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HC 2010: Brisbane, Australia

History of Computing. Learning from the Past - IFIP WG 9.7 International Conference, HC 2010, Held as Part of WCC 2010, Brisbane, Australia, September 20-23, 2010. Proceedings

Arthur Tatnall

Springer, IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology 325, ISBN: 978-3-642-15198-9


Connections in the History of Australian Computing.

John Deane


Why the Real Thing Is Essential for Telling Our Stories.

David Demant


Wonder, Sorcery, and Technology: Contribute to the History of Medieval Robotics.

Nadia Ambrosetti


Andrew D. Booth - Britain's Other "Fourth Man".

Roger G. Johnson


The Many Dimensions of Kristen Nygaard, Creator of Object-Oriented Programming and the Scandinavian School of System Development.

Drude Berntsen, Knut Elgsaas, Håvard Hegna


Projects and Activities of the IPSJ Computer History Committee.

Eiiti Wada


Contested Histories: De-mythologising the Early History of Modern British Computing.

David Anderson


50 Years Ago We Constructed the First Hungarian Tube Computer, the M-3: Short Stories from the History of the First Hungarian Computer (1957-1960).

Gyozo Kovács


Anatoly Kitov - Pioneer of Russian Informatics.

Vladimir A. Kitov, Valery V. Shilov


Materiel Command and the Materiality of Commands: An Historical Examination of the US Air Force, Control Data Corporation, and the Advanced Logistics System.

Jeffrey R. Yost


Purpose-Built Educational Computers in the 1980s: The Australian Experience.

Arthur Tatnall, Ralph Leonard


And They Were Thinking? Basic, Logo, Personality and Pedagogy.

John S. Murnane


The Life and Growth of Year 12 Computing in Victoria: An Ecological Model.

Arthur Tatnall, Bill Davey


History of the European Computer Driving Licence.

Denise Leahy, Dudley Dolan


A Brief History of the Pick Environment in Australia.

Stasys Lukaitis


Turning Points in Computer Education.

Bill Davey, Kevin R. Parker


Existence Precedes Essence - Meaning of the Stored-Program Concept.

Allan Olley


Recession, S-Curves and Digital Equipment Corporation.

David T. Goodwin, Roger G. Johnson


ETHICS: The Past, Present and Future of Socio-Technical Systems Design.

Shona Leitch, Matthew J. Warren


Lessons from Discarded Computer Architectures.

Andrew E. Fluck


The Birth of Information Systems.

Audra Lukaitis, Stas Lukaitis, Bill Davey


The Monash University Museum of Computing History: Ten Years On.

A. Barbara Ainsworth, Chris Avram, Judithe Sheard