russello, Naranker Dulay


Trust without Truth.

Michel Deriaz


Mining and Detecting Connection-Chains in Network Traffic.

Ahmad Almulhem, Issa Traoré


A Privacy-Aware Service Discovery Middleware for Pervasive Environments.

Roberto Speicys Cardoso, Pierre-Guillaume Raverdy, Valérie Issarny


Analysis of the implicit trust within the OLSR protocol.

Asmaa Adnane, Rafael Timóteo de Sousa Júnior, Christophe Bidan, Ludovic Mé


Validating a Trust-based Access Control System.

William Joseph Adams, Nathaniel J. Davis IV


Negotiation for Authorisation in Virtual Organisations.

Shamimabi Paurobally


A Geo Time Authentication System.

Leonardo Mostarda, Arianna Tocchio, Paola Inverardi, Stefania Costantini


Content Trust Model for Detecting Web Spam.

Wei Wang 0033, Guosun Zeng


Applied Computational Trust in Utilities Management: a Case Study on The Town Council of Cava de' Tirreni.

Pierpaolo Dondio, Edmondo Manzo, Stephen Barrett


A trust protocol for community collaboration.

Samuel Galice, Marine Minier, Stéphane Ubéda


Towards an Understanding of Security, Privacy and Safety in Maritime Self-Reporting Systems.

Mark McIntyre, Lynne Genik, Peter Mason, Tim Hammond


Dismantling the Twelve Privacy Purposes.

Sabah Al-Fedaghi


A Framework for Privacy-Preserving E-learning.

Esma Aïmeur, Hicham Hage, Flavien Serge Mani Onana


Exploiting Trust and Suspicion for Real-time Attack Recognition in Recommender Applications.

Ebrahim Bagheri, Ali A. Ghorbani


Self-Selection Bias in Reputation Systems.

Mark A. Kramer


Resisting Sybils in Peer-to-peer Markets.

Jonathan Traupman


A Trust Model for an Open, Decentralized Reputation System.

Andreas Gutscher


Control Flow Based Pointcuts for Security Hardening Concerns.

Marc-André Laverdière, Azzam Mourad, Andrei Soeanu, Mourad Debbabi


Design of Trusted Systems with Reusable Collaboration Models.

Peter Herrmann, Frank Alexander Kraemer


MUQAMI: A Locally Distributed Key Management Scheme for Clustered Sensor Networks.

Syed Muhammad Khaliq-ur-Rahman Raazi, Adil Mehmood Khan, Faraz Idris Khan, Sungyoung Lee, Young Jae Song, Young-Koo Lee


Trust based Approach for Improving Data Reliability in Industrial Sensor Networks.

Tatyana Ryutov, B. Clifford Neuman


The AI Hardness of CAPTCHAs does not imply Robust Network Security.

Allan Caine, Urs Hengartner


Resilia: a Safe and Secure Distributed Backup System for Small and Medium Enterprises.

Christian Damsgaard Jensen, Fernando Meira, Jacob Nittegaard-Nielsen


Integrity in Open Collaborative Authoring Systems.

Christian Damsgaard Jensen


Service-Oriented Approach to Visualize IT Security Performance Metrics.

Clemens Martin, Mustapha Refai


From Early Requirements Analysis towards Secure Workflows.

Ganna Frankova, Fabio Massacci, Magali Seguran


Monitors for Usage Control.

Manuel Hilty, Alexander Pretschner, David A. Basin, Christian Schaefer, Thomas Walter


Design of Trusted Systems with Reusable Collaboration Models.

Peter Herrmann, Frank Alexander Kraemer