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Organizational Dynamics of Technology-Based Innovation 2007: Manchester, UK

Organizational Dynamics of Technology-Based Innovation: Diversifying the Research Agenda - IFIP TC 8 WG 8.6 International Working Conference, June 14-16, Manchester, UK

Tom McMaster, David Wastell, Elaine Ferneley, Janice I. DeGross

Springer, IFIP 235, ISBN: 978-0-387-72803-2


Conferences as Epistemological Experiments - Purity, Plurality, and the Politics of Knowledge.

David Wastell, Tom McMaster


Organizational Dynamics of Technology-Based Innovation - Diversifying the Information Systems Research Agenda.

Robert D. Galliers


Turning The Digital Divide Into a Digital Dividend - Some Experiences from Manchester, UK.

Dave Carter


Dropping Your Tools - The Diversity of the Research Agenda in Organizational Dynamics of Technology-Based Innovation.

Duane P. Truex, Jonny Holmström


Cooperative Models for Information Technology Transfer in the Context of Open Innovation.

Gonzalo León


Process Modeling Information Systems Development - The SellCo Case.

Mike Newman, Shanshan Zhu


An Exploration of Information Systems Adoption - Tools and Skills as Cultural Artefacts - The Case of a Management Information System.

Deborah Bunker, Karlheinz Kautz, Anhtai Anhtuan


Re-Searching Commonality Differently - Subjectively Replicating a Theory of Multimedia Systems Development.

Brian Webb


The Situatedness of Work Practices and Organizational Culture - Implications for Information Systems Innovation Uptake.

Faraja Teddy Igira


User-Led Innovation in Call Center Knowledge Work - A Social Shaping Perspective.

Beryl Burns, Ben Light


Contextual Analysis as Support for Successful Innovation in Complex Environments.

Peter M. Bednar, Christine E. Welch


The Identity, Dynamics, and Diffusion of MIS.

Tor J. Larsen, Linda Levine


Use of Appreciative Inquiry in Successful Process Improvement - An Action Research Study.

Anna Börjesson, Lena Holmberg, Helena Holmström, Agneta Nilsson


Measuring Process Innovations and Improvements.

Anna Börjesson, Anders Baaz, Jan Pries-Heje, Magnus Timmerås


The Views of Experts on the Current State of Agile Method Tailoring.

Kieran Conboy, Brian Fitzgerald


The Impact of Methods and Techniques on Outcomes from Agile Software Development Projects.

David Parsons, Hokyoung Ryu, Ramesh Lal


The Inertia of ERP Projects - Diffusion or Drift?

Amany R. Elbanna


Make Technology Invisible, or Keep it Visible? - The Role of Intra-organizational Transfer and Integration of Project Outcomes.

Henrik C. J. Linderoth


Implementation of a Customer Services Information Systems Strategy in a Higher Education Context - An Integrative Perspective.

Tayfour A. Mohammed, Helen J. Richardson


The Dynamics of an IOIS in the Seaport of Barcelona - An ANT Perspective.

Juan Rodon, Joan Antoni Pastor, Feliciano Sesé


A Dynamic Approach to Context in Diffusion Research - An Actor Network Theory Study of Mobile-TV Service.

Su-Yi Lin, Mike W. Chiasson


Working with Technology in Complex Networks of Interaction.

Riikka Vuokko, Helena Karsten


RFID Adoption - Theoretical Concepts and Their Practical Application in Fashion.

Claudio Huyskens, Claudia Loebbecke


Information Systems Innovation Research and the Case of RFID.

Ann Brown, Anjali Bakhru


Extending the Research Agenda on Diffusion of Innovations - The Role of Public Programs in the Diffusion of E-Business Innovations.

Arturo Vega, Mike Chiasson, David Brown


Exploring the Role of Government in Information Technology Diffusion - An Empirical Study of IT Usage in Shanghai Firms.

Cheng Zhang, Lili Cui, Lihua Huang, Chenghong Zhang


SME Adoption of Enterprise Systems in the Northwest of England - An Environmental, Technological, and Organizational Perspective.

Boumediene Ramdani, Peter Kawalek


Information Technology Diffusion in the Jordanian Telecom Industry.

Ala M. Abu-Samaha, Ibrahim Mansi


Challenges for Creativity and Innovation in Mobile and Transient Virtual Environments.

Carl Adams


Attaining Organizational Innovations - Better Smart than Fast.

Peter Baloh, Maria Edith Burke


Knowledge Ecosystems - A Theoretical Lens for Organizations Confronting Hyperturbulent Environments.

David Bray


The Triple Helix, Open Innovation, and the DOI Research Agenda.

Gabriel J. Costello, Brian Donnellan, Ivor Gleeson, Colm Rochford


Bringing an Integral Approach to the Field of Technology Diffusion Research.

Michael L. Ginn


Software Innovation as Maintenance - Theorizing the Social in Software Maintenance.

Allen Higgins


Exploring Structural Changes Of the Communications Network During Organizational Crisis.

Liaquat Hossain, Shenshen Zhao, Shahriar Tanvir Hasan Murshed


Research And Information Systems - How Information Systems Are Transforming the Nature of Science (And What Does This Mean for IS Researchers).

Laurie J. Kirsch, Sandra Slaughter, Mark H. Haney


Psychological Reactance and Information Systems Adoption.

Thomas Matthias, Leonie Miller, Peter Caputi, Rohan Jayasuriya, David Willis


The New Challenge of Business Value - Time to Link Project Management Performance with Adoption Research?

Chris Sauer, Blaize Homer Reich, Andrew Gemino


Socio-Technical Design of the 21st Century - A Vision.

Ramanjit Singh, Bob Wood, Trevor Wood-Harper


When Counterfactual Thinking Meets the Technology Acceptance Model - An Investigation.

Chuan-Hoo Tan, Xue Yang, Hock-Hai Teo


The Myth of Alignment.

David Wastell


Coaching the Application of Agile Software Development.

Peter Wendorff


Complexity Theory and the Diffusion of Innovations.

Frank Land, Antony Bryant, Ken Eason, Eve Mitleton-Kelly, David Wastell


Global Diffusion of Broadband - Current State and Future Directions for Investigation.

Michael D. Williams, Yogesh Kumar Dwivedi, Catherine A. Middleton, Diana Wilson, Morten Falch, Alex Schulz, Vishanth Weerakkody, Anastasia Papazafeiropoulou, Ben Ramdani, Roya Gholami