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Creativity and Innovation in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises 2009: Guimarães, Portugal

Information Systems - Creativity and Innovation in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises - IFIP WG 8.2 International Conference, CreativeSME 2009, Guimarães, Portugal, June 21-24, 2009. Proceedings

Gurpreet Dhillon, Bernd Carsten Stahl, Richard Baskerville

Springer, IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology 301, ISBN: 978-3-642-02387-3


Creativity and Intelligence in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises: The Role of Information Systems.

Gurpreet Dhillon, Bernd Carsten Stahl, Richard Baskerville


SMEs, IT, and the Third Space: Colonization and Creativity in the Theatre Industry.

Julie E. Kendall, Kenneth E. Kendall


SME 2.0: Roadmap towards Web 2.0-Based Open Innovation in SME-Networks - A Case Study Based Research Framework.

Nadine Lindermann, Sylvia Valcárcel, Mario Schaarschmidt, Harald F. O. von Kortzfleisch


Conducting Creativity Brainstorming Sessions in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Using Computer-Mediated Communication Tools.

Uday S. Murthy


An Examination of the Disruptive Innovation Paradox: The Application of the Innovators Dilemma to SME's.

Tadhg Nagle, William Golden


Two Paths for Innovation: Parvenu or Pariah.

Antony Bryant


Identifying and Addressing Stakeholder Interests in Design Science Research: An Analysis Using Critical Systems Heuristics.

John R. Venable


Architecture for a Creative Information System.

Henrique São Mamede, Vitor Santos


Creativity in Agile Systems Development: A Literature Review.

Kieran Conboy, Xiaofeng Wang, Brian Fitzgerald


IT Governance in SMEs: Trust or Control?

Jan G. Devos, Hendrik Van Landeghem, Dirk Deschoolmeester


A Methodology for Electronic Business Initiatives Implementation in SME.

Henrique São Mamede, Luís Amaral


IT Governance Practices in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises: Recommendations from an Empirical Study.

Rui Huang, Robert W. Zmud, R. Leon Price


Life Cycle Model for IT Performance Measurement: A Reference Model for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME).

Can Adam Albayrak, Andreas Gadatsch, Dirk Olufs


Knowledge Management in Small Firms.

Jessada Panyasorn, Niki Panteli, Philip Powell


An Action Research on Open Knowledge and Technology Transfer.

Isabel Ramos, Margarida Cardoso, João Vidal Carvalho, José Ismael Graça


Services Supporting Knowledge Maturing in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises.

Ronald Maier


The Emergence of 'Power with': The Case of a Born Global Organization.

Lin Yan, Niki Panteli


The Chiasmus of Design: Paradoxical Outcomes in the e-Government Reform of UK Children's Services.

David Wastell, Sue White, Karen Broadhurst


How and Why Do IT Entrepreneurs Leave Their Salaried Employment to Start a SME? A Mixed Methods Research Design.

Gaëtan Mourmant


Towards a Model of Technology Adoption: A Conceptual Model Proposition.

Pat Costello, Rob Moreton