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Information Technology in the Service Economy 2008: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Information Technology in the Service Economy: Challenges and Possibilities for the 21st Century - IFIP TC8 WG8.2 International Working Conference August 10-13, 2008, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Michael Barrett, Elizabeth J. Davidson, Catherine A. Middleton, Janice I. DeGross

Springer, IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology 267, ISBN: 978-0-387-09767-1


Exploring the Diversity of Service Worlds in the Service Economy.

Michael Barrett, Elizabeth Davidson


ICTs and Global Working in a Non-Flat World.

Geoff Walsham


Exploring the Influence of Socio-Emotional Factors on Knowledge Management Practices: A Case Study.

Chalee Vorakulpipat, Yacine Rezgui


Compliance-as-a-Service in Information Technology Manufacturing Organizations: An Exploratory Case Study.

Tom Butler, Bill Emerson, Damien McGovern


Service System Innovation.

Steven Alter


Rhizomatic Informatics: The Case of Ivy University.

Christopher Atkinson, Laurence Brooks


The Influence of Subgroup Dynamics on Knowledge Coordination in Distributed Software Development Teams: A Transactive Memory System and Group Faultline Perspective.

Yide Shen, Michael Gallivan


The Service Behind the Service: Sensegiving in the Service Economy.

Neil C. Ramiller, Mike Chiasson


Possibilities and Challenges of Transition to Ambulant Health Service Delivery with ICT Support in Psychiatry.

Synnøve Thomassen Andersen, Margunn Aanestad


Transforming Work Practices in a Complex Environment.

Riikka Vuokko, Helena Karsten


Virtuality and Non-Virtuality in Remote Stock Trading.

Roger F. A. van Daalen Fuente, Mike W. Chiasson, Paul Raj Devadoss


Emerging Technologies in the Service Sector: An Early Exploration of Item-Level RFID on the Fashion Sales Floor.

Claudia Loebbecke, Claudio Huyskens, Janis L. Gogan


The Computerization of Service: Evidence of Information and Communication Technologies in Real Estate.

Steve Sawyer, Fuyu Yi


E-Government and Changes in the Public Sector: The Case of Greece.

Dimitra I. Petrakaki


Bandwithing Together: Municipalities as Service Providers in a Policy Environment.

Andrea Hoplight Tapia, Julio Angel Ortiz


Analyzing Public Open Source Policy: The Case Study of Venezuela.

Edgar A. Maldonado, Andrea Hoplight Tapia


Co-Orienting the Object: An Activity-Theoretical Analysis of the UK's National Program for Information Technology.

Panos Constantinides, Frank Blackler


A Multivocal and Multilevel Institutionalist Perspective to Analyze Information Technology-Enabled Change in the Public Service in Africa.

Roberta Wayne Bernardi


Legitimacy Management and Trust in Offshoring Information Technology Services.

Michael Barrett, C. R. Hinings, Eivor Oborn


Information Technology Outsourcing in the Service Economy: Client Maturity and Knowledge/Power Asymmetries.

Aris Komporozos-Athanasiou


How Information Systems Providers Develop and Manage Expertise and Leverage Their Client Relationships for Competitive Advantage.

Robert Wayne Gregory, Michael Prifling


Mind the Gap! Understanding Knowledge in Global Software Teams.

Aini Aman, Brian Nicholson


Complicating Utopian and Dystopian Views of Automation: An Investigation of the Work and Knowledge Involved in the Call Center Offshoring Industry in India.

Paul Raj Devadoss, Mike W. Chiasson


Turning Products into Services and Services into Products: Contradictory Implications of Information Technology in the Service Economy.

Neil C. Ramiller, Elizabeth Davidson, Erica L. Wagner, Steve Sawyer


Information Systems and the Service Economy: A Multidimensional Perspective.

Steven Alter, Uri Gal, David Lipien, Kalle Lyytinen, Nancy L. Russo


The Servicitization of Peer Production: Reflections on the Open Source Software Experience.

Joseph Feller, Patrick Finnegan, Björn Lundell, Olof Nilsson


eHealth: Redefining Health Care in the Light of Technology.

Mike W. Chiasson, Donal Flynn, Bonnie Kaplan, Pascale Lehoux, Cynthia LeRouge


The Information Services View.

Matt Germonprez, Dirk S. Hovorka


An Epistemology of Organizational Emergence: The Tripartite Domains of Organizational Discourse and the Servitization of IBM.

Michelle Carter, Hirotoshi Takeda, Duane P. Truex


Organizational Learning in Health Care: Situating Free and Open Source Software.

Gianluca Miscione, Margunn Aanestad


Understanding the Exchange Intention of an Individual Blogger.

Wee-Kek Tan, Chuan-Hoo Tan, Hock-Hai Teo


Toward Understanding the Capability Cycle of Software Process Improvement: A Case Study of a Software Service Company.

Yu Tong, Lingling Xu, Shanling Pan


A Case Study Approach to Examining Service Information Requirements.

Rachel Cuthbert, Paris Pennesi, Duncan McFarlane