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FIDIS International Summer School 2007: Karlstad University, Sweden

The Future of Identity in the Information Society - Proceedings of the Third IFIP WG 9.2, 9.6/ 11.6, 11.7/FIDIS International Summer School on The Future of Identity in the Information Society, Karlstad University, Sweden, August 4-10, 2007

Simone Fischer-Hübner, Penny Duquenoy, Albin Zuccato, Leonardo A. Martucci

Springer, IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology 262, ISBN: 978-0-387-79025-1


Social and Political Dimensions of Identity.

Charles D. Raab


A Forensic Framework for Tracing Phishers.

Sebastian Gajek, Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi


On the Internet, Things Never Go Away Completely - The growing problem of Internet data persistence.

Thomas P. Keenan


Privacy in Danger: Let's Google Your Privacy.

Emin Islam Tatli


Self, Script, and Situation: identity in a world of ICTs.

Bibi van den Berg


Moral identification in Identity Management Systems.

Noëmi Manders-Huits, Jeroen van den Hoven


Privacy in the Metaverse - Regulating a complex social construct in a Virtual World.

Ronald Leenes


Young People's Gender and Identity Work in a Swedish Internet Community.

Malin Sveningsson Elm


Privacy implications of RFID: an assessment of threats and opportunites.

Marc van Lieshout, Linda Kool


Identification and Tracking of Individuals and Social Networks using the Electronic Product Code on RFID Tags.

Markus Hansen, Sebastian Meissner


Implantable RFID Chips - Security versus Ethics.

Vikas Kumar


The Need for a Paradigm Shift in Addressing Privacy Risks in Social Networking Applications.

Stefan Weiss


Authentication and Transaction Security in E-business.

Lorenz Müller


Marrying Transparency Tools with User-Controlled Identity Management.

Marit Hansen


Identity Deployment and Management in Wireless Mesh Networks.

Leonardo A. Martucci, Albin Zuccato, Simone Fischer-Hübner


Automating Identity Management and Access Control.

Rieks Joosten, Stef Joosten


Privacy-friendly Identity Management in eGovernment.

Xavier Huysmans


Generic Predefined Privacy Preferences for Online Applications.

Mike Bergmann


Data Protection and the Use of Biometric Data in the EU.

Annemarie Sprokkereef


Using Identity-Based Public-Key Cryptography with Images to Preserve Privacy.

Sebastian Pape, Nabil Benamar


Traffic Flow Confidentiality in IPsec: Protocol and Implementation.

Csaba Király, Simone Teofili, Giuseppe Bianchi, Renato Lo Cigno, Matteo Nardelli, Emanuele Delzeri


On the Fundamentals of Anonymity Metrics.

Christer Andersson, Reine Lundin


A Model-based Analysis of Tunability in Privacy Services.

Reine Lundin, Stefan Lindskog, Anna Brunstrom


Digital Identity and Anonymity - Desi Manifestations and Regulation.

Rowena Rodrigues


ICT and Social Work: a Question of Identities?

Véronique Laurent


Putting Identifiers in the Context of eHealth - Introduction of a Model.

Rieks Joosten, Diane Whitehouse, Penny Duquenoy


Knowledge Based Organization - An identification model.

Cristina Denisa Neagu


Collaborative Knowledge Networks - Lessons to Learn from a Large Automotive Company.

Nouha Taifi


Enterprise Identity Management - What's in it for Organisations?.

Denis Royer


Privacy and Data Protection in a User-Centric Business Model for Telecommunications Services.

Juan C. Yelmo, José M. del Álamo, Rubén Trapero