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Human Benefit through the Diffusion of Information Systems Design Science Research 2010: Perth, Australia

Human Benefit through the Diffusion of Information Systems Design Science Research - IFIP WG 8.2/8.6 International Working Conference, Perth, Australia, March 30 - April 1, 2010. Proceedings

Jan Pries-Heje, John R. Venable, Deborah Bunker, Nancy L. Russo, Janice I. DeGross

Springer, IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology 318, ISBN: 978-3-642-12112-8


Creation, Transfer, and Diffusion of Innovation in Organizations and Society: Information Systems Design Science Research for Human Benefit.

John R. Venable, Jan Pries-Heje, Deborah Bunker, Nancy L. Russo


Incommensurability and Multi-paradigm Grounding in Design Science Research: Implications for Creating Knowledge.

Dirk S. Hovorka


The Design and Engineering of Mobile Data Services: Developing an Ontology Based on Business Model Thinking.

Mutaz M. Al-Debei, Guy Fitzgerald


The Role of Social Networks in Early Adoption of Mobile Devices.

Heidi Tscherning, Lars Mathiassen


Roles in Innovative Software Teams: A Design Experiment.

Ivan Aaen


A Case Study of Improving Information Technology Governance in a University Context.

Michael Hicks, Graham Pervan, Brian Perrin


Extending Design Science Research Methodology for a Multicultural World.

Carl Lawrence, Tuure Tuunanen, Michael D. Myers


The Reality of Rhetoric in Information Systems Adoption: A Case Study Investigation of the Uk National Health Service.

Imran Khan, Elaine Ferneley


Social Consequences of Nomadic Working: A Case Study in an Organization.

Ramanjit Singh, Trevor Wood-Harper


Design Science Research for Business Process Design: Organizational Transition at Intersport Sweden.

Mikael Lind, Daniel Rudmark, Ulf Seigerroth


An Adoption Diffusion Model of RFID-Based Livestock Management System in Australia.

Mohammad Alamgir Hossain, Mohammed Quaddus


Developing a Broadband Adoption Model in the UK Context.

Yogesh Kumar Dwivedi, Navonil Mustafee, Michael D. Williams, Banita Lal


The Uneven Diffusion of Collaborative Technology in a Large Organization.

Gasparas Jarulaitis


Toward an Understanding of the Evolution of IFIP WG 8.6 Research.

Yogesh Kumar Dwivedi, Linda Levine, Michael D. Williams, Mohini Singh, David Graham Wastell, Deborah Bunker


Functional Service Domain Architecture Management: Building the Foundation for Situational Method Engineering.

Daniel Stock, Robert Winter, Jörg H. Mayer


Management Design Theories.

Jan Pries-Heje, Richard L. Baskerville


Modeling Forensic Evidence Systems Using Design Science.

Colin J. Armstrong, Helen Armstrong


Participatory Design Activities and Agile Software Development.

Karlheinz Kautz


Participation in Living Lab: Designing Systems with Users.

Birgitta Bergvall-Kåreborn, Debra Howcroft, Anna Ståhlbröst, Anita Melander-Wikman


Manufacturing Accomplices: ICT Use in Securing the Safety State at Airports.

Thomas Østerlie, Ole Martin Asak, Ole Georg Pettersen, Håvard Tronhus


A Brief History of IFIP WG 8.2 Research: The People, the Places, the Methods, and the Issues.

Nancy L. Russo, Michael D. Myers


The Role of Public Policy in Enhancing the Design and Diffusion of Information Systems and Technology for Human Benefit.

John Venable, Peter Newman, Nick Letch, Sue Ash


Opening up the Agile Innovation Process.

Kieran Conboy, Brian Donnellan, Lorraine Morgan, Xiaofeng Wang