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HC 2013: London, UK

Making the History of Computing Relevant - IFIP WG 9.7 International Conference, HC 2013, London, UK, June 17-18, 2013, Revised Selected Papers

Arthur Tatnall, Tilly Blyth, Roger Johnson

Springer, IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology 416, ISBN: 978-3-642-41649-1


The Importance of Storytelling in Museums

Exhibiting the Online World: A Case Study.

Marc Weber


Narratives in the History of Computing: Constructing the Information Age Gallery at the Science Museum.

Tilly Blyth


Making History Relevant through the Provision of Education, Stories and Interactive Experiences.

Arthur Tatnall, Bill Davey


Spotlight on Some Key Collections and Their Future Plans

The Heinz Nixdorf Museums Forum, Central Venue for the "History of Computing".

Norbert Ryska, Jochen Viehoff


The Computers' Collection at the Polytechnic Museum.

Marina Smolevitskaya


Thoughts on Expanding the Audience for Computing History

Making History Relevant: The Case of Computing.

Gauthier van den Hove


"The Internet: A Belgian Story?" The Mundaneum - Creating a New Forum to Debate the Internet Issue in the French-Speaking Part of Belgium.

Delphine Jenart


Spotlight on Some Research Projects

The Konrad Zuse Internet Archive Project.

Julian Röder, Raúl Rojas, Hai Nguyen


Discovery of Two Historical Computers in Switzerland: Zuse Machine M9 and Contraves Cora and Discovery of Unknown Documents on the Early History of Computing at the ETH Archives.

Herbert E. Bruderer


The Relevance of Computing Research History - The Monads-PC: A Case Study.

A. Barbara Ainsworth, Chris Avram, Judy Sheard


Integrating History with Computer Science Education

Using Old Computers for Teaching Computer Science.

Giovanni A. Cignoni, Fabio Gadducci


Computing: Is There a Future in the Past?

Chris Monk


Bringing Relevance to Computing Courses through History.

John Impagliazzo, Mohammed Samaka


Using Events from the Past to Inform the Future.

Martha E. Crosby


The Impact of the Microprocessor.

Anthony C. Davies


Putting the History of Computing into Different Contexts

The Voice in the Machine: Oral History and Making the Computer Relevant.

Thomas Lean


Telling the Long and Beautiful (Hi)Story of Automation!

Marie d'Udekem-Gevers


Competing Histories of Technology: Recognizing the Vital Role of International Scientific Communities behind the Innovation of the Internet.

Christopher Leslie


History of Computer Science as an Instrument of Enlightenment.

Yakov I. Fet


Celebrating Nostalgia for Games - And Its Potential as Trojan Horse

The Popular Memory Archive: Collecting and Exhibiting Player Culture from the 1980s.

Helen Stuckey, Melanie Swalwell, Angela Ndalianis


The Introduction of Computer and Video Games in Museums - Experiences and Possibilities.

Tiia Naskali, Jaakko Suominen, Petri Saarikoski


The Importance and Challenges of Working Installations

Computer Conservation Society (CCS) - Its Story and Experience.

Roger Johnson


Museums - What They Can and Should Be Doing.

Charles H. Lindsey


History, Nostalgia and Software.

David Holdsworth


The Teenage "Baby" on Show.

Christopher P. Burton


Reconstruction Stories

Reconstruction of Konrad Zuse's Z3.

Horst Zuse


EDSAC Replica Project.

Andrew Herbert, David Hartley


The Harwell Dekatron Computer.

Kevin Murrell


Capturing, Restoring, and Presenting, the Independent Radar Investigation System (IRIS).

Benjamin Trethowan